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    Pretty sure the reason they have a continuous add is that in order to apply for work visas they have to show that they are looking for Canadian pilots. Same reason adds show up in weird places online and not in the employment section here...
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    dont even make the assumption that an ad on a site is an indication they are always looking. Ive applied to ad's, and to be told they currently aren't looking, but it's easier and cheaper to just leave the ad in place. Besides, you never know who will randomly answer your ad, might be a guy with better qualifications you hoped to have the first time and you can let some fairy princess with high maintenance go when the contract ends Yeah it's ****** for someone with hopes and dreams, but it's definitely not indicative of a revolving door of unhappy ex employees My opinion, if you work at Delta and are happy then great, if you're not, move on. find your greener grass Why all the drama ??? give it a rest, it's the dramatic fairy princess' who are ruining the very industry they claim to love. Its obvious they dont.
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    Freck: I worked pretty hard this summer, not really much of a "shift" per se. It was my first time in many years working seasonally, so I wanted to make a lot of hay while the sun shone. I appreciate that Delta gave me the opportunity to "go for it". For years the "usual" summer shift has been 4-weeks-on/2-weeks-off, but when it gets busy all plans go to the wayside. Longer breaks seem to come in the winter. There have been other arrangements made, depending upon personnel and circumstances. Because they don't work much in the mountains, or the Arctic, or moving drills, or slinging bags, or skiing, or other glamorous stuff like that, Delta is seen by some pilots as a stepping stone. Get from 1000hrs to 3000hrs and move along to the next thing. That's probably the main reason for pilot turnover and the year-round job posting. There are also folks who stick around for a while, or longer, appreciating the steady work and decent pay cheques. Toughtimes: For sure, there are a few stellar companies out there with little or no turnover.
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