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    I found this manual very helpful and now im posting it for all. Its for a TH-67 Creek aka Jetranger 3. The manual has excellent system dicreptions and is very well organized. It builds on the flight manual of jetranger 3. It a great study guide for anyone doing a jetranger rating. This is by far the best jetranger training manual i have ever seen. Enjoy Every chapter is a file. Pictures are the end file. For some reason i haven't found a way to combine pdf files. The rest of the files. Training_Center_Main.pdf Training_Center_Main1.pdf Training_Center_Main2.pdf Training_Center_Main3.pdf Training_Center_Main4.pdf Training_Center_Main5.pdf Training_Center_Main6.pdf Training_Center_Main7.pdf Training_Center_Main8.pdf Training_Center_Main9.pdf Training_Center_Main10.pdf Training_Center_Main11.pdf Training_Center_Main12.pdf Training_Center_Main13.pdf Training_Center_Main14.pdf Training_Center_Main15.pdf Training_Center_Main16.pdf Training_Center_Main17.pdf Training_Center_Main18.pdf Training_Center_Main19.pdf Training_Center_Main20.pdf Training_Center_Main21.pdf Training_Center_Main22.pdf Training_Center_Main23.pdf Training_Center_Main24.pdf Transmission_system.pdf
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