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    I predict Canucks win the Cup
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    Isn't that the truth MEOB. Ive never seen such poor management when Universal bought Lakelse Air. Everything was shoot from the hip decisions, non rev flights were way too common and the far fetched dreams included picking up space shuttle parts with Long Rangers. Lakelse Air was a nice, profitable company with an excellent management team and group of pilots and engineers before they were acquired by Universal. Unfortunately the old owner got into some financial trouble with his construction company and had to sell the helicopters. Sad to see both companys go.
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    I spent 10 years with the old UHNL before it was sold, some of the best days of my career! Sad to hear the news today. End of an era! PW (lady K 😉) and later GG knew how to run an aviation business and what worked. The new management ran it into the ground with horrible decisions, wasting money in useless places and chasing international pipe dreams that did nothing but cost money they didn’t have while the little bit of local work that was still left got the cold shoulder. I feel bad for the guys and gals that were left behind. Lots of good people in there.
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    They were history the moment they were bought out
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    You type well for a guy with really big hands. It is ironic that people who have never had staffing responsibilities hold a grudge, which is the poorest quality in a hiring manager, against a guy who has purposely hired more low time pilots to help their careers for them and the sake of industry than anyone else I've met in three decades. So let me tell you creampuffs this: we know who you are, this industry is small, and your ignorant rants will follow you like you crapped your pants at an interview. Funny thing is, even if people agree with you, nobody wants to hire a punk.
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    Well been awhile since on here. I guess like most the boredom overtook me and began to speak(rip Kenny Rogers). Place has changed somewhat with format and “wins”. Some new names some old. I was pondering what the point of slagging companies and or pilots was? If for example you choose to unwittingly find yourself at a place that you signed on for that sucks because you don’t get a part time job for full time pay you may leave. I have always respected pilots who were upfront with their goals. I asked my buddy Clarence one time what his goal with the company was “work half as much and get paid twice as much”. But co-managers don’t seem to work out. Ah, digressing. This was first thread I looked to read and was plundering along till the usual personal vendettas came out. Is a pretty ****** time to be slagging people. Lot of us out of work and last thing anyone needs is schoolyard crap. Baba Yaga(reaper) and overtemp(Max torque) need to take a chill pill perhaps. Been on a ton of chat rooms and even some aviation ones and you never know who’s reading these. Sometimes trolls are your buddy to get at you, sometimes they are clients, sometimes some modern day *** eater and sometimes some competitor. Whenever I see slagging with anonymous writers to personal level it reminds me why not to wrestle with a pig, all you do is get dirty and find out the pig likes it. If you don’t like HV perhaps identify one person who has hired more pilots and increased their hours and skill levels. I know a high time pilot(now) who started his career at a very dubious operator. And he doesn’t say #### about that part of his career. HV has for the most part picked very good candidates. I know of two really low timers and one 600 hour driver who all attained 3-500 hours in last year. Not many 100 hour pilot hiring companies can state that. Point is, careful being anonymous unless you are Batman or a flax seed. Oh and I predict 2020 to be ****** but will go down as one with the biggest hoax in history.
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    I don’t come here very often because the quality of conversation is low, or so it seems. I have returned just because a couple dozen people told me I should. Reaper whatever the #### your name is, please call me or identify yourself... and your idiot friend, please call me or identify yourself. Otherwise #### off. My number is 1 403 584 7190 Both of you please post numbers to discuss your moral superiority... I await your calls HV
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    OTR I find it entertaining that you take this stance because I have worked for you and know you on a personal level and in my opinion you are a piece of garbage. This is based on the interactions I’ve had with you in the past. I once went out for a flight with you when I was a lower time pilot expecting to gain some valuable knowledge but instead all I got was “let me show you what I can do”. Never did you stand behind your pilots in any circumstances, rather stab them in the back at any opportunity. Myself included on 2 separate occasions. I know multiple pilots and engineers who you have rubbed the wrong way or mistreated greatly. I believe you and numerous others are one of the reasons this industry is in the shape it is. Probably another reason why on your website you have to list all your qualifications to try and hide your true colours. all the best to you in the future.
