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    You are going to feed me 100% on your dime if I'm away from home in some shithole that thinks a frost bitten burger is worth $25. But then again some people also think 70 grand a year is sufficient compensation to be gone for 3/4 of the year in said shitholes cuz choppers are cool.
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    Well ladies and gentlemen here we have a perfect specimen of a “sac o’sh*t.” Absolutely nothing to contribute to the conversation and attempting to bring into the mix their own personal beliefs based on Facebook facts and no knowledge whatsoever. Well simpleton you are an absolute f*ckin nothing male or female.
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    Simplemind, and you are? a doctor? a scientist? no wait, you're just a f*cking twat. You're opinion is as worthless as most of your comments. Come back when you have something far more interesting that what you found on google authored by monsanto.
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    Ok Simps, post #2, Post #5, Post 8,9, 11 and 16, Post 18 and post 20....all yours. Not a single one on the topic that offers any value at all. dead air to be honest. Whether or not the rest of us have been on topic is moot point because you're such an insensitive jerk, you need to be put in your lane. The original link offers a side of the story regarding roundup. those who have been exposed to it, can watch it play out, or ignore it. If it doesn't affect you, why are you even here offering a comment? I know lots of people who have used roundup, me too. I know some of them have / had cancer. One day, that may be me too. So I have vested interest in the outcome, whether roundup is found to be the cause or not, I'm not the scientist here. I have to pay attention to those who are. No one who is fighting any cancer that may be linked to its use, deserves a comment of "yawn" from your pathetic being. now, can you kindly stop being an insensitive jerk and trying to blame everyone else for it. we arent the problem
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    Tell that to my buddy who was diagnosed with advanced Prostate cancer at 45, which is virtually unheard of . We mixed Vision by the drum load for 4 summers in the early 90's doing aerial application. I can still remember the Monsanto Rep. telling us the stuff was inert and it was safe to drink. Now I know why you're called Simpleton
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    Well, helicopters are cool! Working on them is cool! Flying them is cool! Some of the places I've worked were/are cool, and some down right cold! It's a challenging industry with lots of good, some bad, some hard, some easy; some good companies and some not so good. I know things can always be better (and have experienced it too), but I / we accept the terms of our employment when we sign up/join a company or accept an assignment, wherever in the world it may be. Ya I know some pilots think they are worse off than everyone else, but many enjoy the career, with it's relative challenges; likely some AME's as well. I do expect to be paid well for what I do, and have my expenses covered when away from base/home which has been the case throughout over 40 years in this game (relative to the times at the time). As a pretty good AME (maybe even an excellent one), I never did get paid what the heavy duty mechanics did/do, or what others may get, but it was alright and I was able to provide for / raise my family by honestly working this game, but it did come with a lot of sacrifice too (mostly loss of family time which I tried to maximize when back home). My Son chose to go heavy duty (good choice for him) and makes a lot more money than I ever did, but not without lots of challenges, drama, cutbacks, loss of benefits, etc (due to the times … sound familiar?). Every career has it's challenges and rewards; it's up to us to find contentment/balance and work to improve things or perhaps move along to that so called better job/career (grass is always greener). Other than the long periods away from my Family, I would still chose to do it all over again and still have fun doing it ☺️. And yes, although many changes over the years … I'm still in the industry 🙂.
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    I have been away for a while...mainly because, sadly, the integrity has really degraded. Thought I would pop in and have a look around.... sigh....
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    The first rule about nvg club, is that you don't talk about nvg club. Doing so is in contravention of the regulations.
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    You get paid? ####....
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    So do you have something to contribute to this conversation or just useless personal comments like usual?
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    Is that how HeliJet keeps wages so low?
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    sticks down all.... health issues are a touchy subject.... if the discussion helps only 1 person, it was worth it... 😎👍
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    Thanks for that Winnie.
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    I received the same message from Angella this morning. Herb was a like a mentor to me when I first started flying but more importantly a great friend. We shared many a wine in the field and enjoyed good beers over the holidays these past years. Herb was a legend and I'll be forever grateful to have known him. RIP buddy.
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    A lot of the HAC companies are part of that organization in order to put their wallets ahead of their employees. Can’t tell you how many times I heard “industry standard” (that they wrote) to justify paying the same prices as 15 years ago. Bunch of crooks.
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    You make 70 grand?
