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  2. Remembered his name...Mike Belamy....I was there doing a 300 hr on the 206...think the reg was EHK.
  3. The base pilot's name was Mike...can't remember his last name..think it started with a B...he drove an old jag...
  4. Is that the same spitfire that was in a hangar at the Edmonton downtown airport...if so I got a good look at it back in the early 90's. Midwest was running a 206 out of that hangar.
  5. Hopefully those two war planes go to a good home, instead of dark hanger locked away.
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  7. The CHC building looks almost identical to the old Vector hangar. Good catch. The Highland facility was owned by Landmark Shell, but obviously will be empty now, looking for a new tenant. Bob still owns the Spitfire and Mosquito, but they're up for sale.
  8. I don't imagine things will get any easier for the low timer with all these large operators shutting the doors. I'm sure there are plenty of experienced drivers looking for good gigs.
  9. Lol. It was upstairs on a window ledge in the old stores room.
  10. I remember at Northern Airsupport in Kelowna in the day. Had a closet with a phone for a Alberta company. Phone number was forwarded back to Alberta. Helped their machines get BC flying
  11. No, this is CHC's headquarters across the road!
  12. Sounds ljke an operator in Ontario years ago...parking in a snow bank next to a gas station/restaurant....had a pay phone in the parking lot for calling them...HAH!!!!
  13. I think operations base has a pretty loose definition. I've been at companies who park a ship on the tarmac somewhere and advertise as a base... IMO if the base doesn't have a base manager or building, its not much of a base.
  14. Well I would probably agree with you If I never had to rely on my own ability to make a good career out of this . But a lot of people were never given a helicopter pilot / engineer job or a helicopter company for that matter. That is a lot of the problem with this industry including Highland Helicopters to name ONE. sadly some hard working people still have hopes and dreams .
  15. Highland sold their yvr hangar a long time ago. Not sure if the family still owns MillionAir or the Spitfire and Mosquito.
  16. The old Vector building. I imagine the Highland building will be coming up too.
  17. A BUCKET!! Some guys get all the perks! That's a step up from "the shovel" and the dark cloud of insects just waiting for their feast the second you drop your drawers...
  18. Last week
  19. does anyone remember when YQR had an operator based there?? I remember when Trans Canada Pipelines had a 206 at richardson.. lumsden airspray had a hughes 269 in lumsden... STARS is there now... any others i'm missing??
  20. Marblearch, I saw that article and that’s what got me interested. It’s a bold move when there are some already well established operators in FSJ. Good question displayname. Here’s some insight I found on the interweb.
  21. Are ex highland crews being hired. I guess they need aircraft. Mmmm boundry bay
  22. Hmmm! Lots of availabilty down at the South side these days! https://devencore.com/main-property-detail/4740-Agar-Drive
  23. https://energeticcity.ca/2021/01/20/new-helicopter-service-coming-to-fort-st-john/
  24. I just heard that Heli Source is opening 7 new bases in ex highland locations. Did they get all highlands work? Seems like quite the investment. Hope it pays off for them. Anyone know if they’re gonna be hiring?
  25. Gotta love how low our bar is😂. That said, it would have been nice to have that!
  26. I was on a drill job in Ontario...mid winter....-40 most of the time...these drillers knew how to build an outhouse...it was totally lined with blue styrofoam...had one car heater in it and lights...you would sweat in that place...HAH!
  27. Only if it's not in the generator shack where it's warm!
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