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    Good response and the hourly averaging thing is always dubious. I’ve seen companies say that flight pay is in place of extra hours worked. I also new a base manager that was sent an email that said he was not really a manager so was not entitled to the management benefits. Many years later when he left and asked for all his extra hours to be paid he was told that as a manager he was not paid that way. He pulled his old email that stated he was not a manager and burned them for over 10,000 grand. Companies can’t have it both ways although they will always try. Cheers.
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    How's your banding together to get a duty day and schedule coming?
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    Sorry Old, I mistook your previous posts as negative and derogatory towards pilots. I do have an excellent rotation and I am compensated very well. In the past I have worked for companies all using the hour averaging program. I know what some of these guys are going through. Every company I have worked for has a different way of recording hours worked. If I was looking for work. I would make the employer explain how the company expects me record time worked in the interview, just so there are no surprises. If the employer thinks I’m going to be a problem and doesn’t want to hire me, that’s fine. I probably don’t want the job anyways. Old, I’m not trying to be negative. I just don’t see your comments as constructive towards the conversation.
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    BoomTown.....I think you already know the answer to your question. But, talk to these people if you really feel the need. http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca/eng/labour/ipg/053.shtml Early Resolution Officer North West Pacific Region HRSDC - Labour Program Vancouver, BC (P) 604-658-3478 or 1-800-641-4049
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    Heres the systems i've seen to abuse the seasonal averaging agreement Company 1 -Flight time plus 2hrs Company 2 ( more generous, not like the dirt bags down the road) -minimum 8hrs or flight time plus 2 hrs for days over 8hrs flying Company 3 -If you meet 2080hrs your done flying till Jan1. Put what ever you want on the forum. Company 4 We don't pay over time....
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