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  2. You can use different oils in the 206 series I believe, always double check the type and brand before adding. Mixing is bad.
  3. As mentioned...this is a common problem. It can go both ways which is no big deal if you want to drain and add oil until you get the double lip seals fixed in the gearbox...206 use the same oil in trany and engine...this will also happen in a 407 which is a bigger problem as the oils are different.
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  5. That's a known problem from time to time. The key trigger to note is the engine oil level dropping and the transmission oil level increasing.
  6. FYI: 206 trans oil level, I had a machine once that the sight glass would keep filling up and after telling an engineer about the problem he was yelling "NO WAY! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" so we drained it below the dot and sure enough after a test flight the sight glass was again full on level ground. Engine oil down too. Now we were "both" convinced. As it turned out, the problem was a bad seal in the freewheel unit that allowed oil to transfer from the engine to the transmission.
  7. Wash bottles are great, still evaporates a little though. We stopped using mek years ago and switched to less toxic alcohol, acetone for heavier jobs and commercial gun wash for bulk cleaning. Of course we have a contaminated varsol tank too. Since mek is used in illicit drug production, it also became more scarce and regulated in bigger quantities. Whatever you use, always wear proper PPE to reduce the risk. Chronic illnesses caused by toxic chemicals are no joke.
  8. No it isn't. It's available through Canadian Tire and Home Depot.
  9. I totally agree with all of the comments. Not a pilot or mechanic probably not even legal as well.
  10. Just a question. Isn’t MEK outlawed in most countries?
  11. remember,rule 2 , The minister may make exemptions...we've seen repairs and extensions granted to companies that made us go Huh?? how'd they do that. and even dual inspections by the cook are allowed. one thing on Astars too,, Make sure you have those changed every time nuts entered in the book and in inventory or taken out of, as Transport look for it I'm told, especially after an incident.
  12. these are available at NAPA and are great for MEK etc.
  13. You can view it with Mobile Microsoft Office: iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/microsoft-word/id586447913 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.office.word&hl=en_CA It currently only supports aircrafts I've flown: BA, B2 and B3. I've not flown B3E so haven't implemented it, but if you send me the B3E regular and cargo hook supplement W&B envelopes, I can add the B3E in my spare time.
  14. Built this one in spring, has worked so far with a hickup in 'Berta. Baofeng_BF-F8HP 2020 AFS.img
  15. Earlier
  16. I set chokers under a Super b / a 204 with a extended tail boom and a 205 rotor system I believe. It could lift more than a 205 due to being a lighter aircraft
  17. Maybe some guys with better memories can remember a few of the other ame's that worked on or taught..Hards was another...never met him but I know his brother.
  18. Well ...I went thru Canadore in 1972-74...can only remember Rod Crowsley...Gerry English...and Charlie Callie...spell may be off!
  19. I see you have found my collection. I was handed down these patches from a family member who got me into this industry. He was also an AME and taught at Canadore for something like 30 years and is now retired. (This is not all of them, just what fit in that shadowbox and was helicopter related)
  20. Custom is owned by the group that owns Provincial airlines and Innu Mikun the twin otter operator in Labrador. Logical move. They’ve had machines in Labrador in the past short term.
  21. You have any new files fore the baofeng 5r for BC thanks I have it programed still
  22. ......my phone will not let me view it, will this work for a B3e? Thanks V
  23. You can download it from my google drive: https://docs.google.com/file/d/1qTajHbZ-XyjqpzOkE5XVNH25dyiNm3lA/edit?usp=docslist_api&filetype=msexcel
  24. I was there in the late 70s and Early 80s during my Okie days sharing Hanger 11 with the RCMP. Are they still there?
  25. The restrictions that are disqualifying for doing this are listed as: Limitations and Restrictions Holders of medical certificates bearing any of the following limitations or restrictions are required to undergo a medical examination pursuant to the conditions of this exemption: a) License restricted; b) Permit restricted; c) 3 months only; d) 6 months only; e) 9 months only; f) 12 months only; g) 24 months only; h) Subject to letter dated; i) Private Pilot License (PPL) privileges – 12 months only; j) Valid only when another air traffic controller available and competent to assume your duties; k) With an accompanying pilot; l) Not valid for Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME) renewal. Cheers W.
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