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    Well there isn't much to see out over the ocean. We are cruising at 2000 ft...a few puffy clouds out in front of us and lots of water below. Half hour in and we see some land of to our 1000 oclock...this little spec of sand has a Hilton hotel on it and an airport....hard to believe...We pass by just to the south and the black water suddenly turns into a nice light blue....shallow water. We continue on and see a chunk of land to our 2 oclock...north end of Andros island.. Not to long and we will be in to Nassau. The water here was so clear you could see old ship wrecks on the bottom. We drop down to 1000 ft for a better look....oh yeah those are sharks! The water suddenly turns a very black colour again...deep water! We give Nassau tower a call and tell them we will be on their ramp in 20 minutes. Friendly voice says we will meet you and do customs .we see the airport just ahead and set up for the approach to the ramp. Skids on the ground...feels good! Its around 2 PM..and very hot...we can;t wait to get the life jackets off.
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    So we see the customs folks coming over and in very short order we are finished. They never even opened a door on the ship.We go in side and give them our passport and grab a seat in the waiting room. There is a group of guys wearing military uniforms...turns out they are US Custom helicopter crews. I strike up a conversation and after telling them our destination we get some great info from these guys on flying in the Caribbean . Turns out the guy I am talking with has the same first name as me...he gives me his card and we have been in touch now for 7 years. His last posting was on Kodiak Island in Alaska. As I mention...that's a long way from Nassau! We finally get picked up by the buyers of the ship and head to the north east side of the island for drinks...rum...and later supper. We had a great view of the ocean on their patio...more rum...then we are heading to our hotel for the night.We drive back into town which by the way has no street lights. It is black as coal! WE show up at a hotel that is totally dark and meet a guy which I still down't know who he was...we go thru a darked out bar room into a long hallway which leads back to our rooms on the second floor...we are the only people staying here...very scary! In the morning I open the curtains on my room and see the pool which is in pretty bad shape...lots of stuff floating in the water...the roof across from the pool has most of the shingles missing. On the grounds are about 4-5 folks cutting the lawn with machettes! Nice! We are told our ride has arrived...also now I find out that Dennis will be flying back to TO from here and I will be riding the rest of the trip south with the new owner...I am pissed!
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