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    Keep you accounting job!!!
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    Trytrytry whatever you decide to do fixed wing or rotary there are pros and cons to both and I would say in the long run they are both satisfying careers. On that note don’t go to a school where the instructor has never worked in the actual industry and posts videos on YouTube about getting into icing and is panicking like a little kid who just lost his parents in the shopping mall. Or tells people in another video if they put avgas in a turbine the engine will quit and they will die. And my favorite is the one when he goes on a long line job and brings his wife with him to watch the gauges, despite knowing (or possibly not cuz of no real industry experience) that only essential crew are allowed on board while conducting external load operations which means they should have at least a license. Except in some rare cases in certain provinces while on forestry in medium category helicopters a fire boss may be on board but I have never seen this. Long story short go to a school where the instructor has spent some time dealing with clients who are good and some who think they know more than the Pilot cuz they have flown a hundred times.
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    Yeah, you do actually sound like a complete waste of taxpayer funds....
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    Hahahaha I find it interesting how instructors with no industry experience can give students with no understanding of this industry advise on it. How can an instructor tell a student what an average day for a Pilot is who is on fires when he’s never been in one himself, Or what it’s like to be in a logging camp flying fallers or engineers, or just what a normal 3 week tour is like. I would agree and say go to a school where the instructors are active or have been active industry pilots. Not just 8000 hours of flying circuits and same pad approach’s and making YouTube videos.
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    Although I had a great time flying helicopters, met a lot of great people, and saw a lot of places that I would not have normally seen, I sure wish somebody would have slapped me upside my head and convinced me to go into fixed wing. Fun does not put beans on the table, nor does it look after you in retirement, whereas being in a career where you are wanted, needed, and respected sure sounds like the right ticket to me. Given the chance for a do over today, I would go fixed wing and never look back, and probably feel a feather caress the back of my neck every time I thought about making a career with helicopters. I would seriously listen to those of us who have tred this path before you, and consider our advice. Best of luck with your adventure.
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    One of the best bits of advice I've ever been given was by a co-worker of mine when he looked at my resume. We were both in the process of looking for new jobs, and I had the flying job I had at the time, as well as all the other jobs I'd ever had on there. He said "you want to keep flying helicopters or build more decks and finish some more concrete? Get those other jobs off of there" He was right. Don't offer your accounting skills, or your self proclaimed spatial awareness (whatever that is), or your fantastic physicality (whatever that is) to your future employer, you're trying to get a job flying, not a job as an accountant with good spatial awareness. Pick up a broom, be willing to spill some fuel on your boots and wash other guys windows. (not trying to be a prick here just my honest 2 bits...) Other than that, I second what Freck said.
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    If you think washing boots and sweeping floors is beneath you then you really have no idea what it takes to get flying. But go ahead and give Cathy your money it's good for our economy.
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    Find a school that charges skids up skids down time not running time because when you are learning all your checklists etc or waiting for the oil up to warm or listing to your instructor talk or clearance from the tower you are paying full rate and somehow logging that time at most schools. If find a school that changes flight time as per CARS you will actually probably fly another 10 hrs in your 100hr licence. I would also say don't get your licence if you don't have cash in hand for it. The wages you will make in the first five years will only barely keep you fed so making large payments on anything will not be possible.
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    Attached ForeFlight KML files for ONMNR UTM Grid System, FM Radio Network, and Waypoints. Due to the size of the grid system, files had to be split up to the various UTM zones otherwise ForeFlight would reject the files due to the size. I also updated due to popular demands the UTM For Flight iPhone/iPad app to support conversions to/from OMNR UTM grid, to Lat/Lon and display real-time current coordinates in ONMNR format. See screenshot below. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/utm-for-flight/id1241701167?mt=8 OMNR Waypoints.kml OMNR FM Radio.kml OMNR Grid 15.kml OMNR Grid 16.kml OMNR Grid 17.kml OMNR Grid 18.kml
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    If you seek a professional environment I’d suggest fixed wing.
