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    How will pilots manage to navigate through the mountains this winter without someone in a ski suit beside them telling them what to do? 💩
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    There’s a good chance that the border will be closed still, so in order to cut losses operators are likely to cancel their seasons IMHO...
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    He still had far more experience than some of the guys flying tours in those mountains. I do not condone putting false hours in the logbook but was it really a factor in this accident? He flew 2.5 hours of training and had a .5 hour pcc. It was during those 3 hours that the company should have determined if he was fit to fly their helicopter for their type of work. He passed a pilot competence check that is the bottom line. A .5 hour pcc is pretty bloody short imo. Maybe its so short because its the only part of the training the owner had to pay for himself? or maybe the pilot even had to pay for that too. When you are forcing a (low) time pilot to pay for his own training within your company obviously people are going to cut corners as much as possible because it is not something most people in that situation can afford. I'm sure the pilot would have loved to do more mountain training. I can't imagine what it must be like to be one of 12 pilots fighting for scraps working in that place...I consider myself very fortunate not to have experienced it. I feel terrible for the friends and family who will read that report. I don't believe it points to the real root cause of that accident.
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