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  1. Personally, I may be a loser, but I check in about 2-3 times a day on this forum, mainly because that's how often I run through my online media and investment sites. I like this forum, mainly because as a retired pilot I have very little contact with others from the industry, and I miss the contact. Articles like Bladestrike's ferry trip make up for all the nasty, stupid, and outrageous posts the idiots make on here, and I for one would not like to miss another quality piece like that. Lastly, as I get on in years, as sad as it is, I do appreciate hearing about fellow aviator
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  2. I have been away for a while as well. I got tired of reading stupid things that cowards would say as they hide in anonymity. I say keep the forums but as Dan said, you post, you post under your real name. This can be a useful and informative place as well as a good place to keep in touch with friends. 412driver aka Rob Dyck
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  3. I disagree that the forum should be taken down. I think that the members must use their real names forbthe profile as I believe that will stop the abuse we have seen here in the past. Dan Stewart
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