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  2. Sorry for the loss of a dear friend and mentor, amphibious... Although, sounds like you will keep him living on in how you pass on his teachings to you... 👍
  3. Sorry to hear...sounds like he was a great guy...hope his first name wasn't Bob?
  4. The pilot was a dear friend and will be greatly missed. He was a mentor when i was a 100hr idiot and went out of his way to train me on and off the job. He kept me alive when I took my first job overseas as a 200hr driver, one that I was gloriously under qualified for, shitting my self daily, being always available for a phone call and advice. Many of the tips and tricks I share today with our younger pilots I learned from him. Still very hard to believe he's gone. One of the most capable and experienced pilots I have ever had the good fortune to know.
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  6. Hello Everyone, Couple of questions Does anyone know of anybody who has converted there NZ AME Licence To Canadian AME License? Does your NZ experience count for your Canadian license application? What is the pay like in Canada for a Licenced AME with AS350 Airframe & Engine qualifications? Is there a demand for Licenced Helicopter AME's? Thanks in advance!
  7. Occurrence Summary: C-FZVM, a Black Tusk Helicopters Inc. Kaman Aerospace Corporation K-1200 (K-max) helicopter, was conducting heli-logging operations in the vicinity of Killam Bay, in Jervis Inlet, BC, with 1 pilot on board. Following a mid-day break, the pilot resumed transporting logs from a cut block to an ocean pen approximately 0.6 NM NW. About 1 minute after departing the cut block with a load of 3 logs in the grapple, workers at the cut block heard a loud noise that came from the area of the ocean pen. The pilot could not be contacted by radio nor did he
  8. https://www.castanet.net/news/Kelowna/348974/Nurse-at-KGH-sharing-frustration-over-those-who-ignore-the-impact-of-COVID#348974
  9. I work directly with people who are in that environment. NONE of them are impressed. It is hard to hear the #### stories they tell of death and preventable sickness.
  10. Oh for F u c k sakes we were almost done with this.
  11. How many of us have talked directly to anyone who works in ICU and deals with this stuff on a daily basis? If there's anyone one in the world who knows what's actually going on wouldn't it be the ICU workers? Most of us are relying on governments, MSM, fringe media, facebook, twitter, and internet randos to educate ourselves on what's going on. How about the actual boots in the trenches? What do they have to say about it all?
  12. What are the statistics on people suffering major side-effects or death from the vaccine? I believe the numbers of deaths (there are some) due to the vaccine is less than 200 nation-wide. I have a buddy who's wife was hospitalized after getting jabbed, and he's reluctant. I don't blame him or others. It doesn't mean we can't still do everything reasonably possible to avoid the spread. Mask up, wash hands, keep your distance if you're reluctant for whatever reason. I don't know the number on adverse effects from the vaccine. Since Canada has a high vax rate, and some urban areas (li
  13. I'm talking ICU specifically. Some news stories out there (although not enough and usually buried) about ICU systems struggling. Like I say, many ICU systems were beyond the limit pre-pandemic. Pandemic ICU staffing and work-load has nothing to to with government 'ridiculous measures' or a growing and aging population. It has to do with the realities of a influx of covid patients and in particular the significant increase in work-load that comes with ventilator patients (as the worst of covid patients are). You can choose to ignore ICU staffing issues, but it doesn't change the reality. And a
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  15. I think you missed the point even though I agree with you.
  16. There will be a small memorial service tomorrow morning for Richard at Springbank Airport on LR Helicopters ramp. If anyone would like to share a memory about Richard you can pm me or post on the sight and the memories will be shared with Richard’s family and friends that will be attending.
  17. Yes the motivation to push the weather etc is high on flight pay….
  18. VIH Aerospace may have exchange options, i suspect pricing will be comparable to your other exchanges though
  19. Len McTaggart has got to be 90 years old??? Maybe he just looked older than he was when I worked around him 40 years ago 😉
  20. Same thing happened on the ship I was flying. company replaced it with Diamond Inc Gauge. Far more readable and cheaper as far as I was told. http://www.diamondjinc.net/bell-407/
  21. Pretty standard for the Litton gauges. Backlights burn out over time. And yea not cheap.
  22. In vancouver. Aeromni in langley. I know they are avionics. Good people. Worth the call to wei or rickert
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