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    Harmonic Vibe is probably looking for a new job, and hopefully it's in a different industry ....😔
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    Lol, you strike me as the kind of guy who nominates himself for awards...
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    I have worked with many "professionals" who have been in this industry longer than I've been alive, who literally couldn't add. Time does not equal experience/expertise. You may very well be a highly skilled and respected person in this industry but that is a crap argument for your case.
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    I predict, after quarantine. Black and Gray meet on a fire and have a drink or 3. she’s all uncharted territory from here boys and girls
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    It is going to be a wild, unpredictable year, that's a given. Did I hear correctly on the news this morning that all TFW's were going to be cancelled/not allowed entry? That could shake things up a bit.
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    If people get quarantined, I'm buying shares in Pornhub as an investment.
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    Im going to throw out a guess to start up this conversation... The contract will be more than likely awarded to a company or companies that are fairly new to the heavy world, one(s) who have very little experience or knowledge in the operating cost associated with such machines. A company that will justify the low price of said contract by using lines such as ; "we do it for cash flow..." or "our machine(s) are all paid for" It definitely won't be to a company that has been operating heavies for any time, because they know the true cost ! it's going to be just like medium contracts that have been awarded in other provinces over the last couple of years. To sum it up - its likely going to a company that is comparable to fish such as a carp or flounder 😂
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    I'm usually more concerned with FIR NOTAMs (closing off zones due to forest fires or military exercises, drone activity etc...). In the AWWS, I used to be able to put the FIR I was interested in like CZEG, and get all the notams or that flight information region. Now If I do that I get hundreds of messages, would take a whole day to read through all of those. I guess I'll use Foreflight for NOTAMs, since Nav Canada have become useless. I may have found a better alternate, the FAA NOTAM search which seems to also work for Canada: https://notams.aim.faa.gov/notamSearch/nsapp.html If I enter the aerodromes and/or a FIR (CZVR-VANCOUVER, CZEG-EDMONTON, CZWG-WINNIPEG, CZYZ-TORONTO, CZUL-MONTREAL, CZQM-MONCTON, CZQX-GANDER-DOMESTIC, CZQX-GANDER-OCEANIC), I seem to only get the relevant NOTAMs for that FIR.
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    As a lot of us are stuck at home, I've set my novel free of charge for download (Kindle) to whittle away a couple of hours. On Amazon free for the next five days. It’s a fictional tale of a timid man’s first overseas tour (East Africa - where i spent quite a few years), and things get a little nuts. It’s been well received in the literary community with plenty of good reviews. I hope you enjoy it! The Helicopter Pilot
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    Two pax in a 212 works for me. One in each penalty box!🤣 If I need to drive from BC to Ontario to feed my children then so be it. Girls gotta eat!
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    I'm always up for a good aviation read, thanks for making it available.
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    Still on salary for the time being but nearly impossible to get back and forth to work overseas. My back2back and I offered to do two month tours and hopefully things are normalized enough by the end of April to allow my return. We're considered essential so fingers crossed....
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    Ronny there is always money. Haven't you heard the budget balances itself?
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    All the layoffs happened in October. The question should be who's getting called back? I wonder if that 4 month contract on Blade slapper is still up for grabs? Never mind I'd rather get Covis.
