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  2. Simpleton and his roofies. the only way to get someone to spend anytime near him.
  3. and you guys are??? scientists?? I think not. so that means you're getting your info from a source. is your source reputable? could your source perhaps be wrong? could it be from the manufacturer of the product that cares about as much as you as cigarette manufacturers do? What I am saying is, there is an unknown, there is a discrepancy with data, and it's not all cut and dry. I'm glad you have no qualms about using the product. fill your boots. Others have not been so fortunate, and they have a right to challenge this as much as you have a right to say, "meh, i'm not dead yet"
  4. I knew Mel quite well...nice guy, good pilot.
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  6. I ran into Mel on some Sioux Lookout fires back in the '70s. I recall he had a great sense of humor and had some great stories to tell, too.
  7. "High concentrations of glyphosate or any other pest/herb/fungicide is bad for you." Who says? Tree huggers and university educated leftists? I and many other experienced crop dusters say otherwise.
  8. Have used Cirro, would prefer to never use it again. Very clumsy layout and full of bugs.
  9. We use Cirro, I find it less than stellar and still requires foreflight as the nav model lacks a lot... It is also clutzy to use, and require a separate nav log for accurate timekeeping.
  10. i don't know if Mel was a member here but was a large Icon of the aviation industry (Nov 30 2019)
  11. Just curious if there are any other programs out there that offer Electronic Flight Tickets. I know some companies have in house programs but I am looking for a 3rd party provider. I have played around with Cirro which overall is great but has some shortfalls for our operation. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, I have good news for those who are waiting for Bell 206 helicopters. Bell 206B3 and 206L1 are already available on Helitrends App Please use the following link hoping to make pilot life a little bit easier Which h/c will be the next, 206L3 or 407 ? We have received inquires for many different types but because of the lack of time we have to do step by step and the rule is simple: the more pilots the more needed - any suggestions about models and number of pilots interested to use it? Tom
  13. There is another doctor in Calgary that does both medicals. I can’t remember his name but he was downtown a few years ago.
  14. Thanks for letting me know about this. I had completely forgotten about this.
  15. Is that how HeliJet keeps wages so low?
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  17. The first rule about nvg club, is that you don't talk about nvg club. Doing so is in contravention of the regulations.
  18. There's the problem, those cheap products are hurting us. High concentrations of glyphosate or any other pest/herb/fungicide is bad for you. You'll most likely be poisoned by the fuel though, that's one thing that's a constant.
  19. For your FAA, you need to do the application for your class 1/2 medical via medxpress and have the confirmation number of completion with you at time of your visit.
  20. Thanks. MedXpress number ?? You meant, previous medical certificate number or something else ?
  21. I have been spraying a lot of Round Up, Vision and other glyphosate products, just about every summer for the last 32 years. And I mean A LOT!! Nothing falling off of me yet and still getting a Cat. 1. I believe some people are more genetically at risk of getting cancer and for them, second hand smoke or a mouse fart could be all it takes to get the disease. I believe glyphosate to be one of the most important discoveries of our time and most of us should be thankful for cheap 2 X 4's at the building supply and cheap loaves of bread and boxes of cereal at the supermarket.
  22. Congratulations…..it only took you getting to the 3rd page of the thread before making a single relevant statement regarding the thread topic ….well done champ
  23. Ok Simps, post #2, Post #5, Post 8,9, 11 and 16, Post 18 and post 20....all yours. Not a single one on the topic that offers any value at all. dead air to be honest. Whether or not the rest of us have been on topic is moot point because you're such an insensitive jerk, you need to be put in your lane. The original link offers a side of the story regarding roundup. those who have been exposed to it, can watch it play out, or ignore it. If it doesn't affect you, why are you even here offering a comment? I know lots of people who have used roundup, me too. I know some of them have / had cancer. One day, that may be me too. So I have vested interest in the outcome, whether roundup is found to be the cause or not, I'm not the scientist here. I have to pay attention to those who are. No one who is fighting any cancer that may be linked to its use, deserves a comment of "yawn" from your pathetic being. now, can you kindly stop being an insensitive jerk and trying to blame everyone else for it. we arent the problem
  24. It's "insensitive" not "in sensitive". You guys virtue signal so much you'd think you were all running for seats with the Liberal party.
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