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    Hey Gents, The trick to the Baofeng and Chirp is to use the Split function under Duplex rather than the +/-. It involves no math whatsoever. You simply set your tone, select Split, and input your TX Frequency. Also tone is very important when programming AB and BCFS channels, as they use up to 9 different tones for their repeaters. It is best to set "Mode" to Auto, this makes inputting data into Chirp much easier. When you copy the channels to the radio it will automatically determine whether the channel is FM or AM or whatever the mode is. Start with a New page in Chirp, don't even think about plugging in your radio yet. Click the "Show Empty" at the top to see a full list from 0-500 or whatever you set the parameters to. You can make things easier by highlighting a group of channels that you know will have the same tone, right click, go to properties. Now you can click "Tone", set your preferred tone, and press ok. This will really speed things up for you. If anyone needs any help with Chirp and Baofeng radios, let me know. Depending on the interest, I may start offering a programming service for FireLine, FireNet, Simplex, and Duplex Forestry channels in BC and Alberta. Cheers, [email protected] 2506747279
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    Im falling a bit short on the minimum 2,000, 000 barrels per month. Any chance you can lower the requirement to 10?
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    We are please to inform your esteem buying company the petroleum products you are looking for is available in our storage tanks, We have an official FOB and CIF offer (Fob Rotterdam). We guarantee truth and professionalism, We will be ready to cooperate with you in various products. to ship to our customers. and reservoir for immediate delivery Such as: Jp54 Gross price $46/ Net $44. Minimum Order is 2,000,000 barrels / month JA1 Gross price $46/ Net $44. Minimum Order is 2,000,000 barrels / month D2 indent $ 380 / $ 370. Minimum Order 100,000mt / month D6 Gross $0.80 cent USD per Gallon Net $ 0.70cent USD Provide your official email or contact us via email to enable us issue our official soft corporate offer (SCO).Thanks. BELOW IS OUR CONTACT INFORMATION, E-mail: [email protected] E: [email protected] Skype: neftegazoiltrading Best Regards (Mr.) Vico Peißker. Skype: neftegazoiltrading Thank You
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    I'm surprised you remember so far back Bob... First thing I do when I get to a fuel cache is look at the drum's exterior condition (bumps & bruises, rust, etc.). Then I look at how they're stored (upright or on their sides, off the ground or not, bungs at 9 & 3 o'clock or not, presence of a water line above one or more bungs, etc.). Only after that do I look at fill/retest dates on the drums. I've fueled from drums where they've been exposed to sunlight for so long the labels are unreadable, but the fuel looks/smells/tests fine... (I did write "test" and not "taste") I've seen cases where fuel was delivered to a cache, stored outside uncovered and never taken off the pallets. After a bit of rain, the tops of the drums are full of water, then enter a few hot & cold cycles, and voila! You have drums that are full to the brim when you open them after only a month or two, because any expansion airspace in the drums has been filled with water. In 2012, I had an incident where I refueled at an airport from a fuel truck that I had been refueling from exclusively for a couple weeks (my only source of fuel). About halfway to camp, my low fuel pressure light came on. I was able to reduce power and limp into camp, and when we checked, we found all three filters were fouled with brown sludge. When we called the airport, they investigated and discovered their truck was contaminated. Somehow a pile of crap had come loose in the tank and gone through the pump and filters. Moral to the story: Fuel contamination doesn't only come from drums. How many people here fly off of bases where clear & bright tests are performed on an irregular basis at best ?... I find the best fuel caches are those where the drums are stored inside upright (like a sea can). This way, you can open a drum and test it without disturbing the fuel before you roll it out to the machine.
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