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    I agree 100% flying has lost its luster and I’m tired of hearing “back in my day we’d leave in May and come back in October” we’ll thats why you’re all divorced and your kids hate you! Times have changed and work life/balance needs to be in the forefront of the operators mind now. But like freak said the usual people will pipe up and I’m sure someone will reply about being privileged or some other BS like that.
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    There are some operators out there who have seen the writing on the walls and are implementing, or quickly moving towards 2/2 shifts. I find the 2/2 to be completely refreshing and I'm actually excited to start a shift, and not grouchy by the end of a shift.
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    How many guys out there are just fed up with being away from home and have found the luster of flying isn't quite what the brochure said it would be? I'm taking this season off myself. Maybe I'll get the itch again but after 15 years of flying it's no longer a privilege to fly your machine. I know the usuals will pipe up and say the usual but to each his own.
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    Before you ask for big money, you better be able to sell it. Do you add value? Do you make the owners life easier? Don't just agree to terms if your not happy!. Don't sign anything without reading and understanding it. Contracts have consequences!! and are not written in stone, you can negotiate them. You may not be as valuable as you think, ask your yourself how can you can change that. Good people have always been hard to find and quality comes at a cost. There are lots of ****** employees too, it does go both ways. Negotiate hard and don't take the first offer. And why not.... Here's my list of why some companies may have trouble finding staff. Hopefully my words will help them change their foolish ways. -Under appreciate / pay full time staff until they leave. -Bad pay / long tours. Have special flight pay, thats impossible to ever collect. -No guarantees, but claim their always busy, so don't worry. -Silly employment contracts, wanting employees to sign away rights. But don't worry we would never do whats in the contract -Don't want employees, only contractors. Who they can sue if anything goes south. Would never try and do that though....honest, just standard stuff -Bonds for PPCs, Bonds for endorsements. -Have old worn out ops manager/owner/CP stuck in the dark ages, same goes for aircraft. -Bad reputation. That means you have to pay more...learn from the past. -Company credit cards never have any funds available. -Require pilots to loan the company money for jet fuel and other operating expenses. Interest on short term loans will never be paid so don't even ask. -CARs/MCM is just an operational suggestion when busy.
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    If only life was that simple for everyone...
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    Well I will make this short and not so sweet. I did the good old days summer in the bush tours. Followed by the winters in the bush! I spent more time in the bush then at home...but that was the way it was..Seems like times may be a changing...for me anyways. If the cash and tours aint good ...I am sitting at home. All the best guys.
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    Couldn’t agree more.
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    Well that’s true but you can only park machines for so long before the bills start adding up and the phone stops ringing because you have said no to jobs enough times.
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    HGU-84 single bungee visor with Lightspeed ANR. 800hrs + a year looking straight down at the line and no neck pains. Lightest combo you’ll find. Trust me.
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    I see it’s getting harder and harder to find good people. Looking at companies who post every month looking for pilots and engineers maybe it’s time all us pilots and engineers get together and start demanding what we are really worth.
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    Do you even know where ontario is on a map? To say the the weather is the same from london to ottawa is ridiculous.
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    You must miss some part of this industry if you’re still on this forum...
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    Misery? Not at all I'm just happy to know I'm in charge of my life and not some company. It feels pretty good.
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    No problem. Shoot me a PM if you like.
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    I had 2 Gentex sph5...bought a newer style Gentex with the flat sides...can't remember the model but it weighs about half as much as the old ones. Got it from a company in Kitchener Ontario. Very quick and good service. Think they are Kitchener Aero.
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    When I was looking a couple of years ago i found that the posted weight and the actual was very different, the older alpha 200 is still the lightest with comms, but way to big profile for a long fellow like me, I elected to take a chance on the northwall, and I am very very happy, its a fairly snug fit to get it on and off due to the jaw protector, but I found my way. It is very light and very low profile even with 2 internal visors, so for longlining out of it is really no issue.
