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    It is maintained in a graceful ballet of tiny spinning bits that move small needles against fluffy bellows whilst the air of a thousand flutes blows against it. It's partner, the FCU, is the only one that can understand and tame this wild beast. The work of those 2 units is only there to support the real hero, the brawny farmhand, the always a bridesmaid and never a bride, hp fuel pump, so that it can deliver the stream of life when it is so required. Px, Py, Pb
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    You wouldn’t now you say sitting on your computer trolling a forum, but I bet if they told you to pack your bags you’d be the first one trying to come up with an excuse to not go cuz your cousins, sisters dog is having a tough time transitioning between food brands so you probably won’t be able to go.
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    Maybe you should fire them a resume, you seem to always have an opinion on everything and everybody. I’m sure you’ll love the 42/5s in the dead of winter in rainbow lake.
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    I am sorry but that sounds like a positive post and there is no room on here for that type of attitude, so knock it off!! lol
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    I wouldn't be too quick to say that. I've worked a lot in rainbow lake and worse for companies that pay well with good tours. I certainly am not going to go there for 3/4 of a year for anything less than 6 figures. Maybe you're mixing knowing your worth and entitlement defenitions.
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    Well my friend you are in luck because they still pay what slaves used to make.but the going home part may be a problem.
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    Hahahahaha when’s this one gonna be on bladeslapper?
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    Hahahahaha it’s a very relaxing and tourist friendly place. A real vacation hot spot.
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    Haha you mean you had the entire town to yourself place has imploded on itself. Practice rescipes provided the grocery store has any food left in it.
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    Don't forget to budget $400 for some new sunglasses to complete the look 😉
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    Hahahahahahahahaha that’s awesome. Well said freck
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    So does this post imply the old CP was the problem? Seems like a strange post.
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    I found this manual very helpful and now im posting it for all. Its for a TH-67 Creek aka Jetranger 3. The manual has excellent system dicreptions and is very well organized. It builds on the flight manual of jetranger 3. It a great study guide for anyone doing a jetranger rating. This is by far the best jetranger training manual i have ever seen. Enjoy Every chapter is a file. Pictures are the end file. For some reason i haven't found a way to combine pdf files. The rest of the files. Training_Center_Main.pdf Training_Center_Main1.pdf Training_Center_Main2.pdf Training_Center_Main3.pdf Training_Center_Main4.pdf Training_Center_Main5.pdf Training_Center_Main6.pdf Training_Center_Main7.pdf Training_Center_Main8.pdf Training_Center_Main9.pdf Training_Center_Main10.pdf Training_Center_Main11.pdf Training_Center_Main12.pdf Training_Center_Main13.pdf Training_Center_Main14.pdf Training_Center_Main15.pdf Training_Center_Main16.pdf Training_Center_Main17.pdf Training_Center_Main18.pdf Training_Center_Main19.pdf Training_Center_Main20.pdf Training_Center_Main21.pdf Training_Center_Main22.pdf Training_Center_Main23.pdf Training_Center_Main24.pdf Transmission_system.pdf
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    Theoretically, the governor will keep the engine at 100% rotor speed all the time. The droop compensator will help keep it at 100% when making larger power changes in either direction. The 206 had 2 types of systems to mechanically rig the power lever(collective) to the governor. One section controls the range of speed and the other controls how quickly the change is applied. As a pilot you need to know what it does, trying to figure out how it does it and why is a whole other course.
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    Here is a 212 droop cam compensator. As you can see it is a mechanical linkage. It is connected to the collective and as the pilot increases power the linkage leads the engine N2 to prevent droop caused by the requirement of the main rotor loads. It will make much more sense once you have a few hours on a turbine machine utilizing this type of system. But for now I hope this helps answer your question.
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    Something tells me you folks aren't working 42 and 5's, are being paid appropriately and not required to live in Rainbow Lake.
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    Shouldn't this be posted on bladeslapper?
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    There is no restrictions on a pilot being 5 feet tall, you still can't see over the instrument consul on a 206B. Should you happen to get a remark or whatever from an inspector, tell him to put it in writing and justify it.
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    I’m sure you’ll do just fine in life. Seems like your well versed in the English language, at least written that is. You must also be very strong as well because that’s how you come across in the comments section in the forums web page of a Helicopter magazine. Probably huge in fact. Friendly tip * I know nowadays cell phone providers have unlimited plans and regularly offer free upgrades on phones, so my advice would be to maybe bring the Motorola razor into the local RadioShack and upgrade to a phone that has autocorrect so you don’t come off as an illiterate dipshit.
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    It seems archaic to short line a tower these days.
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    TAD_M10_Dealer_Programming_Modes.pdf TAD_M10_User_Manual.pdf Enjoy !