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    In these days where safety and SMS is on the forefront of every operation , I'm still amazed that most operators of bell mediums are still using the standard crew seatbelt and that most pilots are willing to spend most of their days in the left seat riding with no shoulder harness on in order to accomplish their task!? Some will say its just the way its always been done ,I'm used to it, etc.....the fact is that there is a perfectly reasonable solution to that problem and its called the comfort seatbelt from DART: https://www.dartaerospace.com/en/comfort-crew-shoulder-harness-d412-702-071.html they are fantastic for longline work and do not hinder the position in any way as they are longer and have a much lighter spring and very efficient inertia reel. I have no affiliation with the said company in anyway but I do have a family and kids....We made the change on all our mediums about 4years ago and if I recall the cost of replacing them was less than the recertification cost for the bell ones. The result is that all of our pilots now use the shoulder harness for all longline operation and everyone feels a lot better about strapping on to go do 8 or more hours of work in the left seat.... the accident synopsis is full of exemples of why this is a good idea, so I thought I would pass on the info to who might want to hear it. Have a great and safe summer.
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    There are training incentives for AME's as well. Red Seal is provincial, no federal recognized certification. So it doesn't fit in with an AME license, in fact it would have no ICAO relevance. Also, Red Seal is driven totally by industry. Find it ironic that HAC is slammed for being an owners club, yet Red Seal would be a benefit? Red Seal has no wage scale. You get paid what industry will pay you. Aviation folks take the pay because we don't refuse it. There is a massive shortage of licensed, endorsed, experienced AME's. "It’s sad to see the commercial helicopter industry hasn’t changed much and won’t change, until we as professionals refuse to work under these same conditions that have been around since the 80’s. Companies continue to under bid each other and try to make it throughout the year, partially on the backs of its professional pilots and engineers." That pretty much nails it and being a Red Seal ain't gonna change it.
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