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    I am yet to see anyone that asked for their beer to be covered by per diems. As for the cell phone , why would you make long distance calls concerning company business as in ; maintenance,crew changes and so on , on your own dime? Usually the cell phone is included in the per diem under the “ incidentals” and so should they be.
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    You are maliciously misinterpreting in order to justify making money off crew meals .Cheap. Had to edit ; So, a government worker supplements their “ home cooked meals “ while away from home with 120 $ and a engineer or a pilot has to supplement with 50$ . In the past there was an instance where the top brass for a publicly traded company ,along with the tech support and other admin support were getting 110 a day,while the operational staff was getting 50. What kind of differential supplementing is that? Anyways, the supplementing argument is BS.
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    Dear all, My name is Corine. I just finished my studies a few months ago and I have decided to become a consultant in an amazing sector: the aeronautical world ! But to be more relevant, I need to better know the market and the real challenges. For that, I am asking you for some help … In order to have the best overview as possible of the training market in the aeronautical world, I have created two short surveys : One for the Flight ops Another one for the training centers. I would be very grateful if you could take just three minutes to complete one of these surveys. If you fly (pilot, chief pilot, safety officer, flight instructor …) : https://forms.gle/aXSQTAD1HBLDyPFE7 If you work for a training center : https://forms.gle/BvsxDY2GzDRasE5v6 I will collecting absolutely no confidential or personal data. Thank you very much !
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    Yes you are and that is why you are always looking for guys.
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    At $98/day including incidentals in Canada right now
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    n general the purpose of the per diem payment (or the deduction of expenses when inadequate reimbursements are provided) is to alleviate the burden on taxpayers whose business or employment travel creates duplicated expenses. That is straight from the CRA. Most per diems today are not even close to what the government allows, yet this is tax deductible and can be included in the rate for the aircraft in a per hour basis anyway. At $40 which seems to be the lowest rate today, is 11 dollars short of what CRA considers standard, and does NOT include incidentals. CRA today considers MEAL allowance only to be $90.10 CAD with an additional $17.50 for incidentals. It has nothing to do with supplementing income, but getting businesses into the 21st Century. How many here are issued cellphones from the company? Lap Top Computers? Do you use your own for anything related to the business? hence the increased per diems. $51 + incidentals seem to be the lowest they should be today, unless you feed me on site, then I can accept ONLY incidentals, but if I have to use anything of my own, I should get the current rate at a minimum.
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    Lol...good job staying on topic.
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    A friend hired a machine in Sweden, for 30 minutes, full cabin on a 206B, $2000+... 30 mins... So we are most decidedly behind the times.
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    These are the rates set by the Canada Revenue Agency, and considered to be normal. Your company can pay you this and Revenue Canada won't bat an eye. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/corporate/about-canada-revenue-agency-cra/travel-directive/appendix-c-meals-allowances-october-2018.html
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    Hello Wingman1 Training in Canada can make trouble for you, unless you find work in Canada right after training due to ICAO rules. Canada has a few excemptions, one is to hours required. which means that even if you leave Canada with a commercial license you do not meet the minimum requirement from an EASA standpoint, and will have to cover those. Also in Canada you can't become an instructor and build hours that way. you'd basically have to start as a low timer on the hangar floor. In the US, with the right school (FAR 141 approved) you can get a J1 Visa, which gives you 2 years to get a license, get a job, and build hours quickly so that you can go to Europe (Denmark/Norway perhaps) to convert your license and get a job. It SHOULD be possible to gain about 1000 hours in 2 years if you manage to find a busy school to train and teach. So from that standpoint, US wins hands down. Now... there are numerous schools in Canada, from BC to the east coast, and they should be able to get you a commercial license, but you will struggle to find a job with your possible 18 months left on your visa. and if you DO find a job, you will not gain many hours. this is unfortunate but true, anyone tell you differently are lying. Search for threads in the main forum such as "lowtimers" https://forums.verticalmag.com/topic/22889-where-does-a-lowtime-start/?tab=comments#comment-154205 There are 2 large schools in Florida, and 1 in Oregon that used to do 141 and EASA training, but I'm unsure if I'd recommend the EASA training, simply for the reason that you will leave with virtually no hours. Anyway, that's what I can say so far... Haaber det hjelper lit..
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    You want us to all to just whip out our crystal balls to interpret your rather vague post?
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    What an industry.
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