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  2. Thanks for the feedback gentlemen, I Have to admit I’m not crazy about the two jobs one pay part. Although at this point continuous employment is a bonus. These days all I can think about is flying, so if it’ll get me back in the right seat I’m up for the challenge.
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  4. Trainees for traffic helicopters...
  5. My crystal ball is still at the cleaners...
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  7. Haha! About time some operators get a taste if their own medicene (if true), cant wait too hear how they justify this being wrong while averaging their own employees isnt.
  8. All valid points besides the window distortion which I’ve never experienced.
  9. Heard a rumor from a few people that Alberta forestry might be starting to average hours this year. Anyone know more?
  10. Prolonged mounting will distort the window. The more suction, the more distortion. You are also blocking a huge portion of view in this picture. Your gps is also blocking the airspeed limitations chart. This would not be approved, even in the "temporary" mounting category.
  11. Once again...this has been kicked around on here several times...but as a pilot/eng I did what ray has mentioned....spent most winter inside a medium hellhole saying what am I doing here...I had thousands of hours and an M1/M2 license...I was not happy even though I was home all winter. Summers I was away pretty much non stop. Not treated well...engineer/pilot thing...you will only have pilot/eng friends....I worked on 204/205 for over 10 years..I have explained why I never got an endorsement to fly a medium...you probably will have better luck getting more flying if you have the wrenching licence but be forewarned...you will go on jobs that are far from civilization and forgotten about...oh and 2 jobs...1 pay!...
  12. I just stumbled upon this gem. I have 2 questions, where do I get one and what have you got that impressed you?
  13. Be up front with a potential employer as to what your career ambitions really are. Ideally, fly in the summer, wrench in the winter, stay employed all year around.
  14. Dryden's field of dreams always has room for a few more mediums........
  15. Hi All, I am 28 y/o male who has worked in the helicopter industry in Canada for the past decade as a low time pilot, never building many hours, in 2016 decided to go back to school for maintenance and since have only worked in heavy maintenance on the AS350. I am a couple months from writing my regs exams. Looking for thoughts and comments on how best to apply my skills going forward. Is it beneficial to market myself as a Pilot / AME or will I be treated worse if I am hired to do both? So far I have been treated 100% better as an apprentice than low time pilot.
  16. This is the set up I went with. The suction cup seemed to stick to my car window securely, does it on plexiglas-glass as well?
  17. You’re gonna get them all riled up now 😊
  18. Haha more of like getting a sun angle off of the sextant
  19. Blue skies, sand, sea, palm trees maybe 100hrs, $100k 😉
  20. This works for me without fail. I don’t use the ipad unless I have to. Ordered a Sentry (adsb in) unit so might play with it more often. Use velcro for the 496 and RAM for the ipad.
  21. The depth of your delusions astounds me.
  22. We were just discussing filling a spray machine with bear spray.
  23. If it's a Cdn Griffon, 70% chance they're lost, and circling until their TomTom gets reception.
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