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  2. I'd like to see one day without rain in southern BC.
  3. no one predicted this cluster fukx
  4. Last week
  5. OK. Got it. I misread your post. I thought the photo you received was from a different time and aircraft. CT
  6. We've postponed all planned trips to the usa now. Exemptions and extensions are being handed out for operators to cover ppc's and whatnot. The 14 day quarantine applies to all travelers returning to canada, if you don't work for the airline then you are just a traveler.
  7. Everyone knows, the key to a lasting relationship is to NEVER see eachother. Less chance of upsetting the warden that way.
  8. Take offs and landings are just that, the registration of the aircraft matters not, as it is not a licensing issue. Just currency/recency.
  9. I found fighting fire in Chile horrifying. Between the cowboy ex-military pilots, the sheer amount of blade/tail rotor strikes, and multiple helicopters getting shot up, or Molotov cocktailed......... ever again. A friend sent a photo of this machine laying on its side in a lake, in about 4 feet of water. Being a Canadian registered aircraft, they would have been partnered with a local company, and possibly a South American pilot.
  10. Anyone know what happened to this 412 and if the crew is ok? https://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/2/CADORS-SCREAQ/rd.aspx?cno%3d%26dtef%3d%26dtet%3d2020-07-01%26otp%3d-1%26ftop%3d%3e%3d%26ftno%3d0%26ijop%3d%3e%3d%26ijno%3d0%26olc%3d%26prv%3d-1%26rgn%3d-1%26tsbno%3d%26tsbi%3d-1%26arno%3d%26ocatno%3d%26ocatop%3d1%26oevtno%3d%26oevtop%3d1%26evtacoc%3d3%26fltno%3d%26fltr%3d-1%26cars%3d-1%26acat%3d-1%26nar%3d%26aiddl%3d-1%26aidxt%3d%26optdl%3d2919%26optcomt%3d1%26optseq%3d1%26optxt%3dGuardian%2bhelicopters%26opdlxt%3dGUARDIAN%2bHELICOPTERS%2bINC.%2b(10166)%26mkdl%3d-1%26mkxt%3d%26mdldl%3d-1%26mdlxt%3d%26cmkdl%3dC%26cmkxt%3d%26rt%3dQR%26hypl%3dy%26cnum%3d2020H0068
  11. Rene was such a knowledgable and experienced fella, with a kind heart. They had a good thing going there and a great relationship with forestry. Too bad kookoo bird and their lawyer convinced him to shut the doors with zero notice to the dedicated team of staff who'd been working their butts off all winter to save the company... I still remember being followed around like a shoplifter as we packed up our personal gear. They even hid the remote for the TV!
  12. I dont think the surfers need any help being put in harms way...
  13. There is a video in the comments section of Tofino Bulletin Board on FB, I tried copying and pasting, but it wouldn't work. No doubt this video will be used as evidence.
  14. That was the one...thanks for that GH...got caught up with that one...some good chuckles...lets go for a pee break at almost 12000 ft wit temps around 23F...not what I would say would be a fun spot...maybe learned to say ..not doing that today... thanks!
  15. We all must have heard of the AW119 that landed/crashed in the National Park in the USA...believe it was Canadian reg...someone on here must have the skinny on that one...they had to get a Blackhawk in to sling it out...ouch!
  16. the only way to end problem pilot behavior is big fines and heavy enforcement. right now it seems they are handing out bigger fines to little johnny and his birthday gift drone, then they are giving to pilots for flying over people. I'm sure you drop more on lunch with the boys, then you would get fined for something like this. what happened when you got "caught" in PRNP last time? im not a Karen, nor am I a snowflake, but i personally think the skirt thing is a bigger dick move than flying over some Truedope surfers. let us know what happens.
  17. You're either a dream client or someone who's never paid for helicopter time.
  18. Aside from the Pacific Rim National Park thing (I got caught there once before too, that's another story), anyone ever land Downtown Calgary before. I have probably done so 50 times or more. On a warm evening, there can be 100 joggers, pedestrians, cyclists that hang around there watching me take off directly overhead as they stare. It doesn't matter if you depart east or west. I always laugh and tell my passengers as I spool up to wait and watch. The hats fly away and the skirts lift.
  19. So many PC infected snowflakes these days but yes an #### move if what you are saying is true.
  20. It is not only within a National Park, he flew right over swimmers, surfers and people walking the beach and not more than 20 feet. There were reports of him shooting up the area on top of it all. If you do that it’s not going to end well. It was a little more than landing across the highway to get a Big Mac.
  21. I also have landed on many beaches close to towns...no complaints....now I did land next to the A&W in Dryden one time...we had been sitting over at DNR waiting to get hired and it was coming up on lunch...we had no car so...I got a few of our guys together and said get the he!! in the longdog ....we are going for something to eat...not a complaint!!!!
  22. That particular beach is within the Pacific Rim National Park
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