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  2. How will pilots manage to navigate through the mountains this winter without someone in a ski suit beside them telling them what to do? 💩
  3. This is a bit off track...but...I buddy of mine who went thru Canadore said he was in Dallas at Bell getting a 212 wrenching check out when he was asked if he wanted a 214B check out and a job in Iran...which he took them up on...this was in 1975. What he told me was very interesting.
  4. I used to be part owner of a superhuey. Kinda sounds like what you are talking about 212 commercial nose and drivetrain But a military airframe with -709 engine. It was originally built by Helipro for San Bernardino Sheriff dept. but they backed out. We eventually sold it to an outfit operating in Afghanistan
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  6. There’s a good chance that the border will be closed still, so in order to cut losses operators are likely to cancel their seasons IMHO...
  7. Yes I have . With the numbers climbing it would be extremely foolish and irresponsible to continue. I support the decisions to halt operations.
  8. I just heard a very large snow cat operation in the Kootenays has cancelled it's season due to this virus. I can't imagine the helicopter operations will be any different. Any of you CMH or any other Heli ski guys heard anything yet?
  9. Same here. I flew for many seasons in Chile on both fire and spray contracts.I gave it up after my daughter was born. It was fun for a young single guy though.
  10. Its too bad they didn't drop a T-55 in that Kenting S-58...with the wheels you could really haul a load using a runway to get into translation!
  11. Now once you get that 412 single could you run a T-55 with a 4 bladed t/r?
  12. Yeah I did hear something similar to that effect from Hevilift. I need to line up some work either regardless of this stupid plandemic ya know! Hoping Australia goes bonkers
  13. It is a real cluster touring into PNG at the moment with Covid! Although you could live in Country full time..... Avoid!!
  14. the store bought laquer thinners are mostly MEK as well.
  15. The 205B was a modified Bell 205A-1. Bell had an SB for the conversion but only 4 were ever built. 2 in Canada still flying S/N 30188 and 30297. The Bell 210 ( pretty much same at Huey 2 and 205B) was built off UH-1H airframes zero timed and civilian certified. Bell again only built 4.
  16. I prefer to use IPA as much as possible, but sometimes MEK is the only thing that does the trick. I always figured Gun Wash was just as harsh due to the smell and ability to eat paint, but maybe it's still not as harsh as MEK?
  17. the one in Carp is a UH-1M, a marine version of the C huey with Magnesium instead of Aluminum skin for maritime conditions.
  18. Yeah cheers man! I reckon they'll get a flood of CV's!
  19. No shortage of 'tards in the Okanagan with 44's.
  20. this just went up today https://www.jsfirm.com/job/Pilot-Rotary+Wing/AS350+Pilots/Fort+St+John-British+Columbia/jobID_670694
  21. Wtf was going on here? https://www.castanet.net/news/Kelowna/309144/Upper-Mission-residents-capture-dramatic-video-of-helicopter#309144 Doesn't look like any "training" exercise I've ever been part of unless this was some poorly situated LTE recovery drill or something...
  22. Anybody having any luck finding work down under? Or Anywhere else for that matter? Seen a few PNG ads here and there but they are non responsive, or so it seems. Just curious what everyones able to find in these messed up times were living in..
  23. Sure! It just takes a bit of time and money to do the STC 😏.
  24. And here is the next question...can you convert a 212 to a 412 and then a 412 single?
  25. Does anyone have a program they do recommend? 🙂
  26. Yes saw it in the hangar 2 or 3 years ago.I believe the plan was to use it for training, cheaper on maintenance than your regular certified medium. CT
  27. HTSC in Carp Ontario has one, it has a -13 and a Cobra head and Blades. It is a monster but is in the Restricted Category. She sits in the Hanger it moves once in a blue moon.
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