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  2. I am curious what the general thought is on this method. It is a super common practice, that is not in the manual. I have done it many times, and still do occasionally. I have on many occasions had hard tail rotors to balance after setting the track, so I loosen the tail rotor bolt, retorques with tool "Z" ( tail rotor block) and 2 runs later it is smooth as glass. How much did that help in the end?? I think the torque on the tail rotor bolt and preload on the teetering bearing is more important than setting the track. More times then not if you have troubles balancing, loosen the bolt o
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  4. Well you seem to be trying to keep an open fire going. Next time try "throw some gas on an open fire"
  5. So just to through some gas on a open fire. I wonder if the aircraft had to land here because...... wait for it...... the pilot was not vaccinated and was not allowed to land at the airport. LOL
  6. https://www.richmond-news.com/local-news/only-in-richmondhelicopter-lands-in-badminton-centre-parking-lot-5388292 Only in Richmond... helicopter lands in badminton centre parking lot Dave Thomson couldn't believe his eyes, or his ears, when the passenger said it wasn't an emergency landing Alan Campbell about 16 hours ago This helicopter made an unscheduled stop at Ace Badminton's parking lot in north Richmond on Thursday.Dave Thomson photo Richmond is well known across the region for being at the centre of all that is biza
  7. Also I used Cirro at a previous operator and while I didn't mind it, especially the flight following and TDG, I can confirm there was a lot of back end difficulties especially with the W&B section. A lot of guys didn't like the flight planning either.
  8. To answer the original question, I don't have gyronimo but a lot of our heliski pilots use it. I think they like it because it's got solid w&b and also does HOGE & WAT performance calculations. I believe its drawback is either it doesn't allow for custom stations, or multiple different configs. Or possibly these could be done at great additional cost. Vs iBal that allows custom stations, but individual a/c models are expensive, and there not performance component.
  9. I have not heard anything more about this accident. I hope all parties involved are going to be ok.... including the pilot who has the gofundme page.
  10. Make sure the tail rotor is in track. Place a piece of masking tape on the horizontal stab and note where the T/R blade lines up. Then rotate the assembly until the other blade is at the stab and see where it lines up. Try and get this as close as you can before balancing a t/r.
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  12. Yup...NMH bags... I think I remember your jacket too!!! LOL Noticed your location. We may have to meet at the Highwayman for a beer...
  13. Is that a green white and yellow bag? That is either a collector's idea.... or the reason for all the other equipment in the picture. Lol. I have the bags as well somewhere in the store room. The last day I worked for N.M.H. I gave my winter jacket to a dancer in PG. She wore it everywhere so I was told.
  14. The camaraderie of fellow aircrew. The sound of a Bell Medium on a cold winter day Heli-skiing. The gentle kiss of the landing gear on a steel deck when the A/C settles without any collective input. Taking off, fully loaded, on a 40'+ day and finessing everything just right, so as to not drag the skids once. Night Rig Landings. The smell and looks of a well used cockpit. The awe and wide eyed amazement of a first time passenger. Many others too long to list.
  15. Alberta Forest Service, or whatever they are calling themselves this week. Day basing. Averaged Mins. Non Precision Approaches. Dunker training. Non Revenue repositioning flights. Paper maps. My old Gentex SPH-5 helmet. Black flies chewing me under the ear cups of my SPH-5 helmet. Anything that contains Deet. Warm Kool Aid, because the overhead crew took all the cold soft drinks. Trying to get some sleep at 3:00 am when the sun is still shining, heating up the tent like a sauna. Still too much to list!
  16. Never got into the Cirro W&B or scheduling but the VFR sectional moving map worked pretty good as back up to the 496, even in the Arctic. User waypoints were cumbersome and it did occasionally need a reboot. Most of the pilots in the company hated it.
  17. Cirro lost a lot of customers a couple years back when they kept making major changes to the software and not telling their clients it was happening and screwed up a lot of internal leg work. Lots of problems with their W&B matrices as well (as in a limited number of aircraft configurations). Maybe they've fixed it by now, but it cost them quite a few heli operators in that one year.
  18. And how about balancing an Astar tail rotor assembly? What tricks d you guys have? I've had them done in just a handful of runs and some others up in the late tens… Things that you guys look for in the ones that are giving a hard time balancing?
  19. Both were wild life surveys. I’m guessing it was LTE at low level at low airspeed just like the Wood Buffalo accident.
  20. Would you care to elaborate? Can’t be so bad as numerous companies use it. Flight Duty XLS was definitely a pain to use and very clunky and didn’t support Macs.
  21. Seems to be the normal vibe here in Canada. There is no work here anymore….
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