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    My rules to live by in Mtn Flying; My favorite Whitesnake song; ”slow and easy” think of yourself at a pool or hottub, Always dip your toe in before you jump right in..... know when your in upflow or downflow air, dont be afraid to ‘shuttle’ in loads, by that I mean if you are heavy and the LZ is not quite right, find another spot and make a couple of trips to the LZ.
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    I made this Flight Duty tracker a while back. You enter 1ˢᵗ date to start tracking in cell A5. Piot's name in cell A3 Click "Jump to today" button on the top to make the spreadsheet jump to today's date. It resets Flight time accumulated after a 5 day period of no flying. If it meets your requirements you're more than welcome to use it Enter flight time in column C. Duty start/end in columns P and Q. When limits are close to being exceeded they're highlighted in yellow, when they're critical in orange, when exceeded in red. The sheet is also optimized to print well on a printer with headers on each page. If you need any modifications or corrections, let me know, I can try to implement those on my downtime. Flight Duty Time - v1.2.xlsm
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    Thanks for the great info greyhorizons After you showed the limitations for oil usage/leaking I saw how much more we were adding from the leak. Lip seal has been changed now and I told them I would like a balance done so we are in the process of doing that today. Thanks again!!
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    to answer the leaks, I've copied the criteria from the MM for your reference. I pasted it below. The tail rotor balance should have at least been checked. If everything is marked correctly and re-assembled right, you can get lucky and avoid a rebalance, but it's a crap shoot. I just did one a couple weeks ago and the crew that checked the balance told me it was 0.4 IPS. SO even though I put everything back as removed, I didn't get lucky. they tweeked it down in several runs. The Tail Rotor Output Driveshaft is clearly worn, thats indicative of that dark grey appearance. I dont see any breaks in the chrome in the pics though. But a quick rub of scotchbrite would remove some of the dark material and expose the blisters, bubbles or chips that may very well likely be there. The next time they change the sliders, it may be more obvious. But at the very best you'll need a rechromed shaft at the next overhaul. Definitions: Seepage: Seepage is an imperceptible leak that cannot be measured. The area in which you find seepage is "damp", but there are no oil "drops". Doubtful leak: There are signs of a leak and the quantity of oil is not negligible (as with seepage). The oil may collect around the area but there are no other signs of a definite leak (no oil drops when the engine is stopped, no consumption that can be measured). It is possibly "accumulated" seepage or oil from another source. Definite leak: The signs show clearly that there is a leak: After you stop the engine, you can see an oil flow (drops, a trickle of oil). Oil collects and can clearly be seen to come from a point on the gearbox. It is also clear that it is not the result of accumulated seepage. These signs are confirmed by a clear increase in the oil consumption. Permitted leakage criteria for the MGB and the TGB: The oil level must not decrease to become less than the minimum level: after 24 hours when the helicopter is on the ground, after approximately 1 hour when the helicopter is in flight. When you add oil, the measured oil consumption must not be more than: 5 cm3 (.305 cu in) per hour of flight for the MGB, 2 cm3 (.122 cu in) per hour of flight for the TGB.
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    C28, get used to scrubbing tail booms. I’d rather fly an LR.
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    Well hopefully it's a new day for this forum, it could be a great place to exchange information in a professional manner. If aircrew could leave their egos at the door and take the high road, maybe it could get on track? I think you both have short memories though, there were plenty of members slinging crap even 10 years ago. I will restrain from mentioning handles, but Vertical Forum Administrators had to remind posters that there were legal ramifications for slander. Here's to hoping we can start on a clean slate and exchange information that benefits all facets of the helicopter industry......
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    Created version 3, now supports output to GPX (Garmin GPS and BaseCamp) and also KML (Google Earth and ForeFlight) Excel2GPS v3.00.xlsm
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    Get on with the right company and they will give you a mountain course.
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    Table can include as many rows as you like. An example of a table containing 3 rows (waypoints), would look like this: