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  2. I think there are a number of factors (as is usually the case). Work ethic is seriously lacking from generation to generation, making many new pilots effectively unemployable. Pilots with work ethic are competing with a giant pool of other pilots for stagnant wages, worsening rotations and suspect maintenance practices. After a few years working for low wages and only for a portion of the year, it's easy to see why many elect to move on to driving logging trucks, pushing paper, or whatever job they worked to save up for the much coveted CPLH. Besides, who wants to be applying for a new job every winter?
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  4. Several readers have been in touch with us about the effect low pilot wages may be having on the pilot shortage in Canada. We'd like to speak with more of you for an upcoming story. Are you a pilot who believes low wages are the main reason for the shortage? Is the cost of flight training too steep to justify working for low entry-level wages? Would you be willing to share your story with us? Are you an operator who would like to shed some light on what factors influence the... See more in Skies Mag.
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  6. Former and current pilots at Air Georgian, which annually handles 62,000 Air Canada Express-branded flights, allege it has a troubling approach to safety and maintenance, but the airline said it is one of the country’s most audited airlines, and the results of those evaluations put it in “the top tier” of Canadian operators. In "Skies Mag " in the news section, an article posted by the Financial Post "Cabin Pressure" shows the problem that Transport Canada is having with their monetary system "SMS". It reflects the same thing that is going on in the Helicopter Industry. If they do not wish to carry out their Mandate, why don't they close up shop????? ISO 9000 can do a better job.
  7. I have been caught twice in 25 years by a collapsing plume when working a fire with the helicopter.… https://t.co/yLMJ1VS6in

  8. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/fngKCMLScj dakota

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  10. Wow! https://t.co/5Hws1abwl1

  11. RT @GlobalSuperTank: Want an up-close view of the Global #SuperTanker in action? Take a look at this video from Earl Smith, shot last week…

  12. RT @planetepics: Cute fox enjoying a belly rub https://t.co/E8ggQXEAGl

  13. Looking for type rated Canadian pilot for short term work. Utility experience would be an asset. Please PM me.
  14. Great photos of a sad situation. https://t.co/wxaaWMCxz3

  15. Excel To Gpx Waypoint Conversion Tool

    Oh, I forgot to add that when clicking "Debug" in the error dialogue, it appears that the error occurs at this line: "DescString = Application.Trim(SelectedExcel2GPXRange.Cells(RowIdx, 2))" ... or at least that is the line highlighted in yellow in the Debug window.
  16. Excel To Gpx Waypoint Conversion Tool

    Wow.. this is excellent. Thank you for developing it. I had one question... is there a hard limit to the number of characters that can be in the "description" cell? When I put more than 256 characters in that field, I get the following when clicking the "Convert to GPS" button (.gpx format selected): "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch"
  17. RT @MeredithFrost: Witnesses say this man pulled over to save a wild rabbit from flames along Highway 1 in Southern California as the massi…

  18. Watching the Thomas Fire and wishing I was there rather than Australia but my company does not have a single aircra… https://t.co/74UrTI7oiQ

  19. What is everyones opinion on the current state of things? Are things worse than pre 2008, about the same, or better? Would be interesting to here, I'm sure it depends what industry your company is most relient on.
  20. Excel To Gpx Waypoint Conversion Tool

    Created version 3, now supports output to GPX (Garmin GPS and BaseCamp) and also KML (Google Earth and ForeFlight) Excel2GPS v3.00.xlsm
  21. A bad system will beat a good person every time.
  22. The old rule holds true. Don't crash, then its not a problem. Safety first, lol. SMS has determined if we layoff/fire the staff who complain, the SMS problems go away. JUST CULTURE
  23. It is a good read. I’ve reviewed it extensively. You mean the one that says: “Findings as to risk: If approved flight manual supplements are not complete and clear, there is a risk that operators will unknowingly conduct operations that are not approved.” 2.5 Year’s later and TCCA still isn’t clear what the Flight Manual Supppement means. Good thing we cleared that up. LOL SAFETY FIRST!
  24. Look up the Airspan crash while doing Class C work. The final TSB report is available, its a good read.
  25. I’m aware. But the question still remains: are there any operators currently approved. The B3 manual and B2 VEMD manual have been amended; B2, BA and D model haven’t. airbus claims they received approval for B2 November 24 in the form of a letter from TC Certification, but TCCA says they haven’t and the Airbus revision status on their website does not show this amendment as approved. Even with the amendment, there seems to be some confusion with TCCA as to whether the aircraft is certified for class c. Our TCCA authorities are unclear as to what “approval from the responsible authority in accordance with the applicable operational regulations.” Means.
  26. RT @LWLpodcast: Our latest episode is up now! Listen for free on iTunes or Soundcloud! ✨ https://t.co/xtYqRL17LA https://t.co/3S0Z6IBAmj

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