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  2. One of the low timer private pilots here... When I was signing up for my training, the flight school told me they would rent me a machine by the hour after I was done. Well, when I finished, that was no longer on the table. There are no other machines or flight schools in my area to rent from.
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  4. There’s a big difference between discussing reality and being an Eeyore.
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  6. I like how all the different stories are all too familiar. It’s a great thread 😁
  7. No guns, just financial responsibilities for those that do this to actually provide for themselves and their families.
  8. Some of you boys should just stop reading this forum and you might all cheer up. Jesus. The type of guys that would moan if you won the Lotto! No one holds a gun to your head to do this for a living. After 20 yrs the pros still out weigh the cons. You make your own path in this industry.
  9. Popped in for a quick peek. Same few guys patting themselves on the back and arguing at who has the bigger wiener. Good thing you have more time auto rotating than I have flying maybe you should bore us with some auto rotating stories. Oh the egotistical horror of it all.
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  11. Wow.... I did not mean to upset you. I was glad you made it.
  12. As would say anybody. You’re comment is redundant and ignorant. Glad I shared the story though. You had to be there to understand ace. I know many can relate to it. And because of the likes of you Poolpilot. Admin, Twinstar whatever. Please delete my profile from this toxic forum.
  13. I think I’ll agree to disagree on that one. You do you I’ll do I’ll do me and the low timers are welcomed to PM me with any questions.
  14. A frenchmen told me the same thing on seismic. Then one day the bag runners was bouncing through staging. Never carried passengers, only moving bags. Except that day the engineer wanted to go for a quick test flight. So ya, never leave a long line attached when parked. Why would bird towing be any different? Make your case like you just crashed, after forgetting the bird was attached?
  15. well as a matter of fact, I got him back to the ground safely, and they carried him on the log back to his tree! happy ending for the world fastest sloth and the the slowest seismic pilot !
  16. Understandable man but not always the case. If there was one way to do it, we’d all do it the same. When bird towing for example, I’ve gone weeks without disconnecting the device. It’s a lesson and you’re supposed to be able to adapt to your own situation based on the lessons placed here. No need for the above message dude. We’re all professionals here. (I hope so anyway)
  17. One more I will share, if it saves a life great. May you have fun with it. Beautiful sunny April day in Squamish. Tasked with taking a couple environmental contractors (a man and a women) to sample water in some creeks at Phantom Lake about 16nm as the crow flies west of Squamish over a couple mountain ranges. Lift about 9am and sit at Phantom Lake waiting for them while they do their thing. Around noon it started clouding over. I trudged through the deep snow in my *light hiking shoes and told them to pack it up as there is weather moving in. 30 minutes later they show up and t
  18. Sorry bud. Was just giving my solution from an experience much like yours. Didn’t think the boat getting better lift than me bore repeating.
  19. I thought this was about sharing lessons with others. If I knew Its about bragging how good you are I would not have bothered smfdh.
  20. Exactly...slung a boat 188 miles like that...hooked a net onto the front!
  21. Done canoes, and aluminum boats… not worth the stress of one of the handles breaking off, or the ****** flight and go around to re rig if it doesn’t fly right in the first place. Just put it in a net. Strap 2 together, and put the boat in that if you need to. Put the motor in the boat. Preferably over a rock so the rock is at the bottom of the net when you lift off.
  22. To all you low timers. IF you ever have to fly a boat. Hook on to the stern ..... you have 2 points to hook on to and the boat will fly better. This is my experience.... if others have different ideas please post them.
  23. Don’t bother Long lining Boats! Was working in the Arctic flying a 206L on fixed Floats. On a rare sunny day in Cambridge Bay (at the airport) against my gut feeling I agreed to move the clients rubber dingy via longline from pond to pond. Attached a strap between the remote hook and Bow ring (second mistake after agreeing to fly it) and then attached a cargo net to the stern for stability. Got the line tight and lifted the dingy, started flying forward and thought to myself this is working! At about 30 mph and 300’ I looked in the mirror and was alarmed to see the dingy d
  24. My learning moment was when I was JUST about to hit the starter and thought something looked odd in the mirror. I had draped the longline over the skid when I hooked it up. Lets just say I jumped out and reattached the line properly. Probably would have been ok with an empty bucket, but would literally have gone sideways with a full one...
  25. The moral of story was never leave a longline connected when parked.
  26. That longline story is a big one Pool. Thanks for sharing it. I was on the scene of a “tether ball” incident in which the pilot survived. I learned that one second hand but it’s so easy to forget. If I leave the line on, I hook it on my door handle. Can’t get in without forgetting it that way. Although that only works on an AStar.
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