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    Doesn’t surprise me there are now shortages. Many have left through attrition as well as changed careers midstream. I have been an AME in this industry for 39 years now, having been employed in commercial, corporate, as well as government. I’m semi retired now, and enjoyed it for the most part, due to the passion we all have for this industry. It’s sad to see the commercial helicopter industry hasn’t changed much and won’t change, until we as professionals refuse to work under these same conditions that have been around since the 80’s. Companies continue to under bid each other and try to make it throughout the year, partially on the backs of its professional pilots and engineers.
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    What goes around comes around, as one of the oldest members on this site, you had the chance to form an association and Blew it. I don't feel sorry for any of you as you are your own worst enemy, continue to moan and groan and as you can see things won't change until you get rid of H-A-C and the owners club, who couldn't care less about your problems. Remember who calls the shot$$$$. I had no problem in the industry, and wouldn't have changed it until HAC came along and for some unknown reason was accepted as representing the whole Helicopter Industry, which was only concerned with the operators and continued to kowtow to the customers for the almighty buck. The airlines are regulated by ICAO and supposedly Transport Canada Aviation, why aren't the rest of the peons in the industry regulated with actual Tariffs. ??
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    I'm in the exact same boat. After 15 yrs I'm fed up as well, taking some time off and back to school.
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    How many guys out there are just fed up with being away from home and have found the luster of flying isn't quite what the brochure said it would be? I'm taking this season off myself. Maybe I'll get the itch again but after 15 years of flying it's no longer a privilege to fly your machine. I know the usuals will pipe up and say the usual but to each his own.
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