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  3. RT @NimesMetropole: #AFFEUR17 Démonstration d'intervention lors d'un incendie: Rapidité de décollage, précision des pilotes, coordinations…

  4. RT @NVNationalGuard: Nv. guard black hawk in fire fight with its Bambi bucket ready to battle Nuns fire in Sonoma Valley #nvnationalguard h…

  5. Big week in KK7 last week. Congratulations to the following students and staff: Henry P.: PPL Written Kevin H.:... https://t.co/XfrnFwIQ2j

  6. Evo Helmets in Canada?

    I bought an evo 252 a couple years back from helicopterhelmets.com. Awesome helmet light and fits nice I like the option of being able to detach the cord on the back of the helmet so you can get out to stretch your legs or pee and not worry about a cord dangling down, I also had an issue with the jack on the back of the helmet and called HH.com and the guy said it’s not under warranty anymore but yank out the cord if it breaks I got your back send it back and we’ll fix it, and they did no charge, they even wanted to send me a loaner helmet while mine was getting fixed for the week. They are awesome and really helpful. Don’t listen to 2Tall his review was useless and offered no Real reason as to why he regrets his purchase. Useless reviews from useless people. PM me if you want more info on it.
  7. Greg Penner completed the IRONMAN WC17! Time 10:40:49, Run 03:24:38. (UNOFFICIAL) https://t.co/HEUTta5LXd #IMWC

  8. Evo Helmets in Canada?

    I've heard mixed reviews on the EVO. Anyone had any experience with Bonehead? Specifically their Aries model helmet? I'm thinking about getting one but haven't seen one in the flesh. http://www.boneheadcomposites.com/m8/216--aries-flight-helmet-with-comms-and-integrated-visor.html
  9. If you want to sharpen your stick and rudder skills, a tail dragger checkout is a great place to start! https://t.co/AwjMX2YUPb

  10. Evo Helmets in Canada?

    Buy a Gallet. Don't go near the Evo. It's a shittier value knock off at the same price. I made the mistake and I'm gutted I did not stick with Gallet
  11. Checkout our Instagram! https://t.co/kth3euEHWB

  12. Anybody know where to get an Evo Helmet in Canada?
  13. RT @USNationalGuard: VIDEO: @theCaGuard​ Black Hawk helicopters drop water on wildfires in Northern California. #NorCalFires https://t.co/f…

  14. RT @theCaGuard: VIDEO: Close-up view of a water bucket drop over the #NorCalFires. https://t.co/NQngVSZ7x6

  15. RT @CAL_FIRE: #TubbsFire [update] between Calistoga & Santa Rosa (Napa & Sonoma County) is now 34,270 acres & 10% contained. https://t.co/5…

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  17. @abbott_marina @DarrinHunter @RNC_PoliceNL You he's not joking. Darrin only ever drives 100kph... Maybe 101kph on t… https://t.co/n5wGeeJPbk

  18. @RNC_PoliceNL Good job. Keep it up. So many idiot drivers to choose from.

  19. Great success stories coming out of our Steinbach location this last week. Congratulations to Shealane and... https://t.co/6WZGuzJNyZ

  20. Yep, but I'm not sure this solves any of my problems. It's just replacing 1 decentralized database that only works on one OS with another decentralized database that only works on a different OS. We'd still have to chase after pilots to send in their reports/data and go through the whole error identification, rectification, resubmission rigmarole that I already hate with FltDuty XLS. I use LogTen Pro for my personal logbook, but I'm not sure they have the provisions for managing/overseeing a roster of pilots (unless that's changed, I could be wrong).
  21. Machine down?

  22. Sad News

    Link to the fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/trust-fund-for-mason
  23. Sad News

  24. You can track duty times with Coradine Aviation's LogTen Pro:
  25. RT @InventorsHOF: Today is the 33rd anniversary of the issue of the Bambi Bucket patent, invented by #NIHF17 Inductee Don Arney! https://t.…

  26. RT @AT_Brif: 🎥14:33 @briftabuyo en base después de actuar en #IFChaguazosoVilariño #Ourense de gran ayuda el apoyo de descargas en carrusel…

  27. Trust Fund for Mason https://t.co/vBHQwgdY1B

  28. Get a Pitts Flight Of Your Life, and contribute to a worthy cause! Bidding is open! https://t.co/hflvKOm2sd

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