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  2. Oh man...what did I miss? A back yard brawl? All kidding aside, why the heck don’t we all just get along? I’ve taken a lot of licks from certain ego driven so called “superiors” over the last 23 years of flying and I look back now and feel sad for them. So sad! I’m not perfect and I’m not the best but I believe in honesty, integrity and trust. Too bad others don’t always see it and I can’t help that. Their loss and that’s that! I want to plead to all “leaders, superiors and mentors” in this industry, please check your ego at the door! Lift people up instead of giving them a kick in the ri
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  4. Personally, I may be a loser, but I check in about 2-3 times a day on this forum, mainly because that's how often I run through my online media and investment sites. I like this forum, mainly because as a retired pilot I have very little contact with others from the industry, and I miss the contact. Articles like Bladestrike's ferry trip make up for all the nasty, stupid, and outrageous posts the idiots make on here, and I for one would not like to miss another quality piece like that. Lastly, as I get on in years, as sad as it is, I do appreciate hearing about fellow aviator
  5. I think it’s past due for an overhaul or removal. There wouldn’t be many users willing to use the forum with their actual names and titles I don’t think, perhaps vertical should run a poll and see how many would be willing to participate. Lots of users have disappeared since the original forum conduct post of 9 years ago it seems. I’m one of many opinions and may be wrong but I have been around long enough to see it’s not progressing for the betterment of responsible forum users. It’s really not informative anymore just lots of gossip and trash talk. Lots of bald statements and a
  6. I have been away for a while as well. I got tired of reading stupid things that cowards would say as they hide in anonymity. I say keep the forums but as Dan said, you post, you post under your real name. This can be a useful and informative place as well as a good place to keep in touch with friends. 412driver aka Rob Dyck
  7. I disagree that the forum should be taken down. I think that the members must use their real names forbthe profile as I believe that will stop the abuse we have seen here in the past. Dan Stewart
  8. One thing to note. The AS350, due to the inherent design of its swashplate, will produce a 3-per rev. On Bell/ Agusta aircraft, the swashplate is shimmed snug. On the AS350, it is not. A proper swashplate shim will allow you to rotate the center 'cup' around the mast, but have minimal up and down play. It's because of this that the aircraft has hammers installed to absorb the inherent 3-per. If it's smooth in flight, then it's good. If you're only noticing a little bit on descent, it isn't necessarily abnormal, unless it's really shaking the aircraft apart.
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  10. I don’t think the forums are doing much good at all these days. I took a several year hiatus from here and after a brief return and review of forum content in my absence I 💯% agree with mike. The forums being taken down would do the community / industry more good than it currently / rarely contributes these days. Perhaps public forum has outlived it’s generational use. It should be shut down and that is a shame, Skies magazine has no forum, and for good reason.....
  11. Good point, maybe its just me. Hover and forward flight are great. I guess we’ll see once we pack it full of mouth breathers or with heavy sling loads. Thanks for the help.
  12. I would say you are just noticing ground effect roughness as the air under the ship builds and spills...that is pretty normal in all landings...try hovering out of ground effect for a comparison.
  13. Have you heard of laws and regulations????... just asking for a friend
  14. I was trying to be funny. Is this Mic on?
  15. Well, it would land me absolutely zero. It would be nice to put a couple of bucks in my pocket for all the aggravation though, however. For the person or company being defamed, that is a different story. They have more lawyer power than I do. And at the end of the day, is it really all worth the aggravation and a couple of bucks? Just follow the rules and be respectful.
  16. I can't imagine the landslide payout for suing a helicopter pilot now days would land you.
  17. Well i just read Mikes post about forum misconduct…hopefully this job Ad I saw isn’t the one he is referring to. If so disregard or let me know and I’ll delete post…if i can even do that.
  18. So these posts never go well on here but I’m bored so I’ll ask…for science. A Vernon based company is looking for a PRM….o_O Salary being offered seems low. Are they just setting a point to start negotiations? Maybe a typo? $72000
  19. This means that 1,000 Nm are applied to both hubs. The agility of the control around the longitudinal axis is the same as with the normal rotor.Since there are lamellas in front of the sheath flow inlet, it is obvious to modify one of them in order to influence the negative pressure as a percentage. And so the question of unnecessary pitch is answered. The control pressure can therefore be precisely determined with the asymmetrical suspension. So the selection of Tieblinge and differential crown gears is just an easy task. Greetings Peter Türr
  20. Yeah I’m not a fan of flying in a rough machine. I changed those bearings as they were super sloppy. Definitely helped a bit but still some 3 per there. Only really when landing. Slow forward speed collective down.
  21. Hi Guys I really like to have a look at this forum. The problem analysis from all of you is always very interesting. And thus the conclusions that can be drawn from the normal rotor system.Since I am working on a different rotor system that is surrounded by a sheath current and no more variable pitch adjustment is required, your communications with each other are very helpful. Since a previously defined angle of attack is used that matches the torque curve of the drive unit and the 1 - 2 second delay time is negligible, vibrations and superimpositions will appear very little. The pre
  22. The Vertical forums are meant to provide for open discussion and dialogue. However, recently certain individuals' posts have sunk to all-time lows. This includes the impersonation of other individuals and fraud. In one case an individual went so far as to post a fake job listing for a company, and impersonate the individual that works at this company. This is libellous and will not be tolerated. We continue to investigate these posts. The individual(s) WILL BE identified and their names and contact details provided to company lawyers for further action. The Vertical Forums used to
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