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    Mountain View Helicopters is calling out to graduates of our commercial course for anyone looking to get into flight training with us. Instructor rating will be provided by MVH. PM us for more info.
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    EVOs are POS, I had an old Alpha for years, was time to get a new helmet, I bought all the hype from EVO, ordered a 050 EVO for $1800 US took 6 weeks to get it after I calling them to check on it after 5 1/2 weeks, the visor knob broke the first day I used it because the visor was rubbing so much against shell, I sent it back, the replacements build quality was no better, I should have returned it right then and there, 1 year later I ordered a new Alpha Eagle dual visor for $1850 US, once I had both helmets side by side the EVo is no lighter than Alpha, and is just a cheap knock off of the galley, using 1 shell size to save on manufacturing costs means everyone has a XL shell with more or less pads inside, I learned the hard costly way, should have gone with an Alpha from the start...
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