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  3. I remember Dave very well, when he was the engineer for Northern Helicopters in Norman Wells and Gerry Nel was the pilot. That would have been the late 60s or very early 70s.I was the base engineer for Okanagan and Jan Rustad was the base pilot. Oh what fun we had with Ron Jackson of Alpine and all the crews that used to pass through going up or down the river. The greatest gang of people I have ever worked with. Gerry
  4. Dave Ackroyd was also a tech rep for Aerospat back in the 80's .. Dont know where he is now though..
  5. https://us.airbus.com/en/newsroom/stories/2021-02-airbus-helicopters-inc-recognizes-2-employees-with-50-years-of-service Dunstan recently retired as a Senior Regional Technical Representative, supporting customers on the West Coast. He lives in California.
  6. Another tidbit...Rob Freeman flew the first Puma in Canada...he may have some info...ship was C-GUMP...my buddy George of the jungle was the engineer on that one...he told me they gave him all the books and said you now are a wrench on a Puma.
  7. Hey there carholme...from one ex kenting guy to another...Our buddy Grant flew Kentings twinstar up until they pulled the pin in Canada and went to T-land...with Andy A and the two 412's.
  8. https://www.google.com/search?q=dave+dunstan+airbus&rlz=1C1PRFI_enCA874CA874&oq=Dave+Dunstan&aqs=chrome.2.0i512j0i22i30l5.3491j0j15&sourceid
  9. Anyone still around from the Bullock Wings & Rotors or the early days of Alouette II operations use at James Bay? I remember Gaspar and Ian Powick were Aerospatiale sales reps in the 1970s and early 1980s. Ian has passed away. Anyone know where Gaspar might be ... or Dave Dunstad?
  10. Kenting bought 3 new Astars in 1979, lost 2 in three days. Parked the 3rd and bought 2 new 500Ds. I was the only 500 engineer they had so I inherited both aircraft. Dave Aykroyd was my apprentice (lol)...they had 2 Allouette 3s.
  11. Wasn't any EuroCopters at Klondike when I was there in 1974...Bell and Hillers and a couple of Sikorsky S-58...must have just missed you buddy!
  12. I was at Great Lakes Helicopters(GLH) from 74-78, we operated 2 Gazelles (C-GDUG - light/dark orange was one, can't recall the other registration was red/white). Dave Dunstan was our Aerospatiale rep - great guy. Not the same GLH in Cambridge, Ont. My time at Kenting/Klondike we had 2 Alouette III's.
  13. Tony Brown sounds about right...the guy I know is Richard Airlie...pretty sure they both worked for Hughes Heli before going with EuroCopter...Richard then went with Bell and has retired.
  14. GOCA was the gazelle... I had a ride down the river and we either hit or were **** close to Vne... I believe he did.... and Tony someone sold the original 520N to calgary police....
  15. I have pics of their ships in Ft Smith...1979...one of the Alouettes was upside down in a swamp...and the Gazelle and I had a close encounter in the smoke over the airport!
  16. Also if there are any guys on here that worked for Heli Voyageur they might have some info...they were running Gazelles back in the 70's.
  17. Did Bob Ough work for Hughes back in the 70's...if so I think I know the other guy.
  18. Just wondering if @Puddle Jumper had any luck with this topic? Can you get all your tasks? (I know you need 6 months on civy aircraft but is that all)
  19. I would imagine the Airbus Helicopter crew in Fort Erie would have much of the information you're looking for.
  20. Hey, Ken... the few names I knew from that era were Gaspar de Quioroz (spelling may be way off) from Aerospatiale and Bob Ough from MBB... there was one other MBB fellow and I cannot think of his name.... Don't know where these fellows are now... Good luck with the book... I look forward to reading it... Grant
  21. My buddy Ray Gilstorf worked for AutAir,Spartan and Skyrotors before working for Viking...unfortunately he is now dead...sure he could tell you the whole story...not sure if you are the same guy that I worked with at Midwest on a fire up near Armstrong ....could have been Custom. Ray knew most of the old guys in the business...he came on the scene in 1966. He had lots of stories about Larry Campong...not sure of the spelling.
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