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    The industry really is becoming a joke. I am so disappointed the way it has turned .
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    Couldn’t agree more.
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    This forum has always been full of sandy vaginas. A lot of entitlement and longing for “The good’ol days”.
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    Cant agree more. The attitude of some of the people posting here is a good reason for it.
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    how about we go single pilot...save a few buckeroos
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    There are some operators out there who have seen the writing on the walls and are implementing, or quickly moving towards 2/2 shifts. I find the 2/2 to be completely refreshing and I'm actually excited to start a shift, and not grouchy by the end of a shift.
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    How many guys out there are just fed up with being away from home and have found the luster of flying isn't quite what the brochure said it would be? I'm taking this season off myself. Maybe I'll get the itch again but after 15 years of flying it's no longer a privilege to fly your machine. I know the usuals will pipe up and say the usual but to each his own.
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    Get on with the right company and they will give you a mountain course.
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