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    Dear all, My name is Corine. I just finished my studies a few months ago and I have decided to become a consultant in an amazing sector: the aeronautical world ! But to be more relevant, I need to better know the market and the real challenges. For that, I am asking you for some help … In order to have the best overview as possible of the training market in the aeronautical world, I have created two short surveys : One for the Flight ops Another one for the training centers. I would be very grateful if you could take just three minutes to complete one of these surveys. If you fly (pilot, chief pilot, safety officer, flight instructor …) : https://forms.gle/aXSQTAD1HBLDyPFE7 If you work for a training center : https://forms.gle/BvsxDY2GzDRasE5v6 I will collecting absolutely no confidential or personal data. Thank you very much !
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