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  2. I had the same problem with a surplus military gentex helmet...mlitary helmets are not set up for the impedence in civy choppers...had radio tech make up a short pigtail connector for plugging into the helicopter jack...problem fixed...and I had him install a volume control on the helmet.
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  4. Ok thanks for the info! Makes sense.
  5. There’s two types. High and low impedance. I have the high impedance model which has worked great in intermediates, but messes with the audio in some mediums. Likely an impedance issue.
  6. I have a similar problem. On one side of one aircraft. It distorts any aircraft generated warnings. It does mess with the intercom as well, but the radios are fine.
  7. Anyone have any issues using a Pilot BluLink with a Helmet? Mine distorts the incoming radio transmissions? Any ideas? Thanks.
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  9. There's a guy in Banff that sells TYT radios which are very similar to the BaoFeng. I've been using a TYT UV-98 with a custom antenna and it's been decent so far. His company is called Mountain Parameters www.mparam.com
  10. I made a similar barrel lifting device and used the above mentioned Crosby hook and put the standpipe from the refueling set up through the hook eye and had attached a piece of rubber mat to prevent the standpipe from slipping on the barrel. The only extra piece to carry around was the hook and the 12"X3" rubber that was screwed onto the hook. No pictures, before digital cameras. Cheers Rob
  11. I bought a used kenwood handheld on ebay for a little over $100 a couple of years ago. I works a 1000x better than the Baofeng. But answer your ? I have no clue where you can purchase a Baofeng these days.
  12. You folks completely missed the idea of my original post.
  13. Where can these be purchased now? The official Baofeng Canadian website seems to lock out the required frequencies we would need for working with forestry agencies.
  14. EXPEDITION HELICOPTERS - would like to welcome you to Join our Team!

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  15. I’m guessing this is related to the assertion that Crosby barrel hooks are not approved for helicopter use https://fr.barry.ca/blogs/safety-alert/barry-barrel-sling-special-safety-directive-product-safety-directive
  16. Oh man. Good news the occupants were alright. Wine tour, from the looks of it?
  17. Helicopter crash in Oliver – Penticton Western News Happy to hear all walked away. Fly Safe
  18. Results of the investigation are here: http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/en/flight-safety/article-template-flight-safety.page?doc=ch148822-cyclone-epilogue/kae63jt8
  19. I am wondering if anyone has replaced a screen on their aera 500’s. If so, where did you buy the replacement screen? I can’t seem to get mine to operate properly no matter how many times I recalibrate.
  20. I believe it's ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) who set the standards...
  21. this is what you can find about the crosby hooks as far as what standard they build them to.
  22. Sorry to hear about this. It’s sad that this is still happening these days. https://verticalmag.com/news/defective-strap-pin-bell-212-helicopter-crash/
  23. Definitely off topic from the original thread, but I’ll bite. Not approved by who and under what standard?
  24. What does slinging barrels or Crosby hooks have to do with a barrel lifter idea?
  25. Has anyone found similar pins in their machines?
  26. Condolences to all those affected and those knew the crew. Transport just release an emergency AD CF-2021-23 effective 5 July. Must be related to this incident. "During investigation of a recent Bell 212 helicopter fatal accident in Canada, it has been discovered that one of the outboard main rotor hub strap pin, part number (P/N) 204-012-104-005 with a serial number prefix “FNFS”, sheared off during flight, leading to detachment of the main rotor blade and the main rotor head. It has been reported that the failed main rotor hub strap pi
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