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    I don't think there was any ongoing issue noted. I think they just started their turn too early and were trying to use visual cues that were not there. Trust me, we do a LOT of this stuff in the dusk/dark/white-on-white stuff, and it takes all you got to get you up the first 500 feet. you have to be on the ball 100% of the time. These 4 guys got unlucky and 1 moment of inattention probably was all that was needed. If you google Night VFR accidents you'll find a few. Even in this case it was agreed upon that it was anything BUT Night VFR...
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    I comprehend just fine BM. Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but you actually sound an awful lot like TRANSPORT CANADA. Or at least headquarters in Ottawa. When it comes to regional authorities and inspectors: it depends which one you ask. Which is an issue. That’s the only position I have. Fyi i have no issue making ends meet or covering COSTS. Consistent application and enforcement of the Regs relates to many areas of compliance and safety is reduced when they don’t fulfill their mandate of enforcing Regs consistently. I think we both agree on that.
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