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  2. Aviation License

    The way my CP explained it to me, is TC didn't really think through the logistics of everyone's booklet coming due at roughly the same time, so they're getting ahead of the flood by reissuing booklets with the 10 yr expiry before we all hit them up last minute because we're about to turn into pumpkins.
  3. Aviation License

    Interesting... i had to do the renewal process including new pic... mine expired the same day my replacement arrived!!!
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  5. Aviation License

    the "new" ones are 10 year expiry instead of 5 years.
  6. Aviation License

    Same here. Got a new one, unsolicited.
  7. Aviation License

    Might want to check your spelling before you say "special"
  8. Aviation License

    Same happened to me. The new one has a 10 year expiry date. Guess where special
  9. I just received a new license booklet from TC, my current one doesn't expire until March 2019. I didn't ask for a new one yet. Is TC issuing early regardless? There is no changes to my current license, other than the new one has no medical in it or competency record as expected. I'm just curious. Blade
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  11. RT @CrossFit: Challenge yourself—You never know what you might accomplish. #CrossFit “Uns D.U.” 😘 —Daniele Montes https://t.co/IVOxX5TW9b

  12. Helmet Life

    Pretty sure that table goes for Alpha helmets as well. I believe they are part of Gentex now.
  13. @BasketballKeys @lindseyvonn She disrespected the office and the USA. You back her up because your a libtard. Libt… https://t.co/k4d4HnZ5WW

  14. Avgas Situation: We got word on Friday evening from Imperial Oil that Avgas that has been distributed thru... https://t.co/xnXsre5r5Y

  15. RT @ancientanatolia: #Pamukkale's Antique Pool remains from #Roman times, when it was the spiritual center of the spa city of #Hierapolis.…

  16. Melbourne, what a nice day. Moonee Ponds wandering around and enjoying the late https://t.co/Oyx1LUrrRP in gratitude today and every day.

  17. Another great week in CKK7, congrats to the following! : Yu hang Cheng - Pstar Kashyap Kumar - PPL written exam... https://t.co/gNpW7T5i0e

  18. @OCFireRescue Congratulations On Your 50th 911 Anniversary! I alone have monitored daily for 25 of those years. Kee… https://t.co/97PpqFIcXh

  19. Helmet Life

    That is a great summary of inspection points. The table on the webpage that NCR posted addresses the one point that I am focused on - the table seems to indicate that once the helmet is 12 years old it needs complete replacement. This implies that Gentex says your helmet will not meet spec after 12 years of regular usage. Anybody seen similar documents from other helmet manufacturers?
  20. Helmet Life

    http://www.gentexcorp.com/recommended-replacement-schedule Here's a start.
  21. Helmet Life

    Hello Ice. It all depends on how it's treated and what kind of shape it's in. If: a. The shell is cracked anywhere (including edge cracks) it's u/s (the shell is the primary force absorber and it can't be compromised); b. The shell has been dropped and there is a soft spot or indentation on the shell surface, it's u/s (see above); c. You have a Styrofoam liner and it's badly gouged, cracked, or dented, replace the styrofoam liner (the Styrofoam is the secondary force absorber and will be "activated" for heavier impacts - it can't be compromised); d. You have a "bubble" skull cap liner and the "bubbles" have flattened, replace the liner (you should have at least 2 layers of the bubble liner minimum to augment impact protection - one layer doesn't cut it. The bubble liner works in conjunction with the Styrofoam liner for heavier impact absorption); e. Some paints will eat into the Kevlar/carbon shell material and compromise the structure (makes it soft). Not an issue unless your helmet was re-painted by "Bob down the street"' f. Visors are scratched, replace them; g. Chinstrap or attached webbing is frayed/damaged, replace them; h. Earcup shells are cracked, they're u/s and replace them (earcups are the primary force absorber for helmets whose shells don't cover the earcups; and earcup shells are secondary force absorbers for helmets that have shells extending over top of them - they can't be compromised). If the helmet was involved in an accident/incident and used in anger (ie it saved your skull), retire it and replace it with a new one. It's like an airbag, one use and done, no matter how "minor" the damage appears to be.
  22. @BrookeBCNN #CNNiReport A 'Concerning' Broward County Public Safety Radio System Failure Occurred During Yesterday'… https://t.co/5F4PNs6Mda

  23. The Helicopter Pilot

    Thank you sooooo much! I've not gotten much feedback as of yet, so that's really nice to hear. I had a blast writing it. If it's not too much trouble, a review on Amazon or wherever you got it would be much appreciated.
  24. What are your thoughts on this crash

    I’m pretty sure there’s a a video of that same accident filmed from inside the machine and you can hear the low rotor horn blaring for most of the short flight. I’ll post it if I can find it.
  25. Helmet Life

    Is there a serviceability life for flight helmets?
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