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  3. Something to add to this, if you have any thoughts of working in the US on forestry down there at any point, the DOI are in the process of re-doing their list of approved helmets. Merit apparel are going through the testing process (at their own expense) to make sure the Gallet helmets will be all approved, but I'd be surprised if Northwall or any of the smaller companies will go to the same expense. It's essentially a big fight with Gentex, who currently supply all the helmets for the military. They've been trash talking everyone else and moving the goalposts regarding certification. Just something to throw into the mix regarding your future purchase. I use a LH250 with the outer visor removed, so essentially a 050. It's great. EDIT: Typo
  4. Saw someone mention Paraclet up here somewhere, my recommendation is to RUN AWAY! We got a few for our NVG Program and they are poor copies of Gentex SPH=5s with a ****** liner that does not fit a head at all. out of 4 helmets and 8 crew guys 1 wears the Paraclet, with little issues, 1 with migraine issues, everyone else got their own. I'd rather weatr my heavy old SPH-5 that the Paraclet garbage...
  5. LH 250 is a good helmet too, I'm not to bothered long lining with it in an Astar with the outer visor. However, if you have a big melon the ear cups using the light speed as an ANR option don't leave you much adjustment. Although my head may look pretty rough its relatively normal sized and I'm down to one velcro pad in the ear cup position adjustment if my head was any bigger and I couldn't use it.
  6. Hey Jeremy, No I don't run ANR so can't comment on that. I Liked the 050 but the Northwall is better as you have two internal visors and also a lower profile than the 050. Im 6' 2 and the spend my days looking down the hole in the Astar. I wouldn't buy another Helmet after having a Northwall!
  7. Hello Bee3 and WCO, Very interesting conversation as I also have the 050 and the Northwall on my shortlist. Would you mind sharing with us a bit of your backstage talks? For example Bee3, did you have ANR on your 050 and do you miss it with the Northwall? Which one was giving you the most head space during longline operations in the astar? WCO what did you finally end up choosing, and why? Thanks guys.
  8. I’m dredging through old posts researching rates in Canada & came across this post - as someone with a down under accent who works in Canada periodically I think it’s worth mentioning that there are probably some foreigners who will work for a low package, but I certainly wouldn’t fly for some of the rates I’ve seen quoted on these forums. As a contractor in Australia I currently get AUD800/day + $150/hour + reimbursed for ALL expenses flying an A-star on fires - maybe if Canadian operators charged a reasonable rate for their aircraft in Canada they wouldn’t need to send so many to Australia to make money on fires! P.S. - I’m looking forward to another season in Canada in 2020, I’ll do my best to be part of the solution for better rates rather than part of the problem.
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  10. Not quite that easy for us I'm afraid I've had the misfortune of using Cirro as well.....that is some terrible software design.
  11. “User” need only be per aircraft if each aircraft is assigned it’s own iPad.
  12. Filemaker is probably the cheapest custom solution you could do. Filemaker's owned by Apple and has been around a very long time. Good software isn't free.
  13. Oh I'm sure it works well, but at $30-$50/month U.S. per user, depending on package level, it gets expensive fast for a service that only provides document routing and nothing else.
  14. A large helicopter company I worked for used Fluix. Seemed to work very well. That’s how I know about it. All their forms were converted to automatic PDFs.
  15. How about keeping it simple and making a PDF of a paper copy that you can fill in the blanks just like paper. With automatic math functions.
  16. Fluix is way too overpriced a product for something that does only document routing. Companies will not pay those prices for just that.
  17. I have used Cirro. It is Not user friendly and has a few bugs the biggest one , closing my flightplan while I was still flying . Many times. will not use it again.
  18. gibson and barnes makes some good 2 piece suits and a lot more affordable
  19. You can create flight tickets as PDFs and then use Fluix (enterprise version of PDF Expert) to sync flight tickets to the various company departments: https://fluix.io/
  20. Other than Stephane H, who markets 2 piece?
  21. Always nice to go in your underwear Under the flight suit on the hot days on fires...just saying.
  22. I think I'm going to order the 2 piece, with the points provided it just seems practical for bush aviation. Thanks
  23. I think the reality of how bad or good living up north is probably lies somewhere in the middle. I do not take much on here as gospel, just something more to look into. My condolences go out to DGP and his friends family,
  24. TwinOtterFan go and do what your heart tells you to do. Not sure if some people on this forum just need to get out of aviation. I personally love the North. I know a pile of Fixed and Rotary pilots that have spent their whole career flying in the North and still love it. Thank god for these people as the North would be nothing without them. If everyone took DGP advise and left the north there would be No jobs in the South and the North would die.
  25. Trust me...you do not want to go and live in some town in northern Canada. Not sure were you live now but other than working and drinking there isn't much else to do. I spent years in these places...not my choice...usually a month at a time. Even with the wife with you ...things are not going to go well. Not sure if you have kids but if you do...things are not going to go well when they land in the middle of nowhere! I worked up north for more years than I would like to remember...I would never want to drag my family up to those places....I did like the flying but other than that getting back home was the best thing to look forward to....you can only go fishing so many times. If you go up north in March....temps will be very cold...and dark....summertime...bugs...lots of bugs....you will be looking forward to cold. I preferred cold to the bugs. And how cold...Thompson Manitoba....coldest place in Canada most of the time...-40C is the norm from mid November to late March. Don't do it...stay down south and go airlines my friend! Lots of Medivac companies down here. Oh...I had a buddy that just had to do ifr medivac helicopter...I recommended him to a few places...he went eventually...he died in a crash...young guy with a young family...be careful....
  26. Was actually going to see if she wanted to go up there somewhere for march break.
  27. I understand what you're saying Bif. I guess it boils down to personal discipline...it never fails that the one time you should have, you didn't, and then you pay some kind of price...
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