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    If you haven't caught the news yet, TC is granting a broad blanket extension on aviation medicals till Aug 01st. See link for full details: https://www.tc.gc.ca/en/services/aviation/medical-fitness-aviation/covid-19-update-aviation-medical-certificates.html
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    This is a copy of emails sent and screwed up by this Magazine. 2 thoughts on “HAC calls for government to support helicopter industry during COVID-19 crisis” B stout says: March 21, 2020 at 2:12 am I see Jones is just looking at it from a management or owners prospective to help them get the work done nothing for the aircrews that’s have been affected by the virus with loss of work or in quarantine. You don’t have to be over seas to contract this illness. Heli-ski crews that have been with positive carriers of the virus this winter, confirmed cases in 2 lodges now and for the crews that worked with the carriers of the virus sent home in some cases the company’s take is you willingly went to work it’s not our problem. Go home and self quarantine. Don’t ask for help because it’s not our problem. Reply francesco says: March 21, 2020 at 6:02 am full agree Reply Donald J McDougall says: March 24, 2020 at 12:52 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation. As stated above there are two thoughts “ON HAC”, the original one that is above, is an original response taken from the one I posted in Skies. MGM seem to have a problem keeping their stories in the right order or Magazine. One thought on “HAC’s letter to the federal government regarding COVID-19 outbreak” Donald J McDougall says: March 19, 2020 at 4:12 pm Dear H-A-C: Quit trying to milk the system, when there is a downturn in the requirement for helicopters, that is business and you take your licks. I am sure that all requirements for essential services have already been contracted for. Shareholders and owners/operators are well aware that this is a Commercial Operation on an as required BASIS, if not required the aircraft sit on the ground and the crews go on U.I. if they qualify, if not, go to Vegas and take your chances. Remember we are all taxpayers and not required to support a nonessential services. Reply LEAVE A REPLY Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment *
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    The Owners and Operators are represented by H-A-C are the ones responsible for the TFW 's working in Canada, they advertise in (3) newspapers that nobody ever heard off, or read, and then state that nobody in Canada is available. The advertising for TFW's should be posted in National Newspapers for at least five days prior to being approved by the government and any response to the requirement be as stated, and be signed off by Transportation Safety Board. The Labour Board or whoever signs off on TFW'S has to be familiar with Aviation and it's requirements. The Owners Club and H-A-C have been playing this game for years, and they get away with it, to the detriment of the industry as a whole. Transport Canada needs a complete overhaul and it's about time the Parliament of Canada TOOK ACTION, instead of platitudes. The FAA says it needs at least 10,000 more inspectors, to function properly!!!!!! What do you think Canada needs to meet regulation requirements and proper enforcement of same????? As usual moan and groan, sit on your ARSE and do nothing. Have at It. Cheers
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    Ever been in bombed out Londen in 1942? Bunch of pussies the lot of you,
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    Maybe aim for an LH250 because they're a lot easier to source second hand and also easier to sell down the track. Just remove the outer visor and cover and it's basically an LH050 with the option of going back to dual visor should you want to. Merit occasionally have second hand helmets in stock too so might be worth getting in touch with Rob Hamers and seeing what he's got. Super friendly guy that has amazing after-sales support. I got a killer deal on an LH250 with no outer visor.
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    The cheapest. Are you new to this?
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    It could go to a company that has been sending heavies to Alberta for years that try to run over other pilots in the circuit every time they launch. It will be an interesting summer.
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    Be prepared to adapt..or in some cases completely ignore some of the fundamentals...especially "always turn out, away from the mountain". The mountain course will teach you some great standard practices, but you will constantly need to apply and adapt them. This becomes relevant above the treeline, in marginal weather. Never lose reference. Cling to that #### like your life depends on it. it does. Common sense prevails. If something doesn't feel right, it likely isn't. Always leaving yourself an "out" is in my humble, probably the best thing to take away from a BCFS mountain course.
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    Will be a great year if they use helicopters to bucket protesters.
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    Get a second hand Gentex SPH 5 until you get enough hours or start doing a lot of longlining. Many a young pilot have busted the bank just to fall out of flavour of the month category and are sitting with 200 hrs, no job and a really expensive point of conversation.
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    Something to add to this, if you have any thoughts of working in the US on forestry down there at any point, the DOI are in the process of re-doing their list of approved helmets. Merit apparel are going through the testing process (at their own expense) to make sure the Gallet helmets will be all approved, but I'd be surprised if Northwall or any of the smaller companies will go to the same expense. It's essentially a big fight with Gentex, who currently supply all the helmets for the military. They've been trash talking everyone else and moving the goalposts regarding certification. Just something to throw into the mix regarding your future purchase. I use a LH250 with the outer visor removed, so essentially a 050. It's great. EDIT: Typo
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    Cosmo, ya you are right, I'm suffering from a momentary lapse of reason . What I meant was 70k per year take home 50 k or so. Roach motel with the sunken multiple times old jizzed on mattress or bush camp trailer set up Economy class ticket with no leg room/ or must relocate at your expense with dodgy or no contract Canadian social healthcare with long waiting times to see a doctor No loss of license insurance or life insurance so if you die family gets whatever comp will pay ( you may opt to get private insurance if you can find it) RRSP matching if your lucky or zilch =RRSP ( Really Realy Stupid People) because they can change the taxation or the rules anytime And let's not forget, the amazing privilege of flying someone's helicopter so you can make them rich. Need I say more.... Back on my meds
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