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    Naw, McDonald's abides by labour codes. When you factor in mandatory OT/on-call, days off that aren't a sure thing, count on making well below minimum wage.
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    Hey Tamboril, I'm happy that you are getting some positive feedback here, sometimes this forum tends to lean toward the negative side. It looks like you have had some great responses from some professionals who are very competent at what they maintain and/or in what they fly. (I know a couple of them very well) Below are maybe a few more things I can add to the conversation. You may want to consider replacing the packing on the cap. I have found that sometimes an older packing can swell a little and cause a tighter fit, making it even harder to push down and turn. Once you have the cap off, or after installing a new packing you may also want to spread a drop or two of the transmission oil on the outside of the packing (where it sits against the housing) to ensure it is lightly lubricated. As for as the zip ties, clamps, etc. It is always well worth the very small investment in replacing with new or serviceable parts. Little and inexpensive issues lead to larger and more expensive issues. It is always a good idea to rock the transmission when looking at your oil level. Take this opportunity as well to listen for abnormalities such as clicking, squeaking or other strange sounds or feelings coming from your transmission mounting system. I would suggest finding an experienced 206 A&P (or AME in Canada) to go over a detailed DI with you every now and again at a minimum. The minnimal cost of an hour of their time will save you 10 fold in issues going unnoticed. You can also feel a lot more confident in your DI's with some recurrent training. As always, just my opinions. Hope this helps. Cheers. JJ.
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    Another Tool yes, but maybe better suited for the built up areas of Southern California. The daylight is abundant north of 49 in the summer months and hitting the fire before noon and the heat of the day is probably a better option. Something the forest services have yet to figure out in the 25yrs I’ve been flying. But who am I to argue as it just leads to bigger fires and bigger paychecks.
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