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    Nationwide and Vancouver Helicopters. Nationwide was absorbed by Campbell and Vancouver Heli morphed into HeliJet
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    Gonna be a few more to add to your list after this season is over.
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    Ranger, Maple Leaf, Lakeland, Northern Wings, Rotor Tec, Canwest. Bow, Laverandrye (sp?), Marlin, BC Yukon Air, Rotor Spray Consultants, Lambair. There was another big company in or around Ottawa pre Viking that ran vertol 44 in addition to Allouettes. Maybe some of the old Viking hands can help out? Hang on, Sky Rotors!Okanogan, Lac St Jean Aviation, Dighem, wow. Sept-Isle heli.
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    Great Lakes Helicopters from the early to late 70's.
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    Olympic Helicopters, Air Alma flying FH1100's, Trans Quebec/ Trans-Canada Helicopters, Viking/Helair, Northern Mountain, Resources Heli, Associated Heli, Heli-Excel. CT
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