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  2. I had one of those on fires out of Dryden years ago...pretty sick when the temps get above 20C...as my buddy Bart would say...couldn't lift a weiner of a plate!
  3. My guy at Cedars says if you ask about the 28 you will be referred to the C30 up grades...good luck if you have one ...I have heard they make a great boat anchor!
  4. I should have said Standard Aero not RR...I could give my buddy a call on this...he is the head engine guy at Cedars...worked for Standard years ago.
  5. Call up Rob Scofield at RR in Montreal if he still works there.
  6. I heard that 10 years ago.
  7. The last i heard and that was said a couple years ago.. many operators were upgrading to c30. Didnt know they locked in a date of no return.
  8. Was talking with some one this week and he said the the 250-c28 is no longer support by Allison/RR is he off track or not!?? Guy
  9. Latest revision to Cargo hook Swing and Sling Supplements, released in 2020: "The cargo hook system meets the external load certification regulations for Non Human External Cargo (NHEC)." Well I guess that clears that up. 5 years later a pilot can reference the Flight Manual and safely answer the original posters question. The answer to the original posters question. The AS350 IS certified for Class C loads. Revised From: "The cargo hook system is approved for lifting external load which is jettisonable and lifted free of land or water during rotorcraft operation.
  10. A lot on here have left it behind. You forgot to mention $45/hr, full benefits and a SCHEDULE LOL. Likely home way more I’m assuming too.
  11. Last week
  12. American Airman as well. with people getting out of the industry doors might open. I know of someone that moved on, Local generating plant paying $45 an hr and full benefits for instrument techs or Turbine back engine techs is hard to beat.
  13. So...about a month later I am back in Pickle having a brewski with Ray...the base manager...he tells me he really likes the way the starter slams home when he hits the starter...I say...WHAT!!!..I will look at it in the morning. We go out in the morning and I lift up the cowling...you can see the starter is on a downward slope while sitting in the ship...almost falling off... this was the one that just had the gearbox change...I am shaking my head...I reattach the starter and get the clamp on correctly...tork it up...guess what...no slaming against the gearbox ...I call the hangar to have word
  14. So...we make it back to Pickle and I call the hangar in wpg...they decide to get me to change out the gearbox...they will have a guy drive one up that day and he will help me with the gearbox swap...so we find a hangar to do the work...not sure where it was...it wasn't out at the airport...pretty rough place...no lights...no heat...but not outside...we get the donkey pulled out and swap out the gearbox...just get it back in the ship...I get a call from the hangar...take the other 206 and go to T-bay now...the guy that helped me will finish the job there...off I go...I will tell you the results
  15. Ok...back to Pickle Lake...Ian and I fly over to Ft Hope in the morning in a 206...can't remember the reg...it was close to -40C...get over there and I can't wait to get out of a warm ship to have a look at an oil leak...lift the right side cowl...oil everywhere ...all over the starter...it appears that one of the fittings above the starter is almost blown right out of the gearbox...I pull the starter as I have brought another one...with some luck there might be enough thread left in the gearbox to tighten up the fitting...it turns in a couple of times and I tighten the jam nut...reconnect the
  16. i stopped looking at CADORS because it changed the way it reported things. I dont care about missed approaches. but i did care about sudden engine failures. What I did notice in the past, was certain regions had way more reporting than others. was it because of reporting procedures being followed more closely? was it because they were bored and nothing better to do? was it because the guys in the towers are angry little men over their career choices? who knows really. but my main purpose was finding out preliminary facts about an incident, to be proactive. I gain mo
  17. I appreciate the free offer but I bought the paperback instead.
  18. Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report - not an incident, an occurrence of something non standard. As above the missed approached was carried out without explanation... Not every one is investigated, I have read a CADORS report that involved a company A/C and the pilot never even knew it had happened (Busted airspace near YYJ) nor did the company receive a call. I understand that if it was an occurrence that compromised flight safety, then it triggers a follow up.
  19. I have to wonder, of all the names I've come to know in this industry who the main character is based on, my imagination is enjoying the mystery. Fun read, Thanks
  20. I am realizing I don't have a firm understanding of the CADORS system. I had assumed it was a way of recording potentially dangerous actions or acidents for transport investigators to review. However after perusing through some daily occurrences it seems the majority of the incident reports I've read are extremely minor and seemingly insignificant events. Yet I've witnessed some very dangerous things occurring at controlled airfields on occasion and no CADORS reports were filed. Example, "A Skycare Air Ambulance Fairchild SA227-TT (C-FRPX) on a MEDEVAC flight from Attawapiskat, ON (CYAT)
  21. Thanks for the information. I contacted Boost HEC Systems and they advised the same thing. I'm in Wisconsin, so not practical to get to Vancouver right now.
  22. The small LMT medics fit super small, like kid size small. Awesome helmets but you are in a tough spot with only the two shell options. I would suggest the large but you will have a ton of padding in the shell to take up the extra space. You really should try one on to be sure. Where abouts are you located?
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  24. I saw the hangar a few years ago all painted Aurora green. I was passing through town and took a trip up the hill just for grins and a trip down memory lane. Who else was in there other than Aurora after sunrise?
  25. I’m still rockin my old msa gallet, yet to find anything better
  26. I'm looking at the Northwall LMT Medic helmet and am interested on how they fit. My head measures 22 1/2", which is the high limit of the S/M. The L/XL's lower limit is 23". Any recommendations or advise on which would provide the better fit? I'll be wearing NVG's with it and don't want the helmet to fit sloppy but, I also don't want to order too small either.
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