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    $60/ month. 10GB data most carriers offered this deal this Dec, not sure if they still are
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    Hey Guys, wrote a novel when I was home for a year, finally got it published, if anyone is interested; Want to know all the dirt on offshore flying on the Dark Continent? If you've been there it will ring, if you haven't you can live vicariously. Loosely based on real events (of course!), you may even be able to identify some of the characters..... The Helicopter Pilot
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    IF you want CEP, I'd recommend getting custom molded ear monitors, as they block sound much better and far more comfortable for exnded use: Westone makes these: https://www.westone.com/store/downloads/access/2016/GSA_CATALOG_2016.pdf
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    THIS....was flying bags! One pic at the top of the Ramparts near Norman Wells, The other taken near Cambridge Bay NWT.
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    Good to see nothing has changed in 40yrs.....
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    I use Freedom Mobile, formerly Wind Mobile, here in Vancouver, and started with them about 5 years ago. Pros. Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, Unlimited Data, province wide for 36.73 per month Slowly switching over to LTE from 3g Cons. Small coverage areas limited to major and medium sized cities. My plan was a special offer, not sure if is still available. {No contract}, but if you buy a phone through them, at a discount, they put you on a two year payment plan and if you leave early you have to pay for the remaining discounted amount owing, plus the remaining discount you would have received. All in all, the best deal for me I could find at the time.
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    To add to that , I owned my own phone. I was Telus, but switched to Koodoo (owned by Telus, same network) to get this deal. I think it’s over but if you own your phone I would get hold of the loyalty department of whoever you are with and start wheeling and dealing. Hit every kiosk in the mall.
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    I use Fido and also cheaper than Telus (in Quebec) even have the home phone with fido at $13 a month unlimited calling Canada. CT
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    I switched to Koodo in October and pay a little over 1/3 of what I was giving to Telus every month. I've yet to go anywhere where I haven't had service. This includes Canada, USA and Cuba.
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    Saskatchewan and Manitoba have much better prices on cellular phone plans. I am in Alberta and pay significantly more monthly. You'll end up with an out of province number but most plans are free nationwide calling anyway. I've considered it but can't because of work.
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    A big problem was the TFW program that flooded the market when they decided to stay. They set the pay scale and tours. Thanks for that Mates!
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    Well, it's not that earth-shaking as far as nasty notes go but here you are. At least their printing is neat.
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    "The above was copied from the NMSO issued by PWGSC and is used by all operators. "Air Time" is the only time that can be charged the CHARTERER and covers all aircraft costs to the OPERATOR. "Air Time" time shall be computed from the time the aircraft leaves the surface of the earth for the first flight and ceases when the aircraft touches the surface of the earth at the final point of landing." This method of billing is also accepted by BCFS The description of "Air time" above in the NMSO is including running time between landings which properly defined should be "OPS time", although may be "flight time" if TC ever gets it right. The "air time" defined above should not go in the journey log. Accumulated time in the air would be, and is the only time that should go under the airtime column in the journey. As for Flight Time Duty Day record, I am using "OPS Time", which is also entered into the personal log.
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    I found this manual very helpful and now im posting it for all. Its for a TH-67 Creek aka Jetranger 3. The manual has excellent system dicreptions and is very well organized. It builds on the flight manual of jetranger 3. It a great study guide for anyone doing a jetranger rating. This is by far the best jetranger training manual i have ever seen. Enjoy Every chapter is a file. Pictures are the end file. For some reason i haven't found a way to combine pdf files. The rest of the files. Training_Center_Main.pdf Training_Center_Main1.pdf Training_Center_Main2.pdf Training_Center_Main3.pdf Training_Center_Main4.pdf Training_Center_Main5.pdf Training_Center_Main6.pdf Training_Center_Main7.pdf Training_Center_Main8.pdf Training_Center_Main9.pdf Training_Center_Main10.pdf Training_Center_Main11.pdf Training_Center_Main12.pdf Training_Center_Main13.pdf Training_Center_Main14.pdf Training_Center_Main15.pdf Training_Center_Main16.pdf Training_Center_Main17.pdf Training_Center_Main18.pdf Training_Center_Main19.pdf Training_Center_Main20.pdf Training_Center_Main21.pdf Training_Center_Main22.pdf Training_Center_Main23.pdf Training_Center_Main24.pdf Transmission_system.pdf
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    "if the clearing is so small that the turn is tight i agree, but then you are probably a long way from translational lift -- how about corkscrewing for that extra percent or two if you are just shy of a vertical profile power ??" Corkscrewing????? What the ****? So......after your corkscrewing, how are you going to stop corkscrewing? When you hit the ground maybe.!!! Hmmmm, been flying for 15 years never corkscrewed and am still alive to talk about it! Maybe try to unload some weight, and vertical out with an appropriate load for the AC.