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  2. Most people don't care. It's just that a man who virtue signals that all people are racist if they don't vote liberal got caught out. I personally am loving watching him squirm. I guess he didn't get the memo that blackface hasn't been acceptably since the 70s. But then again this is a man who thinks the rules only apply to us little people.
  3. It won’t be long and Halloween will be abolished. God knows if you dress up you may upset some ethnic race. Hope the no one ever finds out when I was a kid I played cowboys and Indians. Some days I was a cowboy shooting Indians. Other days I was an Indian shooting at cowboys.
  4. And the first or second storm when you really need/want it you'll find it half sunk in the lake with everyone saying what horrible idea the shelter is...... Personally I think its a great idea and design I've been on lots of jobs where something like this would have made life a lot easier and more comfortable for the engineers. Like Blackmac said any one that has worked on the Polar Shelf project and has changed an engine under a parachute on the ice would appreciate one of these, now clearly you wouldn't fly one around for that purpose but you get the point.
  5. Yep saw that - was just wondering for the app not just the excel file.
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  7. As long as it isn't a yearbook photo like Justin Trudope recently released
  8. Um... will a high school yearbook photo work?
  9. You guys are hilarious with the back and forth getting your knickers in knots. Even funnier when the Dmitri chimes and wasn't even offended.
  10. Yeah, good story man! I ferried an R44 from Torrance to Blenheim, ON. Was quite an adventure, but nothing like yours! My favorite part was the morning we left Dodge City, and I slipped out a "Let's get the **** out of Dodge!" The fuel truck driver said: "I say the same every day..."
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  12. Thats pretty much it for story time....I turned down a job this summer flying fishermen out of a lodge in BC for my buddy who works out of Vancouver Island...too much travelling and I didn't want to fly an Astar....oh well...I may find time to write up some more stuff...its been 45 years!
  13. Hey...a pic of Howard Masse....last seen at AeroTrades...1979....last I heard he was working for the boys in Newfie land.....as a dispatcher....
  14. We would appreciate a picture of HV with hair...
  15. Wow!! There is some history in those pages!!! 😎👍
  16. I get our outbound eapis completed and give him a call...a very friendly female voice answers and I explain our situation...she gives buddy a shout and I can hear him yelling to tell those f___ing Canadians to get the F++k out of the USA. She says very politely....I Guess you heard that...which I reply...YES....we hit the sky for our hangar in Canada after giving Canpass a call....couldn't wait to get the he!! out of the States.
  17. I found a stack of old Okanagan newsletters in a filing cabinet... absolutely incredible to read them.. and the picturesI I got my first job in aviation in 1989 and reading these things makes me feel like a baby... I cannot tip my hat enough to the pioneers who actually managed to fly aircraft with climb rates of less than 500 FPM in the mountains! And then teach others how to do the same... amazing... Anyway, here are a few pics... there are hundreds but I limited it to people I actually know... Terry Dixon with hair is priceless! HV Collection_of_Pics_from_RotorTales.pdf OK Dec 81.pdf
  18. So...as mentioned we had to do some paperwork for getting this ship into Canada. Well this CBP officer wasn't having a good day and we were next on his list of problems to deal with. It was blowing a gale out side on the ramp and very cold so I suggest we get in his truck to do the paperwork. Well he gives me a look like I must be with an alkida group and I says ...maybe not. Well I said we could get in the helicopter but I said It ain't much warmer....well we finally get the okay to use his truck but now he is really pissed. We are doing the paperwork and everything appears to be going well until I ask him if I have to file an outbound eapis...He goes ballistic...saying you had to file one coming into the USA. As I explain that I pick up the ship in Texas and didn't have to file an inbound eapis he says to go into the fbo and use their computer to file and give him a call when I have finished. He tells me to get out of his truck and get it done asap! Well I couldn't wait to leave his presents...so off I go and he does a burn out on the ramp...I can see this is going well!
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  21. Go to BC. Heli college will do your conversion for the Heli and Pro IFR for the fixed wing side of it.
  22. I have been doing some research to prep for doing an IFR rating this fall and was just wondering if anyone has some leads on IFR training units in Ontario. Seems like a lot of flight schools that advertise do not actually have IFR aircraft/instructors available. I will be doing 90% of my training the fixed wing route but am just looking to finish off the 5 hours and flight test with a helicopter. Any tips/suggestions would be helpful. Would prefer something local if possible but would be willing to travel if necessary. Thanks in advance.
  23. I did post a B2. If you can’t find it let me know I’ll share it again
  24. If pushing my book is allowed....I wrote a novel awhile back. Its done quite well with great reviews, about a pedantic pilot's first tour overseas. Give you an idea of the things you have to deal with. The Helicopter Pilot - A Novel Fictional, mostly...... Plus a recent article in Vertical Magazine; ferry trip from Gabon to Poland; Ferry Flight Article
  25. I think I heard something squeaking
  26. It is not long and we pass about 40 miles west of Boston and continue north to Concord. We land in Concord and shut down. We walk over to the fbo and line up the fuel. The folks there remembered us when we came thru here heading south with the L4. They want to hear how that went. Well about an hour later we are airborne and heading to Bangor Maine were we will have to do some paperwork to get back into Canada. This leg is 175 miles so its another short flight. We land and the fun begins with the Customs folks.
  27. We are up early and getting a cab back to the airport was a chore but it finally shows up an hour later. it's a 20 mile trip to the airport. We get dinged for parking overnight and head out to the ship after calling the fuel truck.It is freezing cold outside and clear. The windows are totally iced up. Well this ship has never sat outside in the cold before so this should be a test. Battery shows lots of juice so here goes....she fires up and I close my door and crank on the bled air heater which has never been used. A very unpleasant smell greets us...we have oil blowing into the heater...something else to fix. We run on the ground at full speed to deice the windows which takes about 15 minutes. We are heading to Concord New Hampshire for our first stop which is only an hour and a bit to the north. We lift off the ramp and are going to fly over the Casino on the way out of town. New London where Groton airport is located is were they build subs for the US navy. We fly over a few floating in the river and pass over the Casino and head towards Boston.
  28. Maybe you can learn how to pilot hate in a new language.😚
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