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  1. It was brought to my attention that an operator here in Canada has found a great and unique way of recycling their Survival Kit Contents. The contents that are being replaced - still good and very usable - are being donated to the Ukrainian Church in their area and being gratefully accepted and will be shipped over to the Ukraine. So if you are going thru your survival kits and looking to refresh them this maybe a great way to help keep them out of the garbage and headed in a direction where they can be utilized by humans that are having a tough time of it right now.
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  2. i have worked for guardian for 15 years .summers are very busy with fires in summer with fires and is busy in chilie in the winter if ya speak spanish .i have worked for guardian flying for 12 years and ame for 3 years.have never missed a pay check or expence checkin that time. there is lots of room to get type endorsements at ghl 205 212 412 . we had a good year last summer and gradon sent me to bahamas for a week for a bonus. you should try it for your self rather than listen to BS thx ted mould
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