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  2. I have no idea how long the process is to complete a bankruptcy, but for sure there is some confusion. anyone who can clarify ??
  3. This is confusing. Great slave decade Bankruptcy 1 year ago. So is this the Old GSH declaring bankruptcy 1 week ago our the now GSH. Date and time of bankruptcy: Date of trustee appointment: Meeting of creditors: Chair: July 08, 2019, 14:28 July 08, 2019 July 24, 2019, 14:00
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  5. https://www.ksvadvisory.com/docs/default-source/insolvency-case-documents/great-slave-helicopters-ltd/bankruptcy-proceedings/certificate-of-appointment/certificate-of-appointment.pdf?sfvrsn=f91c57d5_4 Guess maybe the new owner of GSHL didn't work out so well?
  6. Just weighed my LH250 with the outer visor removed, Soother liner, Soother ear cups, CEP, and a bail out cord. And of course a couple of stickers to make it go faster. 1150 grams.
  7. If you are a low timer your best bet is the old road trip. I remember Vertical used to have a list of all operators in Canada as well. That was helpful in showing what machines each company had so you can map out your trip or call if you are a higher hour pilot.
  8. Off the top of my head Highland, Yellowhead, Canadian, Aurora, Alpine, Universal and Coldstream have employment pages on their websites that get updated from time to time.
  9. Yes, I've seen it in a couple of 214's with low impedance systems. The simple solution was to switch out the mike and things sprang to life. However it took half a day to get to that point initially. I always carry a couple of mikes in my helmet bag. For just this reason, you never know what machine you'll be thrown into next while on tour.
  10. Also Vertical Magazine Employment Forum is pretty good: https://forums.verticalmag.com/forum/35-employment/
  11. I concur. Civilian and military system have different impedance, which results in lower volume when not matched. You can purchase impedance matching adapter but you need to know what type of helmet you have (military/civilian and what time of audio system the aircraft has, military/civilian). Here are the two adapters: Pilot Usa Military Low to Ga Helicopter High Impedance Adapter Pa-88h Pilot Usa Ga Helicopter High to Military Low Impedance Adapter Pa-87h
  12. Sounds like the master volume is not turned up at all, which is a screw-driver adjustable volume on the actual radio themselves?
  13. Sounds like an impedance issue/mismatch.
  14. I got one on eBay quite a few years ago, from China, took a long time, but was cheap and it worked, can’t remember details but they’re out there, not sure where it went as I don’t have or use anymore.
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  16. Have someone test your helmet and check the aircraft system. You might just need to adjust something. Most new comm systems have no issues blowing your ears out.
  17. I have recently encountered a glitch with my Gallet Helmet, when used in the new 407GXi, the volume is not high enough to be readable, with both the com box and the radios at max volume. Anybody knows of an 'inline' amplifier I could buy?
  18. You’re best bet is to call and email everyone you’d like to work with and go from there. The work you put into finding a job is proportional to your experience to some degree but that really is your best bet.
  19. You can try helijobs.net as well.
  20. For comparisons sakes... Sent the northwall back and ended up with Gallet 050 single. All up, 1245 grams with the soother liner
  21. Oh! Right on! Thanks.
  22. HGU-84 single bungee visor with Lightspeed ANR = 966 grams.
  23. You're here!! You can also find jobs through company's websites, indeed and other government sites.
  24. Hey guys, What are the best websites to search for job postings in BC as a pilot? Im new to the site so any advice is helpful, thanks again.
  25. Thanks PH, I just threw my 250 on my food scale... 1444 grams. I guess that answers that. Very similar!
  26. Having a good maintenance schedule altogether will save you time and effort. In a perfect world you would do your 3rd 100hr check at the same time as the 2nd 150hr check.
  27. 1509 grams out of the box for the Northwall. Probably won’t have much trouble finding a 250 that someone can throw on a scale for you and confirm but I believe it’s very, very similar PH
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