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  3. VIH is hiring, and so is Alpine Aerotech.
  4. RT @MCS_Stables: Many thanks to the @CoconinoNF #Powerfire firefighters for their fire suppression efforts. #grateful…

  5. I found this season the old pilots have moved on or retired and for the majority of young pilots they need to get some work ethics. we put a lot of training into our pilots young or old and expect to get 3 years out of them. When you apply for work with a company who is in the north then expect to live in the north. The myth of hiring foreign pilots for less money is just that a myth. We have to pay a fair wage determined by immigration services and they do not recognize free accommodations or flight pay.
  6. Even rainy days have benefits

  7. I got this app, it's pretty slick. Good work!
  8. RT @jontaffer: If you haven't seen the #BlogRescue I did at @barstoolsports, you're missing out 😂

  9. Last week
  10. To see how simple it is to convert and import a UTM coordinate format into ForeFlight unsing the UTM For Flight app, see attachment below or this YouTube video App can be downloaded from the App Store: UTM For Flight UTM For Flight Demo.mp4
  11. Congrats to Jordan Deerpalsing who is the MB/Nunavut finalist for the Webster this year in Saskatoon!

  12. In the thick of things!

  13. Good Morning World! :-)

  14. RT @NachogHontoria: 46.50 de @BomberosCM - @112cmadrid en una tarde lluviosa. Helicóptero de rescate en montaña (GERA) y extinción de incen…

  15. Congrats to Tony P: First Solo!

  16. Just wondering what jobs are engineers doing to make ends meet when the industry is slim as they are now?
  17. Life can be strange, ugly, wonderful all at the same time! Wow

  18. Tameka just back from doing cuban eights with Lochie 🛩🚀☀️👍🏻…

  19. 28" Bambi Max valve. Freshly built. Soon to be installed. - #bambibucket #bambimax

  20. RT @iranzularra: Imágenes del incendio de esta tarde en #Arazuri. #IFArazuri

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  22. That's a long way down. Photo: @s55plt on Instagram - #bambibucket #longline

  23. The Australian War Memorial did not disappoint #humble @ Australian War Memorial

  24. Just wondering if there are any helos flying out in the world of uncertainties.

  26. Ordered the UV-8HP today $63 USD. Thanks for the info, will post my thoughts after I figure out how to program it.
  27. Hahah this guy is awesome! Very cool dog kokonutz
  28. I program mine with my Macbook air and it is just as easy as on a PC. Same program. Gotta love freeware! Programming "on the fly" is easy once you get it. If you are programming a repeater channel then familiarity with "offset" (requires some math) and programming tones gets a bit more complicated but not too too bad.
  29. Yes, you can program frequencies using the radio keypad but it looks like a complicated process... as programming most hand held radios tend to be. I used the Chirp program on Windows 7 and it was easy. I'm not sure about using a Mac. I bought my radio online from Fleetwood Digital Products out of Surrey. I also got the USB programming cable from them. Total came to $136.31.
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