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  2. Airbus has written an Information Notice regarding Cockpit Isolation. It is only applicable/useful to certain models of aircraft but still a valuable read and good to know they are trying to help. IN 3492-I-25 Isolation between Cockpit and Passenger Compartment
  3. You can just wear a surgical mask, shouldn't be too much a problem. Your pax should also wear masks, all the time. Don't touch your face. Wash your hands. Clean the **** controls off for once, maybe even the cockpit. The pathogen is in droplet form, coughing spreads it but even normal aspiration or talking will also, hence everyone wearing masks. It's not easy to continually follow the proper protocols, complacency kicks in quickly. You have to remain vigilant for any possible source of contamination. I don't think anyone working out there today can be 100% safe from this but we are all doing everything we can to mitigate the risk. We are already disinfecting the **** out of everything and currently everyone has access to a mask if they want one(it is not mandatory yet) . We have reduced physical interactions with all branches of the company and even separated shifts.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Where else would geriatric super-pilots and 100hr wonders get to jerk each other off if Vertical shut this place down? Think of the industry heros we would never know existed. The horror.
  6. Another thread on here that’s proven to be completely useless. I honestly don’t know why Vertical chooses to keep this forum open.
  7. Cool story....you do that, and thanks for that update.
  8. Has anyone heard what measures Alberta/BC forestry are taking or how they are planning on dealing with this season differently considering everything going on?
  9. only high achievers worry about that first capitol. I'm seriously going to go out of my way now to make sure I avoid the use of capitols all together just for your benefit Simps. I might even forego all punctuation and grammar as well
  10. We use it, it's not perfect but it ticks lots of boxes, nav works good enough for what we do once your used to it. My biggest complaint is its billed per aircraft, per month so for our operation where almost all our work happens within 3 months its expensive...
  11. Ummm not even close to what I was getting at, but Thank you for the window into your mind. Oh and Thank you for ruining a potentially useful thread with your nonsense.
  12. But.....I just took one of them blue pills.....
  13. We use it mostly for the scheduler which I think it does well. We also use the W+B which works really well now that they have ironed out the bugs we asked them to. The people who hate it most tend to have greyish hair and have their iPhone font turned up to max size. Just sayin'. If I don't like something with it I email them and they usually have a fix for me within a day or two. Great guys to work with for sure. In our industry, with so many "my way is the only way" personalities, it would be impossible to fit software that works for everyone perfectly. I think that is why there is so many pieces of software out there that are SO painful to use as they are infinitely customizable and therefore infinitely frustrating to work with.
  14. Most people start a ranting sentence with a capital letter.
  15. Trying to running down my employees? Quality grammar there champ.
  16. well simpleton, since you are like a cancerous tumor, it is hard to miss when you post. to say you're the first thing on my mind is a stretch though considering the post was made about 9pm last night. you actually were one of the last things i expected to encounter yesterday. I actually would choose a bout of covid 19 instead of interacting with you. today though, a different story, I came here specifically to see what you could come up with as a response. You didn't let me down. It was actually quite good.
  17. Virus hype? I guess you should take up smoking (I'm sure you have already) so you can debunk the cancer and heart disease hype too. Special kind you are for sure.
  18. This forum cracks me up, thanks all for giving me a good chuckle in the mornings.😂
  19. Got Axed April 1, shut down until further notice as a result of Covid 19.(camp work). So 4000+ hr. pilot is seeking employment. Mountain course, no accidents, current on a 200'line. etc.
  20. It's a pretty amazing ballsack I must say…...I do find it weird that my balls are the first thing on your mind though.
  21. if you reached higher than your ballsack on any given day we would be impressed.
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