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    To the pilot who left me the anonymous note after blowing away my 206 intake plugs today in Shearwater, B.C. I really should have done a better job securing my gear and I apologize for the hazard and any inconvenience. I’m not exactly sure how things went south. My stuff had survived plenty of traffic over the past three days without incident ... but sometimes #### happens. You will be pleased to know that I didn't actually need the 'good luck' in finding my plugs as suggested in your note but located them quickly as they were less than 10 metres away and in plain sight. I will also be forever grateful that you took the time to write your vitriol and place it in my away kit so I would know just how "f#%ing dumb" I was. There has been some question on this from time to time over the course of my career and your input is truly appreciated. Certainly your time was better spent writing your note than picking up the items and removing them from the landing area. Perhaps if you had stuck around I might have bought you a coffee. In 40 years of flying I have only ever met a small handful of pilots that felt they were above making mistakes (rookie or otherwise) and that maintained a zero tolerance attitude towards the rest of us mortals. I would have enjoyed getting to know you a bit and learning your secrets to achieving perfection. I think that regardless I’ll probably make a few more rookie moves before my enlightenment.
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    Well, it's not that earth-shaking as far as nasty notes go but here you are. At least their printing is neat.
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    A great pilot, teacher, inspector, person and friend has left us. My condolences to his family and friends.
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    What a complete clown. That was brutal.
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    To be fair, they are prone to paperwork errors on day 1. Or days off.
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    All I am picturing is this Pilot, posting notes to trees, when branches blow down. Sticking more note on bushes as the leaves blow. And maybe even finding the offending snowbank and slapping a note on its teeny courtice badgering it to keep its light fluffy snow in line.
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    I would just have replaced the plugs... wtf...
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    The ATPL only restriction has been lifted. You can also apply if you hold a commercial license with a class one medical. Worth every penny IMO.
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    If they are prone to paperwork errors on day 27 of their fire gig..............should they be flying ?
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    The picture shows BD 1 repainted to the same colour as BD 2...