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    I see where you are coming from but on that note was there empathy when a certain individual went on a rant and decided to invite random people from a helicopter forum to fight him in his back yard, because someone shared their personal opinion Right or wrong? I can’t remember the exact circumstances cuz the thread is now shut down but then it happened again not too long ago, I believe about a week or so ago when he went on another rant about possibly fighting someone over things that were said, once again over a persons opinions. This is what I’d like to call in the industry “a trend.” I’m not sure why universal got shut down, or who’s fault it is or if anyone is even to blame, or if it’s the global pandemics fault who knows, I won’t venture to guess or point fingers either. But one thing I know for sure is. Its not professional to want to invite people to fight in your back yard over a personal option then in that very same forum advertise jobs looking for people to come work for you, knowing full well those people might have seen your posts. In my opinion this individual may have been a very significant figure in the aviation industry or maybe they were a lifer pool pilot, I’ve never met him but as of now he is the guy that wanted to fight people at a bbq. I think that’s what will stand out most not what he’s done leading up to that point. It’s like the saying goes you can build a thousand bridges but You suck one d1ck, you aren’t a bridge builder. Now don’t everyone get your panties in a knot I’m not calling anyone a d1ck sucker it’s just a figure of speech, and on another side note I do love me a backyard bbq fight but in the right setting.
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    Yup totally agree don’t matter who or what you done in the industry up until now you will always be that dude who tried to be the tough guy on the internet and fight people at a bbq haha haha
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    I’m sure the employees (some being there for over 30 years) who received an email at 06:00 in the morning would of loved some empathy as well. It’s not humiliation it’s the truth! People that hold these positions should be responsible for their actions as it affects not just what was once a well managed company but many families as well.
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    Wonder if CT is sending out colourful resumes or BBQ invites? Is it time to start a poll on Vertical? 🤔 On a side note, I did get a PM from Harmonic_Vibe... it was his phone number... 🤦‍♂️
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    Uh oh I feel round 2 of BBQ fight club is about to kick off.
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    Just to be the devil's advocate. There were no attacks on the company. Actually the two companies being discussed were praised. As for names... I only saw initials. CT - Colin Tugmore SC - Sonny Canthelpya 😎😁
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    Sure, but if you make personal attacks on companies or individuals, you should have the kahunas to use your real name.
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    The problem is they had no problem throwing the guys who are slagging them under the bus when the ball was in their court. Don't really have a dog in this particular fight but and old pilot once told me, "be careful of the toes you step on,on the way to the top they are attached to the a55 you have to kiss on the way to the bottom. And yes I have one person in particular I would have no problem telling to his face what his mother should have done.
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    For those that see the need to single out certain individuals in this post and this forum in general, maybe have some empathy for your fellow human beings! It’s easy to sit on your high horse and throw darts, but would you throw those darts if you were face to face with these individuals? I know these individuals well through many years in the industry. Have I seen eye to eye with them on everything through that time? Absolutely not! However, I’ve never felt the need to publicly humiliate them and harass them. Compassion is in short supply these days. I wish everyone the best through these trying times.
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