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    I don’t know where or what beach but a beach close to a town doesn’t constitute a built up area. Maybe if it’s a park or some other reason for being prohibited. I’ve landed on hundreds of beaches.
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    Aside from the Pacific Rim National Park thing (I got caught there once before too, that's another story), anyone ever land Downtown Calgary before. I have probably done so 50 times or more. On a warm evening, there can be 100 joggers, pedestrians, cyclists that hang around there watching me take off directly overhead as they stare. It doesn't matter if you depart east or west. I always laugh and tell my passengers as I spool up to wait and watch. The hats fly away and the skirts lift.
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    It is not only within a National Park, he flew right over swimmers, surfers and people walking the beach and not more than 20 feet. There were reports of him shooting up the area on top of it all. If you do that it’s not going to end well. It was a little more than landing across the highway to get a Big Mac.
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    That particular beach is within the Pacific Rim National Park
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    I’ve always said if you can’t afford at least an astar you don’t need a helicopter.
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    Too Many Karen’s these days SMH
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    Honest officer...I had a chip light come on....what a bunch of whiners!
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