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    Hey Lindsay, That is a good question to ask if you are not familiar with these types of modifications. The main reason is due to "Lateral C of G" limitations pertaining to the helicopter. Simply put, if one were to put too much weight on the side of the helicopter you could lose control of the helicopter relating to the sideways (or lateral) movement/control. Another very important reason pertains to the structural limitations of the airframe where the cargo basket is attached. Some helicopters have fittings (aka "Hard Points") where equipment may be secured to, and some attach it to existing areas originally meant for other parts of the helicopter such as the Crosstubes (landing gear component) which due to structural analysis would have their own limits. The restrictions or limits assigned to the basket would be taking this into account as well. Hopefully this helps you understand a little bit better.
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    Keep those quality posts a-comin', Ice! 🙄
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    That was an excellent response! Well done! This is a great environment to learn. Let’s ieep it that way...
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    Hahahaha I find it interesting how instructors with no industry experience can give students with no understanding of this industry advise on it. How can an instructor tell a student what an average day for a Pilot is who is on fires when he’s never been in one himself, Or what it’s like to be in a logging camp flying fallers or engineers, or just what a normal 3 week tour is like. I would agree and say go to a school where the instructors are active or have been active industry pilots. Not just 8000 hours of flying circuits and same pad approach’s and making YouTube videos.
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    Hahahaha yeah I agree with simpleton. OTR quit selling your junk if it’s good you shouldn’t have to advertise, the product will sell itself.
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    Lol, is this actually a serious question?
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    I used to love this site. Seems its been taken over by low/no timers who think they have the answer to everything. Keep flying the internet boys lmao. Bunch of punks, you don’t deserve a job in this industry.
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    Unfortunately Icewind there have been Internet Tough Guys like Simpleton since the inception of this site, does anyone remember Sudden Stop. I think some companies threatened to sue him and his company threatened to fire him over his posts on Vertical. Pity, a lot of people just move on and couldn’t be bothered to post. I find it embarrassing actually that people outside the industry could come on here and see adolescent behaviour of some aircrew can be. I can only imagine what they think. 🤔
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    Are you seriously accusing the men and women serving in our armed forces as “living off the taxpayer”?!?! Where do you think fire fighting budgets come from? You never worked a job for a provincial or federal government? Wow...
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    Stop shilling your business here. It's the second time you've done this now.
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    AFAIK, Puma has different cockpit and instruments. H145's new systems are used in the Airbus Helicopters H175, but I still need technical data for H145 T2 itself (fenestron, it's taller than T1 version etc)
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    I don't even know why helicopters need landing gear in the first place......seems like excess weight discuss
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    Airworthiness Manual 566 (Licensing) states the following: 566.08(b) (b) Holders of either an M1 or M2 rated AME licence also have maintenance release privileges for all: (amended 2003/09/01) (i) turbine powered helicopters; You can have either M1 or M2 for all turbine powered helicopters.
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    Jesus....never knew that. Thanks for the heads up. Do you other helicopter pilots know this? You are wise like....like Yoda level wise.
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    ......& if it had a flat floor like a B3 you might even be able to use some of that capacity!
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    you can have your opinion of me as much as you want. yet The Reaper, started this post, The Reaper2.0 is continuing with it.. Less than 10 posts between them...soooo. I'll stand firmly that Reaper, whatever version, is a troll
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    I had a great season with Delta last year! Made plenty of money flying good, well maintained equipment. Just sent an email to the CP to make plans for next year, which will be 10 in a row with them. The work's not all that glamorous, but it's steady, pays reasonably well, and the equipment's in good nick. For the most part it's a good crew, and some of the folks are quite exceptional. Delta's not perfect, and as a long term employee I know that better than most. I've seen people come and go, and some have taken their sour grapes with them. Sometimes that just can't be helped. The bottom line is that Delta is a stable, profitable company. This means they must meet the needs of multiple stakeholders including TC, customers, employees, and the owners. Not an easy juggling act. It also means that they give good opportunities to Canadian (and other) pilots, engineers and apprentices. What people do with those opportunities is up to them.
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    Hahahaha keep your job as an accountant man, with the attitude you have portrayed in this thread I’m sure you will just turn out to be another statistic who gets a license and then never flys again. Every pilot started out sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, and helping the engineers on machines. When i was applying I would ask to clean the bathrooms not to fly. Go push your papers and crunch your numbers cuz if u think you can start out heliskiing or whatever you think your heads already to big to fit into the machine.
