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    Uh oh I feel round 2 of BBQ fight club is about to kick off.
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    Since day one I watched the new management at UHNL drop the ball time and time again. Never have I seen such reckless spending in aviation before. Despite concerns, management repeatedly told everyone they had it under control and not to worry. Some of that management team are the most vindictive people I have ever encountered in this industry. They’d smile to your face and then I’d watch as they’d slander whoever disagreed with them behind closed doors all the while patting each other on the backs and lining their own pockets. The saddest part of this story is the number of lives this has affected. There were countless amazing employees at both those companies, employees that dedicated the better part of their whole working career to name on the wall. The companies themselves had a great history, with UHNL being around for over half a decade. It’s such a shame to see that destroyed by reckless incompetence. Astoundingly, they laid off the entire company via a generic email (which didn’t even explain why), released a news article, and then pulled the plug on the website without ever having the decency to engage their employees in a constructive and respectful way. Yes, COVID has a part to play, but ultimately it only delayed the inevitable. The writing was on the wall for this months ago. I watched how SC told many a people how the PnL was his responsibility, which as CEO it is. Well, he better sure as **** live with that now. When CT got involved, I heard rumors about how he’d bankrupt the company within two years. Turns out he only needed 18 months.
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    "I do love me a backyard bbq fight but in the right setting" and its awesome when grandpa wants to get in on it and settle a score with that one son in law who thinks he's all that and more.
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    Just to be the devil's advocate. There were no attacks on the company. Actually the two companies being discussed were praised. As for names... I only saw initials. CT - Colin Tugmore SC - Sonny Canthelpya 😎😁
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    For those that see the need to single out certain individuals in this post and this forum in general, maybe have some empathy for your fellow human beings! It’s easy to sit on your high horse and throw darts, but would you throw those darts if you were face to face with these individuals? I know these individuals well through many years in the industry. Have I seen eye to eye with them on everything through that time? Absolutely not! However, I’ve never felt the need to publicly humiliate them and harass them. Compassion is in short supply these days. I wish everyone the best through these trying times.
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    Wonder if CT is sending out colourful resumes or BBQ invites? Is it time to start a poll on Vertical? 🤔 On a side note, I did get a PM from Harmonic_Vibe... it was his phone number... 🤦‍♂️
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