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  2. The term notam is very discriminitory, I think its time to call these notices to air people. Somebody tell truedau
  3. ForeFlight’s new Global Graphical NOTAMs are definitely a step in the right direction. Be aware though that for some reason they don’t fully support all NOTAMs. Hopefully they’ll support them all in future updates. We According to their support as of May 26th: The following are not supported graphically at this time. - Blasting (WH) - Burning or blowing gas (WS) - Accent of free balloons (WL) - Fire Fighting and Rescue (FF). **Note** if Fire Fighting and Rescue NOTAMs are also coded as restricted airspace, they will display in the Graphical NOTAM layer.
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  5. From Dave Dunstans notes. He was a former tech rep for Airbus/Eurocopter 62.Vibration 3 per.doc 62.Vibration general.doc
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  7. The Caribbean has many unique challenges, most are unrelated to actual flying. Like the saying goes, The grass is always greener. I would love to Share some of the experience I’ve gained (and still learning) to help out junior pilots. I’m grateful to the mentors who helped me over the years and would like to extend the same to save someone else the trouble of having to figure it out alone. This forum can be an invaluable resource for those willing to participate.
  8. If you look closely you will find a bunch of us are teasing each other about cushy jobs that we wish we had.... it is not mud slinging. But you will see and find out I have had enough of the unvaccinated bullying on this web site. I am personally vaccinated and having some try and scare the crap out of me with fake news is not what I want to see on here. I have over 5000 hours on a 150' longline. And like others have said here I look out for the low timers like I was looked out for from the high time guys back when I was trying to scare the crap out of myself and not knowing it.
  9. It’s not hard to wire a 3.5mm jack to the speakers in your helmet. I did it up to my CEPs (super easy) many moons ago and it sounded great. Just play around with which wire goes where and baada boom. I believe there are in-line 3.5mm jacks that plug between your helmet/headset and the aircraft to do the same, though the ones I’ve seen were all for GA dual plugs. I still use a BluLink, even have the newest generation one, it still sucks. Really wish they would improve on the product. Mike
  10. I could use your help, there are parts of my back I can’t reach from sleeping in all the four star accommodations that tents in northern Canada have to offer. I will give you one piece of advice. Get a few more hours and time moving sticks rather that swinging hammers before you get comfortable on that high horse. All the experienced guys on here are not pissing on me for finding a nice gig down here, that could end at any moment like everything else is this industry, because they know that sometimes you smell ####, and other times you smell roses. I’m just a good part of the garden at t
  11. It is sad but true, the site can only be as good or as bad as its members. I used to come here way back and post questions and offer my view on things such as it was but for many years stayed away because i found it so caustic. It only takes a few commenters and comments for things to descend to name calling and mud slinging. No big surprise when you consider the people who you deal with in the work place from day to day. It is the aggressive and unkind who unfortunately seem to excel in this industry (and all others) and it is those same kind of people who destroy any sense of community
  12. It is all set to rock the Drift Hunters with its impressive performance and ability to glue users for hours because it got thousands of active users within a few days.
  13. It’s been on a steady downward parabola for the last 7 years (2015). Gee it’s almost like something major changed in Canada around that time like war, famine, pandemic…. Perhaps a ridiculous change in government?
  14. What are you trying to say man? It seems you have it all figured out, why the bad mindedness?
  15. I guess there is a reason all the guys that I really respect say they don't visit this site as it's full of opinionated blowhards. I know I'm fairly new to aviation but i can honestly say they only thing I've seen is the same bad attitudes (mostly directed at fellow pilots) I thought I'd come here for some advise but to be fair all I've seen is Egomaniacs arguing..... I'll stick to getting advise from the guys that told me to avoid this place. Enjoy patting yourselves on the back from the Caribbean. I am out!
  16. I love the money in the video. They would need more bills that that but buy toilet paper. They’d be better off using that paper to wipe. 😂
  17. Here is a lol. Beats Wabaska and Red Earth, though I did enjoy both. https://youtu.be/e95AuZoKrBo FullSizeRender.MOV
  18. To start with.... doing anything in the Caribbean is a far better idea than being in northern (pick a province) watching Netflix. My vote would be in the Caribbean on this site. I personally am jealous..... most likely the others complaining about ROTOR being there are jealous as well. Yeah yeah we know Iceman.... your there too. Buggers. Lol
  19. Having the freedom to do this in the Caribbean is indeed something to strive for. I’m having fun.
  20. I'd miss the flying and the good people that aren't so full of themselves. Other than that I can honestly say that I could leave this quite easily. More Cons than pros to be fair.
  21. I have to say if I were in the Caribbean the last thing I would be doing is wasting my time on this place. I really hope this isn't what I strive for in my career.
  22. There's the general grammar and sentence structure issues as well...don't undersell your problems.
  23. Me thinks the tin hat people have gotten to you..... run.... save yourself. But.... gotta love the fact you can get a fire going better than I could..... I just get caught spelling stuff wrong. Lol
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