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    Don't listen to anyone on this thread and make up your mind for yourself. There's nothing wrong with starting in the industry at your age.
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    You should have taken the Airbus course that Johnson took and found out if you liked it or not. https://www.verticalmag.com/features/taking-control-airbus-non-pilot-emergency-landing-training-course/?utm_source=vertical-daily-news-top-story&utm_campaign=vertical-daily-news&utm_medium=email&utm_term=top-story&utm_content=V1 I wonder how good the course is with single pilot controls and only two seats in the front of say a B206 or Astar 350, and why the landing under ideal condition on an airport runway, I would have used the grass on the side of the runway, easier sliding. As far as I am concerned it's just a gimmick proposed by AirBus and totally useless. How often does an emergency happen over an airport. The only people that would use that course are the ones it was sold too, and even then an emergency under any conditions, requires a qualified pilot to handle. MOST EMERGENCY DO NOT HAPPEN UNDER IDEAL CONDITIONS. I wonder what safety manager thought of this scenario!!!!!!!
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