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    Aww man now I feel like a jerk. Sangjeet, im sorry that I got upset when I told you I wanted the HBO package and you gave me the Movietime package instead. Craig, I’m sorry that I yelled at you when you implied that I wasn’t using the iCloud properly. I still don’t know what that is. Ling, I’m sorry I hung up on you when you wouldn’t take off the overage charges because I used too much data last month. Customer service representatives around the world. I’m sorry for any mistreatment that I may have caused you. If you’re ever in my area hit me up and I’ll take you to Chuck E Cheese for pizza and I’ll give you all my tickets. I just want to make things right.
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    What in the actual **** ?
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    What's next? Are we going to be told 100 hr pilots are people too? Cuz they're not.😎
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    Well.. it’s simple, drop what you are doing, band together like the linemen and women do and don’t go back to work until all pilots across the nation get the same pay, same benefits and same quality of life. It seriously won’t change until a union is created and all of us are united. Every Pilot will have to sacrifice many things through the process and unfortunately this is where it all breaks down. These unionized organizations are a true brotherhood in all sense of the word!! We are not and it’s unfortunate....because we can be!!! The owners know it and laugh and laugh and laugh all the way to the bank!!!!! The union will, through due process with its members determine what is reasonable pay and if everyone in the nation is on the same page, the owners will have no choice but to pay what we are really worth. In return, all owners will have no choice but to increase their rates and industry will have to pay for it!!! There is always a solution!!!
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    Wow i hope while you are running that excavator this winter you insure you tell the guys you are working with just what a bunch of low life's they really are. If they are all so bad then why don't you leave running equipment and driving trucks to us low life that don't mind doing it when we have nothing better to do. By the way i have been in this industry 30 years. I have met my share of over weight, chain smoking alcoholic pilots that think they are gods gift to aviation. Your post just shows how much you really think you are gods gift to this industry. However i will agree with you this topic is pointless. When you have to deal with people that believe because they fly helicopters they sit next to God. Enjoy your winter working with them low life's.
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