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  1. I've often lusted after the Kiowa warrior as a jetranger guy. They are a c30 but it has a fadec. I'd hopet they wouldn't break down just as much as the 407 does which rains on that parade a little bit. Also a C30 without the front fuel tanks that a longranger has, wouldn't have the best range either. Better than a 530F though I'd imagine. I'd agree though that it sure looks like bell missed the mark with the 505. Much of the 206 flying that I do is wildlife surveys, foresters looking at trees or cutblocks, fire fighters looking at fires etc. All of those tasks the customers demand or pref
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  2. Thanks for posting, had no idea this was played across the whole of Canada until friends from Vancouver to Halifax were in touch ha ha. Thanks for the kind words from everyone! Top tip, stick to the ”Nak” milk/cheese as it's the female. Ha ha.
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