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    Heres the systems i've seen to abuse the seasonal averaging agreement Company 1 -Flight time plus 2hrs Company 2 ( more generous, not like the dirt bags down the road) -minimum 8hrs or flight time plus 2 hrs for days over 8hrs flying Company 3 -If you meet 2080hrs your done flying till Jan1. Put what ever you want on the forum. Company 4 We don't pay over time....
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    Hope you’re getting mins and not just sitting there for your day rate + 1 hour flt pay! If you are, you are better off working at the local bowling alley cuz that dude is making more per hour than you. Ahhhhhhh but wait you get to tell all the chicks you’re a Pilot right! That’s why we all do it correct? And to answer your question it would be a 11 hour duty day as TC would like to see at least 30 mins prior to departure and 30 mins after landing for preflight/post flight and paperwork.
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    Good response and the hourly averaging thing is always dubious. I’ve seen companies say that flight pay is in place of extra hours worked. I also new a base manager that was sent an email that said he was not really a manager so was not entitled to the management benefits. Many years later when he left and asked for all his extra hours to be paid he was told that as a manager he was not paid that way. He pulled his old email that stated he was not a manager and burned them for over 10,000 grand. Companies can’t have it both ways although they will always try. Cheers.
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    How's your banding together to get a duty day and schedule coming?
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    Hour averaging is used by employers to not pay people overtime, it's designed to favour the employer and the employees happily agree to it. You legally could not introduce hour averaging to a 24/7/365 operation as the intent is for seasonal jobs.
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    Sorry Old, I mistook your previous posts as negative and derogatory towards pilots. I do have an excellent rotation and I am compensated very well. In the past I have worked for companies all using the hour averaging program. I know what some of these guys are going through. Every company I have worked for has a different way of recording hours worked. If I was looking for work. I would make the employer explain how the company expects me record time worked in the interview, just so there are no surprises. If the employer thinks I’m going to be a problem and doesn’t want to hire me, that’s fine. I probably don’t want the job anyways. Old, I’m not trying to be negative. I just don’t see your comments as constructive towards the conversation.
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    BoomTown.....I think you already know the answer to your question. But, talk to these people if you really feel the need. http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca/eng/labour/ipg/053.shtml Early Resolution Officer North West Pacific Region HRSDC - Labour Program Vancouver, BC (P) 604-658-3478 or 1-800-641-4049
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    Yeah, Labour Canada is pretty clear about what constitutes hours of work, despite what the people signing the pay cheques may try to tell you. Namely: In general, an employee is performing “work" when the employee: is on any trial period or training required by the employer; is on travel time required by the employer; is at the employer’s disposal on the worksite and the employee is required to wait for work to be assigned or is assigned work outside their normal responsibilities; and is on a scheduled break granted by the employer.
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    HAC comments on Draft advisory Circular submitted to TC http://news.mediaedge.ca/assets/Flight%20Time%20Submission_%20February%2015%202019%20FINAL.pdf
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    Yes, CHL paid O/T for over 40 hours worked in a week as per Canada Labor Code.
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    Yet you are one of the biggest cheerleaders for a private sector company who are the worst for tours and pay?!? You're a special kind. Can't wait to read your non-arrogant @55 comment. You arrogant @55'
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    Oh sweet summer child. What is work? I know companies that do not considerer sitting on IA for 14hrs in a blazing hot gravel pit work.
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    No, I think he means that CHL was already paying those rates and that those on the list went TO ornge with those salaries. I believe the payscale did come from the original chl contract but would have hopefully been adjusted for inflation and whatnot.
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    The industries current (lol) state of affairs is the direct result of spineless operators and desperate employees.
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    Now someone post HeliJets pay for air ambulances pilots!!!!!!
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    Where a salty bunch of pirates?? who can't agree on anything.
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    A co-worker has informed me that actually,the pilots and the engineers salaries for Ornge are NOT well published across the country. He would like to know where the information is.
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    That depends on the company. Some may keep dangling that carrot but have no intent on getting you flying. Or can only offer you maintenance and ferry flights, which will take many, many years to build any valuable time that way. Took me almost 5 years of ground crew work before getting a seat. Your best bet is tourism or one of the news helicopters. Instructing isn't really a time building opportunity up here, unlike the States. Vast majority of instructors up here have thousands of hours and many years of operational flying under their belts before moving into instructing.
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    This forum has always been full of sandy vaginas. A lot of entitlement and longing for “The good’ol days”.
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    Perhaps when the love is gone it is time to move on, either to another industry or something closer to home. Myself I have never made my career choices based on money, the money is just a tool, and if used incorrectly can lead to a pit of despair. I have noticed many people fall into the trap of "if I was compensated for my crap" mentality and it never ends well. It normally ends with the never enough thought pattern. Honestly at that point I think its time to reassess where and what you are doing. Money doesnt solve problems of happiness it only amplifies them. In my experience at times like this you must look for and find what is going to make things better. If you are working away too much, then perhaps attempt to negotiate a better work schedule, and if that doesnt work than perhaps its time to find a job that will suit yours and your family's needs. And one thing I know with 100% certainty is there is no perfect job. However if done correctly a balance can be found. Now that all being said I am very new to the Helicopter industry. I am currently searching for where I am going to work and how that life is going to look. However I do come from another industry that is also very difficult on families and takes advantage of hard working people, thats the trucking industry. I recently sold my company to pursue my passion for helicopters. I understand it will be very hard on my personal life and relationships, but I am hopeful. After 15 years in the trucking industry I learned a lot of lessons about work-life balance. I worked for companies that would work a guy to end of the string. Kept myself and my coworkers away from my friends and family, In the end I started my own company to better dictate my own life. However even the fact that I was able to work locally and "run my own show" so to speak, there were still challenges that I had to work through. Thats life! Pursue your dreams, and find ways to create happiness within your dreams. Never make it about the money. Thanks for listening.
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    I agree 100% flying has lost its luster and I’m tired of hearing “back in my day we’d leave in May and come back in October” we’ll thats why you’re all divorced and your kids hate you! Times have changed and work life/balance needs to be in the forefront of the operators mind now. But like freak said the usual people will pipe up and I’m sure someone will reply about being privileged or some other BS like that.
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    There are some operators out there who have seen the writing on the walls and are implementing, or quickly moving towards 2/2 shifts. I find the 2/2 to be completely refreshing and I'm actually excited to start a shift, and not grouchy by the end of a shift.