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  1. Crewing is the biggest expense in most VFR operations never mind IFR operations, so with smaller helicopters more crew more expense more bases more cost. I think my thoughts on costing 8 to 10 million per year is a bit light, just when you look at how much infrastructure you need to run a around the clock service, really at the end of the day I don't believe the 139 is wrong helicopter for the mission. So to answer your question to run 34 light twins I would guess 340 million USD.
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  2. A committee should be set up to analyze the complete air operations of the Ontario Government and the actual air operations required by each Ministry, that can be turned over to the private sector on long term contracts. Depending on the way the contracts are negotiated, the liability for performance rests with the contractor. The government is self -insured by the taxpayer, no problem, whereas the contractor has an insurance auditor on his back and is responsible for his contracted obligation. Should the contractor have his insurance revoked due to many mishaps, he loses his operating ce
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