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    Make an appointment at Costco hearing centre. Then show up takes 15 min. Then a week to produce. Doneski
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    I wear high end hiking boots with gators instead of big, bulky winter boots.
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    I couldn’t agree more...I would switch in a second but I won’t make the same money.
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    The answer hasn't change just like the pay, tours, treatment...
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    A bit late in the season, but better late than never. OMNR Grid 15.kml OMNR Grid 16.kml OMNR Grid 17.kml OMNR Grid 18.kml OMNR FM Radio.kml OMNR Waypoints.kml
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    These guys have always been helpful to me: https://helicopterhelmet.com/GALLET-PARTS_c_282.html
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    Highland was looking for a driver a few months ago.
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    Great company with great people. Not a lot of turn over for a reason.
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    Valley B out of Manning. Almost exclusively pilot operating w/ 44’s and even have a couple R 66’s on the go. 1 AStar doing the bigger stuff
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    Tiger performance can as well, both good companies in my experience. They will even overhaul your lid for you if you send it to them. Good luck
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    Merit Apparel is the only place I’ve ordered gallet parts from but they’ve always been nice and helpful.
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    There are many clients that have minimum hour requirements for simple stuff that a 100 hr guy could do which a prospective employee with 3000 hrs of tours could be easily placed in. Then if the employer was interested in developing him/her and broadening their skill set then they will have an asset who (if treated properly; they are human beings after all!) will stick around and make the companies customers happy. Win/win for everyone! Too bad that the 100 hr pilot couldn’t do it (eg; lease site servicing etc) but it is what it is... there is so much complaining about lack of qualified staff by companies and forum members but it seems little effort to bring people in (or up) from within. I think companies have to take some ownership of the experience crunch.
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    Jet 254 is a higher thermal stability oil (HTS). It will produce less carbon buildup and maintain viscosity to a higher temp. The important thing is to pick one and stick with it from the start. Using 254 in an engine that was running jet II or 2380 will dislodge carbon deposits which can cause blockages and bearing failure. The manufacturers have laid this all out in their manuals.
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    CLIENT: how much does that 407 lift, OPS MANAGER; we have proprietary bigly blades, so more than anyone else, where industry innovators,,,, CLIENT: did he say Bigly......well its (insert year)..what ever.... OPS MANAGER: you,,,,,,Meat servo,,,,,, where only paying you airtime for this job, if you don't like that 15-20% pay cut, you can always quit so i don't need to pay you severance .....I'm busy being a bigly industry innovator.......oh and by the way, the logbook needs to match flight tickets and unused mins need to be recored. Your only going to record the best flights,,,,,right,,,, anything else is well.......you know.....only the other guys do that.....but not us, we have iPads, with a 30day free trial of netflix....... MEAT SERVO: we'll thats BS........Meat servo then uses the industry standard bigly ops manager time keeping method, hoping to exceed mins. Over an industry standard 30-42day tour, bigly time keeping method earns Meat Servo an extra buck fifty. OPS MANAGER; I'm innovating,,,,, casually writes a memo in May....Dearest: Meat Servo, we only hire the best people, believe me, but the company had no profit this year, so nothing will be shared......in fact you owe us hours, Owners Union says so, arn't they the best people..Believe me, alway looking out for the little guy.....that 407 has the bilgiest blades, aren't they innovative.....hmmmmm i'm an innovator, i should exploit government programs for innovators.......SMRT ENGINEER: ya that hour meters broken, parts are on back back backorder......dreams of that extra .50c DOM: puts head in sand. Chief Pilot: spins around in a circle......Only a few more mooches before i'm outta here.... Owners Union: writes a letter trying to be relevant,,,,,,,Dearest (the void),,,,Mountain course are stupid and cost the industry bigly........ TC: leaves early,,,, its friday and i'm a couple years from a stress leave transition to retirement. Innovative circling of the toilet bowl continues. Tune in next week, when we explain how to drown someone in SMS...... This is a work of fiction, and no parts represents actual events.