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    I don't personally believe that anr is a good option. I want to hear everything, and all anr does is send out a frequency that cancels the other ones so fatigue wise you are solid. But now you don't know when you are experiencing a dangerous db. I run the northwall helmet with Costco custom earplugs. Works awesome. Northwall was a big chance as it was so new, but worked out great. Light, small footprint, dual visor internally.. got it from Skye avionics. Costco plugs costs 55$
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    Find a school that charges skids up skids down time not running time because when you are learning all your checklists etc or waiting for the oil up to warm or listing to your instructor talk or clearance from the tower you are paying full rate and somehow logging that time at most schools. If find a school that changes flight time as per CARS you will actually probably fly another 10 hrs in your 100hr licence. I would also say don't get your licence if you don't have cash in hand for it. The wages you will make in the first five years will only barely keep you fed so making large payments on anything will not be possible.
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    Trytrytry whatever you decide to do fixed wing or rotary there are pros and cons to both and I would say in the long run they are both satisfying careers. On that note don’t go to a school where the instructor has never worked in the actual industry and posts videos on YouTube about getting into icing and is panicking like a little kid who just lost his parents in the shopping mall. Or tells people in another video if they put avgas in a turbine the engine will quit and they will die. And my favorite is the one when he goes on a long line job and brings his wife with him to watch the gauges, despite knowing (or possibly not cuz of no real industry experience) that only essential crew are allowed on board while conducting external load operations which means they should have at least a license. Except in some rare cases in certain provinces while on forestry in medium category helicopters a fire boss may be on board but I have never seen this. Long story short go to a school where the instructor has spent some time dealing with clients who are good and some who think they know more than the Pilot cuz they have flown a hundred times.
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    I've been a helicopter pilot for 14 yrs. I had a slow start and thought many times that I'll never make it in the industry. Finally caught a break, got my foot in the door and held on. Started a family with kids which made things tight at 135hrs, but held on. I'm finally sitting comfortable at around 4000hrs at a reputable company adding allot to my resume. I'm actually still paying off my loan for my license at this time. But not once did I ever regret my helicopter license or ever think I should have gone the fixed wing way. Just never appealed to me to make a career going from airport to airport. I've said it when I got my license and I still say it to this day, that I didn't get into this for the money. I just enjoy being out there doing this as a job(career). I had gone to Great Slaves school back in that day and would have recommended that to anyone, They had a great experienced pilots that worked in the north during the summer and instructed during the winter. Their program where they used to hire 4 of their students every season, so it was like a 6 month interview. Today I would recommend MountainView because I find they have allot to offer, great experienced Instructors and also connections to some companies out there who get low time pilots going. I've gotten endorsements, PPCs, Mountain training there and would go back for any other additional training.
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    Ah, I see Mr Negativity entered the conversation....we should all just quit. exit the industry en masse and let him gloat in his negative views alone.
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    When I started in 05 the generally accepted opinion was to attend a school run by a big company. Great Slave, Canadian, HTSC etc... The idea was if you did well and made the right connections you had potential to be hired by the parent company. This is no longer a reality. To my knowledge all the big companies have shutdown initial training operations. If I were you I would look very hard for a small school with experienced staff. You want to find an instructor that is personable, experienced and well rounded in industry skills. For example an instructor may have 10 000hrs teaching. But has never faced the challenges of bush aviation (tent camps, pushy customers, bad food etc...). Perhaps learning from someone that has met with these challenges may better set you up for success. As they can pass along real world tips and advice. Any of the small popular piston engine helicopters will be fine for the bulk of the license requirement, but budget enough money for a Bell 206 endorsement (5-8hrs) at the end. Choose a school operating more than one helicopter. As it may prevent delays in your training due to maintenance or breaks downs. Ground school is all so very important. Having a good classroom with proper teaching aids and study space is a bonus. At the end of your training I would advise doing 1 hr of long line. It'll be ugly and mentally exhausting. But all you want is a basic understanding and some safe direction. You'll have your whole career to perfect it. Most schools encourage visits and will arrange a tour. Look for one that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. Industry prospects are very good right now for aspiring pilots. I know I haven't answered your question regarding who operates the best school. However I am hoping you'll be able to make an informed decision based upon some of the positive posts. I guarantee you'll eventually get grumpy like the rest of us if you pursue this lifestyle. But by gosh we all had a lot of fun getting that way I'm sure. Good luck and be safe!
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    Hello, Wondering if someone would be able to answer my question - Why do helicopter cargo baskets have maximum weight capacities (i.e. is it for maneuverability, emergency landings...)? To illustrate, the Bell 206L4 helicopter has a max gross weight (external load) of 4,550 lbs but most standard cargo baskets can only hold 200-300 lbs. Why can't cargo baskets hold more weight?