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    So....I get asked by the boss...when do we have to leave so I can get to where I want to go go before it is dark...I let him know...when does he show up....I tell him it will be dark in 20 minutes...his reply...do you have a problem with that....my answer....I don't but you might in 30 minutes...fah!
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    I was going to put this under whats up with P/E but I will start a new thread....After I had been on the job in Red Lake for 2 months I get a call and asked if I would do a 2 week job in Gilliam hauling guys around collecting sand samples looking for diamonds...this after asking for time off.. I get told there will be at least 4 hrs of flying a day...so I say ok and load up and head north for Gilliam. I also tell them that this ship will need a 100 hr inspection soon and the usual answer....you will have every evening to work on the ship...great....so I plan on stopping to do some brook trout fishing on the way....as I will be going right past my favourite fishing spot on Gods River that I always stop at going north or going south. Its out in the middle of no where. I land an have a good hour of fishing and then load up and hit the start button...roll the throttle...nothing...lovely.
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    When I get to Gilliam I pull the ignitor plug out which had quit a bit of carbon on it so I always carried a new plug...changed it and then pulled the fuel nozzle which didn't look to bad but I cleaned it for good luck. The job would have me shutting down many times out in the boonies and I didn't want to have this happen again as I wouldn't be dragging my tools around so we will see what happens. I called our hangar and a fcu was put on the next jet into Gilliam.
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    Thanks for the input, everyone. I think I got my answer. Only two people here have actually experienced it, so it seems that it doesn't happen very often but when it does, it is definitely at seat sucking experience. In my case, I was taking off with turbulent winds and a load on the hook. So the setup was there: oge hover in a left crosswind, high power etc. But that's what the LZ dictated and I had taken twenty or thirty loads like that in the previous couple hours. Got to the top of the trees, dancing on the pedals and then everything smoothed out. Left pedal was on the stop and the the nose just kept coming around... It was like the tail rotor wasn't even there. Close quarters with trees, people on the ground and no option to reduce power... 270 degrees later, I cleared the trees and got recovered. The rotary gods were definitely with me that day. This was a uh1-H with a -13. It is also the only one we have that does not have a fast fun.... I believe that is the key.
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    So to clarify the above responses. YES, you can go by yourself and do 3 circuits to become legal (3 takeoffs and landings every 90 days to be current. after that you need to fly 5 take offs and landing within 6 months to maintain currency. The takeoffs and landings MUST include a full take off and landing, so a full circuit. In the US you can do that with Air taxi. Hope that helps.
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    Another good one...buddy boy gets me to fly him to a meeting...its getting very late and I have him informed that we have to leave now or we will be flying home in the dark... no problem he says ...I don't mind flying in the dark...ok...I am pissed. Its an hour and a half home over water in the dark...clear night or I would not have gone but I am pissed off! Well I will leave it there...we made it home!
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    Hugh McRae Andrews 1961 - 2019 - On September 15th in a tragic house fire in DeSable, Prince Edward Island; Hughie was lost to his family and the helicopter community. He will be sadly and greatly missed by his wife and two daughters and all of those of us whom crossed his path in the world of helicopters. He was a unique member of the rotary wing varsity, a professional with a quick smile and joke to help lighten your day. RIP my friend.
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    We would appreciate a picture of HV with hair...
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