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    How will pilots manage to navigate through the mountains this winter without someone in a ski suit beside them telling them what to do? 💩
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    There’s a good chance that the border will be closed still, so in order to cut losses operators are likely to cancel their seasons IMHO...
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    No shortage of 'tards in the Okanagan with 44's.
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    One of best pieces of advice I was given 30 years ago when I first broke into the industry was. NEVER move anywhere in this industry for a job, EVER. That advice has proved invaluable over the years. Contracts come and go, talk is cheap and there are plenty of hollow promises out there. I've personally been asked to move 5 times. In each of those instances. The work ended within months of being asked to move. My response these days is "If I wanted to live there, I would already be doing so". Bottom line IMO: this industry is far too volatile to move anywhere for a job.
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    this just went up today https://www.jsfirm.com/job/Pilot-Rotary+Wing/AS350+Pilots/Fort+St+John-British+Columbia/jobID_670694
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    And here is the next question...can you convert a 212 to a 412 and then a 412 single?
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    We can make an exception in this case.
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    And I don't hate Foriegn workers per say just voice my opinion that for the most part they have been unnecessary and exploited by the usual suspect companies. But yeah I should have known better now that the pay is higher, tours more fair and work so abundant thanks to them.
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    Hahaha. Touche. Im guessing there isn't as many African nationals with experience being passed up Like what's been going on with the bottom feeders in this country.
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    “I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” ― Mark Twain
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    Worked there for 3 months one winter. Didn't fly a single hour but had to help the Ahole move house smh..
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    Tough to run a business when you don't have the access to and endless supply of disposable desperate Foriegn labour. I personally say good riddance.
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    you will learn eventually but remember to keep 30% in the bank for the taxman
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    I don’t know where or what beach but a beach close to a town doesn’t constitute a built up area. Maybe if it’s a park or some other reason for being prohibited. I’ve landed on hundreds of beaches.
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    We use it mostly for the scheduler which I think it does well. We also use the W+B which works really well now that they have ironed out the bugs we asked them to. The people who hate it most tend to have greyish hair and have their iPhone font turned up to max size. Just sayin'. If I don't like something with it I email them and they usually have a fix for me within a day or two. Great guys to work with for sure. In our industry, with so many "my way is the only way" personalities, it would be impossible to fit software that works for everyone perfectly. I think that is why there is so many pieces of software out there that are SO painful to use as they are infinitely customizable and therefore infinitely frustrating to work with.
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    Hypothetically if I was hiring someone, (I however am not, nor will I be) I would be looking at a multitude of skills, including maturity. Its clear quickly in here, that maturity is lacking in many. I would never tell someone to give up on their dream, only to be prepared for the battle. You're late out of the gate, but you're not dead yet, and the only way you're going to live the dream is to pursue it with everything you have. Good Luck. Just ignore Rico, he's probably worried you'll take his job.
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    He still had far more experience than some of the guys flying tours in those mountains. I do not condone putting false hours in the logbook but was it really a factor in this accident? He flew 2.5 hours of training and had a .5 hour pcc. It was during those 3 hours that the company should have determined if he was fit to fly their helicopter for their type of work. He passed a pilot competence check that is the bottom line. A .5 hour pcc is pretty bloody short imo. Maybe its so short because its the only part of the training the owner had to pay for himself? or maybe the pilot even had to pay for that too. When you are forcing a (low) time pilot to pay for his own training within your company obviously people are going to cut corners as much as possible because it is not something most people in that situation can afford. I'm sure the pilot would have loved to do more mountain training. I can't imagine what it must be like to be one of 12 pilots fighting for scraps working in that place...I consider myself very fortunate not to have experienced it. I feel terrible for the friends and family who will read that report. I don't believe it points to the real root cause of that accident.
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