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    I'd like to see one day without rain in southern BC.
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    Mountain View Helicopters is calling out to graduates of our commercial course for anyone looking to get into flight training with us. Instructor rating will be provided by MVH. PM us for more info.
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    Tamboril, take a 206 field maintenance course or something. The dot or just below is where you want it. If that’s the happy spot then You’re good. The TR gearbox and Hydraulic reservoir will be your next thing. Let someone else service it till you know what you’re doing.
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    Based on? Have you done it?
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    The problem with that program is that they have little or no bush experience. They need to be trained like a 100 hour pilot to land in the bush but have far too much confidence. I’m not saying that’s all of them, but there are many that can be a hazard due to attitude. I suppose you could say that about anyone though...
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    With Covid, there are literally thousands of fixed wing pilots laid off right now. I know several helicopter companies laying off aircrew, some all of them, all in the middle of what should be the busiest time of the year. You need to do some serious research, trust me, this forum is not the place.
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    Naw, McDonald's abides by labour codes. When you factor in mandatory OT/on-call, days off that aren't a sure thing, count on making well below minimum wage.
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    Hey Tamboril, I'm happy that you are getting some positive feedback here, sometimes this forum tends to lean toward the negative side. It looks like you have had some great responses from some professionals who are very competent at what they maintain and/or in what they fly. (I know a couple of them very well) Below are maybe a few more things I can add to the conversation. You may want to consider replacing the packing on the cap. I have found that sometimes an older packing can swell a little and cause a tighter fit, making it even harder to push down and turn. Once you have the cap off, or after installing a new packing you may also want to spread a drop or two of the transmission oil on the outside of the packing (where it sits against the housing) to ensure it is lightly lubricated. As for as the zip ties, clamps, etc. It is always well worth the very small investment in replacing with new or serviceable parts. Little and inexpensive issues lead to larger and more expensive issues. It is always a good idea to rock the transmission when looking at your oil level. Take this opportunity as well to listen for abnormalities such as clicking, squeaking or other strange sounds or feelings coming from your transmission mounting system. I would suggest finding an experienced 206 A&P (or AME in Canada) to go over a detailed DI with you every now and again at a minimum. The minnimal cost of an hour of their time will save you 10 fold in issues going unnoticed. You can also feel a lot more confident in your DI's with some recurrent training. As always, just my opinions. Hope this helps. Cheers. JJ.
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    i see the benefits of attacking a fire when its in its decay stage, cooling at night and slowing in its progression, compared to the heat of the day where it aggressively expands and grows and you watch from staging as there is no amount of water available to keep those BTU's under control. but i also see the higher risk. Approached properly with the right plan, I think Talon is leading the way on this, it will be a good thing even if it is only one tool in the tool chest to be used against a fire. taking a manageable risk and using it to your advantage is something people in aviation do every day with innovation. if we took the omg thats dangerous line of thinking on everything, we may as well just park all our helicopters and walk away.
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    NVGs do require proper training, as RDM-1 states. Peripheral vision is constrained to the lateral field of view within the overall reduced field of view of the goggles (hold a toilet paper tube about an inch or so from your eye and that will show how much your field of view can be reduced). This leads to an increased need for constant scanning (head movement far left and far right - ie head on a swivel) as the peripheral vision is significantly reduced. Also your depth of field is affected by the goggles and height above terrain/obstacle judgement is affected in the low level environment - solution is a radar altimeter that pings when you hit your preset height above terrain floor (carrying a slung load? Don't forget to reset your radalt to account for the sling length below the helo). Monochromatic goggles can hide obstacles in hilly terrain due to shadowing created by the ambient light. Goggles can also "see" through thin overcast or light to moderate precip so you won't know you're in the clag/crappier weather until the anti-collider is reflecting off of the clouds if you continue to climb or if the clarity of terrain features starts to reduce. If the goggles don't have a HUD feature for key aircraft instruments, then you have to "look under" the goggles to check RRPM IAS, ALT, etc - have to raise your head slightly and look under the NVG tubes to see the NVG-compatible instrument panel. There's lots of theory that has to be built into a goggle programme and the implementation of a flying programme has to be crawl-walk-very light jog to get to a comfort level that is safe.
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    " normal IA type VFR bucketing operations at 10 or 12 in the morning is frowned upon by most fire fighting agencies that I know of"--- Fixed it for you
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    the only way to rid this country of trudope is to ban women from voting. they vote based on this : not actually on anything worthy of running a country
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    It's kind of nauseating that almost every thread in here eventually diverts to some offhanded remark about Trudeau. You guys are more obsessed with him than the ladies who work in my office.
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    I'd say timing in the industry is what most guys are saying over any ones age. There are plenty of experienced guys not receiving a pay cheque right now. Bud you'd be out of your skull to get into this industry this day and age. Especially if you are already raising your eyebrows at being a below minimum wage janitor and worse yet have a family that is relying on you to feed and house them. It would just be an irresponsible move.
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    Don't listen to anyone on this thread and make up your mind for yourself. There's nothing wrong with starting in the industry at your age.
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    You should have taken the Airbus course that Johnson took and found out if you liked it or not. https://www.verticalmag.com/features/taking-control-airbus-non-pilot-emergency-landing-training-course/?utm_source=vertical-daily-news-top-story&utm_campaign=vertical-daily-news&utm_medium=email&utm_term=top-story&utm_content=V1 I wonder how good the course is with single pilot controls and only two seats in the front of say a B206 or Astar 350, and why the landing under ideal condition on an airport runway, I would have used the grass on the side of the runway, easier sliding. As far as I am concerned it's just a gimmick proposed by AirBus and totally useless. How often does an emergency happen over an airport. The only people that would use that course are the ones it was sold too, and even then an emergency under any conditions, requires a qualified pilot to handle. MOST EMERGENCY DO NOT HAPPEN UNDER IDEAL CONDITIONS. I wonder what safety manager thought of this scenario!!!!!!!
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    Context matters. LR has the news copter contract. If you read the whole section, it is a specific program they offer. Work flying their news chopper and get those hours. They have a limit (I believe 2 seasons) then they move on to a next candidate.
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    condolences to family and friends... speedy recovery to the survivors... ☹️
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    The “small button” is the vent, if you push and turn that too much it will come off. Push down hard on the cap below button and turn CCW, sometimes they need a tap when pushing down.
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    Not that this is revelent to your situation...you should try to get an trany oil cap off of a 407...when they are cold they are are bear!
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    At least he knows where the filler is. I knew a pilot that overfilled the "transmission", which ended up beimg the Hydraulic reservoir. That was after an elementary training session too. Carry on.
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    i'd change that air duct and zip tie while you're at it too
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    Well this individual is terrifying! No wonder why there are so many incidents and accidents with private machines! Owner, pilot or engineer, your pilot should know how to fill oil and do elementary work on your machine! If no well I guess this is what you get. But I’d be willing to bet this is a rich person who got a private license and then bought a 206 to shuttle himself around cuz he’s got more money than brains. Please post your registration so I can look up the cadors when they come out.
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    Interesting, all the LR's are sold and all of SD2's are unclaimed lol.
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    Another Tool yes, but maybe better suited for the built up areas of Southern California. The daylight is abundant north of 49 in the summer months and hitting the fire before noon and the heat of the day is probably a better option. Something the forest services have yet to figure out in the 25yrs I’ve been flying. But who am I to argue as it just leads to bigger fires and bigger paychecks.
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    I can attest to the added fatigue of wearing goggles, you add a good 2lbs to your head, and it does certainly feel that way after 8 hours of continuous wear! As has been stated over, there are traps, and you have to be aware and be extra vigilant in both planning and execution of low level stuff, but it also has changed everything I ever thought I knew about night flying! Won't change back, that's for sure!
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    Flying on goggles reguires the right training and the proper currency. Not something you just pickup and go. The hazards are quickly identifiable once you understand how they work....their limitations...and there are plenty. As for wires, NOPE. Same old story as in marginal weather (without goggles) you best find the towers first. As for fighting fires with them I would not hazard a guess how much risk would be involved. Doing quick turns to keep the customer happy with the amount of water you could lay out in one hour of flight time would be DRASTICALLY reduced from daylight productivity. If (imho) were trying to get even close to that productivity on goggles you more then likely would become a statistic.
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    From having flown near fires with NVG's, that would be extremely helpful. you can even see hot spots that you can't see with naked eye close up at night. Tanking at night particularly would be great deal in the prairies for sure!
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    I guess I made a similar mistake, by questioning the the reasoning behind Elan Head article on spatial disorientation, great article which is normally taken in kindergarten, it sounded more like she was trying to justify the stupidity of his actions, which resulted in the crash. If people would only use common sense instead of the I am the GOD principle and I can do anything. FUNNY the comment was never posted, which is not the first time. Whats UP.
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    My wife was nauseous a lot during menopause too, you'll get over it.
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    Well you were a suspect😂
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    I deleted nothing.... don't paint me with that brush!! 😎
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    Hmmm, me too. I guess Vertical and its moderators are progressives, who knew.
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    You must be talking about trooodope!
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    As likely as a self balancing budget.
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    Rare courage on a forum diseased with gas lighting cowards, and poor ones at that.
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    Will be a great year if they use helicopters to bucket protesters.
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    EVOs are POS, I had an old Alpha for years, was time to get a new helmet, I bought all the hype from EVO, ordered a 050 EVO for $1800 US took 6 weeks to get it after I calling them to check on it after 5 1/2 weeks, the visor knob broke the first day I used it because the visor was rubbing so much against shell, I sent it back, the replacements build quality was no better, I should have returned it right then and there, 1 year later I ordered a new Alpha Eagle dual visor for $1850 US, once I had both helmets side by side the EVo is no lighter than Alpha, and is just a cheap knock off of the galley, using 1 shell size to save on manufacturing costs means everyone has a XL shell with more or less pads inside, I learned the hard costly way, should have gone with an Alpha from the start...
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    Well DGP if the old system is working fine then it confuses anyone that has Gov of Whatever on top of their paycheque. They need it to be as inefficient as possible in order to justify why their are more of them in the camp trailers than fire fighters on the fire itself.
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    Like we don't have enough #### to worry about...then they throw this into the mix.Its bad enough trying to do what we all do and then these folks give it to you from out in left field.You go from one province to the next and if you show up not knowing all the different radio bull#### you are treated like an a##[email protected]@@..Give me a break!!!
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