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    I lasted 15+ years and approx 5000 hours till I pulled the handle and went to fixed wing. Did 20+ years fixed wing and retired with a pension for which I give thanks pretty much every day. No regrets.
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    I read these negative post about getting jobs, I find it bizarre as I got flying right away and have been busy ever since. I get calls all the time companies and friends asking if I know any pilots I would recommend. Now I work on my terms and on top of that for a great company. This profession has been amazing and taken me to many different countries. I have no regrets what so ever. Companies right now are struggling to fill seats with good people. Maybe it is the attitude that hinders getting hired. You get what you put into it, and just because you think you put a lot into it might actually not be very much.
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    100hr pilots not finding work! ####, I'm a 700 hour pilot and I can't find work! Leave? How about, just don't join in the first place. This industry sucks!
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    9 out of 7 people don't understand fractions!
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