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    Pilots sweeping floors, cutting grass, and scrubbing toilets!? ****, no job flying is worth that crap. I drive a semi for Fedex and even we have a maid who comes in every day! Yeah, keep your day job kid, and just rent an R22 and fly for fun on weekends, been doing that for fifteen years now. Commercial aviation sucks balls dude, don't waste your time and money!
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    That’s true you are. Maybe you can do tax returns and audits over a glass of wine after an easy day of heli skiing. You’re a shoe in.
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    Did you just come up with the idea of being a pilot on a whim? Or have you actually met someone in this industry? What the guys here are saying is no lie. There is a 95% chance you will never be even employed in this industry once you get out of training. Toilets will be your first job period! Engineers love to destroy them knowing you have to clean them. No owner is ever going to let you see the books. Also if you do get on the owners will probably be more interested if you are handy with a hammer rather than a calculator and more likely than for more than 1.5 years Like Rotor said go fixed wing. It's more suited for the accountant type. I'd hate to see you have to prove your superior spatial awareness skills in a remote tent with Helirico. #MeToo
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    ^Norm 13yrs in here, and i still have to clean the crew house and toilets every tour. They don’t make low timers like they used to...
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    I've met pilots that are certified genius's with degrees up the wazoo and others with very little previous adult life experience before they started flying. The successful ones all have the same thing in common. They were willing to start at the bottom and work their butts off. True some lowly operators are known to take advantage. I agree with Bif that most of these responses are overly snarky. But for the most part there is a degree of honesty. The reason they are giving you a hard time is frankly there are no easy sidesteps to the top. But who knows, maybe you'll be that 1 in a million 100hr super pilot that moves drill like a rock star in 1/8 mile vis. All while flying with your knees because you are texting an accountant about all the money you are making. Then back to your penthouse in Rankin Inlet where you drink whiskey from a cowboy boot in a hot tub filled with hot blonde strippers every night. Oh wait that's my life I had a 100hr pilot friend whom was working for another company tell me one time. Quote, "I can't wait until I'm high time, I am so tired of scrubbing the toilets". I laughed and told him stories of my 14 yrs flying. Then I told him what I did that day, I swept the hangar floor and I scrubbed toilets all afternoon at my base. Grunt work is a fact in this industry. The military offers a style of flying and environment you may like. It's worth checking into.
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    Hahahaha keep your job as an accountant man, with the attitude you have portrayed in this thread I’m sure you will just turn out to be another statistic who gets a license and then never flys again. Every pilot started out sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, and helping the engineers on machines. When i was applying I would ask to clean the bathrooms not to fly. Go push your papers and crunch your numbers cuz if u think you can start out heliskiing or whatever you think your heads already to big to fit into the machine.
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    Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you're basically guaranteed to be "low grade" for longer than 1.5 yrs. I got lucky and started flying tours after 1.5 yra of ground crew, but I know folks that have been on the ground 5+ yrs. And once you start flying, it's not a lot. It's a ferry flight here and there, it's a maintenance run at 5am or 9pm, if you're super lucky it's a tourism gig doing 200hrs a summer, or an oil&gas contract doing 1.5hrs a day. Your heliski dream doesn't even begin to become an possibility until many years in, and hundreds to thousands of flight hours under your belt. Even then, many don't make the cut, many can't cope with the stress of flying a demanding client in one of the worst combination of conditions a pilot could expect. I haven't touched heliski yet, I want to so I can try it out but it's entirely possible it won't be for me. I know guys with thousands of hours more than me and they won't go near it , or tried it once and will never go back.
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    Oh absolutely there is, but just keep in mind my original statement. If you know what your services are worth and can come to an arrangement with your employer that's mutually agreeable, then more power to you. But get that in WRITING, and even then nothing is guaranteed. You wouldn't be getting the responses you're seeing here if if it was a proven path to success. I'd say you'd be better off offering your services on the side at contract rates, but maintaining a pilot focus while at the hangar. You might even find your fellow pilots begin to resent you if you're the only one of them not out cutting grass or running fuel drums to the bush. I know the comments on here are overly snarky, but theyre mostly giving you the hard truth about an industry that's kind of in the toilet at then moment. Take them with a grain of salt, but also take them to heart.
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    It's the ultimate low-timer trap. If you establish that you are good at something non-aviation that benefits the company in a significant way, be prepared to have that skill exploited @ 100-hour pilot pay and your flying progression put on the back burner. Next thing you know, you're earning just enough to make it unappealing to return to a straight 100-hr pilot job, but you're severely underpaid compared to your non-aviation peers, and you haven't logged a meaningful flight hour in so long that your skills have degraded and new hires are bypassing you while you fly a desk. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience, but it's a trap I've seen more than one person fall into.
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    Start out heli skiing. Sounds great. Maybe some firefighting on the side.
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