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    GrayHorizons: I have been wasting my time trying to motivate the Helicopter Industry by posting things that are relevant to the industry, if you don't I agree with the truth don't read my posts and try and keep your hidden remarks to yourself, or elaborate. I have been in the industry longer than you and held every job imaginable, so as I said (As usual moan and groan, sit on your ARSE and do nothing." ) try doing something for a change and post it, if you are so intelligent. If you don't agree with what I have to say, come up with a better solution and post it, instead of criticizing.
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    If people get quarantined, I'm buying shares in Pornhub as an investment.
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    Hahaha. It’s no wonder he’s constantly posting employment ads with that amazing character he showed. I find it funny that people who realize they act like a$$holes immediately say oh I was “just joking” but they never say it right away it’s always after some kind of backlash or someone calls them out for being ignorant.
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    Harmonic Vibe is probably looking for a new job, and hopefully it's in a different industry ....😔
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    We were just discussing filling a spray machine with bear spray.
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    The drip torch would be more effective.
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    Will be a great year if they use helicopters to bucket protesters.
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