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    The last time I saw RGY was at the fire base in Red Lake...she was being run by MapleLeaf...a pilot/eng was driving her...this would have been 88 vintage.
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    As likely as a self balancing budget.
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    Cowboys win the super bowl with McCarthy as head coach. It’ll be the 90’s all over again
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    Rare courage on a forum diseased with gas lighting cowards, and poor ones at that.
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    Having worked there for many years a long time ago it was a brilliant company. The ownership knew how to run a aviation company. You had to work hard and they expected it. But, the rewards were great. Could go on and on about the President he was a hands on type.of individual. He was one of a kind... hard and tough but a huge heart. Stabbed him in the hand on a hunting trip by accident once. The look on PW's face was priceless. He always thought he ran the company little did he know there was a little lady who actually took are of the issues!!!🤣😁🤣😁 Many great memories. They will be missed.
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    Presently crewing CGRGY Previously flew it with the -11 engine and it was a good ride at that time...A few years ago Skyline in Lively installed a -13 and fast fin transforming it into an amazing ride and a real pleasure to fly
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    Nice to know the history of GOLV. I am still flying her out of Fort St John for Yellowhead now. Great helicopter. She has just north of 22,000 hrs now.
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    This coming down turn could be bad enough to close even well managed companies, the industry wasn’t doing very solid well before this. But I guess when the tide goes out we’ll see who’s naked
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    I enjoyed my days in Goose Bay in the late 70s and early 80s with PW and dear Lady K
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    Did I see Peace Heli? Or Dominion Pegasus?
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    Worked contract for Universal a couple seasons ago. Quite enjoyed it, one of the best gigs in 24 years. The rapid over expansion was worrisome though. Sad news.
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    Dude seriously just dug up a 3 year old thread to go on a rant... I don't think a hug is going to cut it.
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    Do you need a hug? You sound like you need a hug. We know hugs are tough right now but perhaps you could wrap your arms around yourself, squeeze tight, pucker up and kiss yourself soundly in the mirror. In your own delusion you're a beautiful unique individual with the right to blurt out whatever inane comment comes to mind over this meaningless, highly trivial medium of communication that you choose to troll. However, it reflects poorly upon you as it is all rather negative, demeaning and just a wee bit nasty. As a 15 year flying expert helicopter veteran (not a lot really) you really should consider yoga or meditation to work out your insecurities and jealousy against other people who are simply trying as hard as they can to succeed in this business. You are probably wondering why (in your own testimony) you have worked for a lot of people and when pilots get toxic (as you appear) the really good jobs go to other people who don't import the cancer of negativity into every workplace they end up in. Trolling is a horrible habit so have a grown-up attitude and call the HV directly to voice your position and in the future...just be kind.
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    That's awesome! They look like 2 happy dogs.
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    Both of my dogs love helicopters and have travelled extensively in them. Here is picture of how excited they get when I come home during cool down.
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    Wasn't it Mr. Dobbin with the old Canadian banner buying Sealand and then buying Okanagan (or combining them?). I was with Associated Helicopters at that time which was owned by Okanagan during the initial western assimilations. When Ranger was being assimilated we were checking over some of their machines bringing them into the western operations. That became a pandemic of it's own sorts eh?
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    Very close but not quite. Okanagan Air Services, which eventually became the CHC of today, was the first operator in Canada. Their first commercial flight was in 1947. VIH was founded in 1955 and Alf Stringer, who was one of the original three founders of Okanagan, eventually went on to run VIH for many years. The history of rotary aviation in Canada is well documented by Peter Corley-Smith (who used to work for VIH).
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    If you really want to stir up a hornet's nest, start a thread on companies that SHOULD disappear.
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    Gateway Helicopters. The owner Dave is by far the nicest guy to ever grace this industry. Saving lives for Ornge now...
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    Well, exploration seems to be coming back up and there is always fires to chase. Forestry may be picking back up too, not sure about actual heli logging though. With any luck we'll have pilotless machines soon.
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    This industry is a joke, I’ve been in it for over 15 years now and unless you are single and ready to be a yes man/woman you are just another bitchy pilot or grumpy engineer. No other industry in the world would get away with how this industry treats its staff. I especially get a kick out of how people who fly in a machine every once in a while as a passenger get to have a say in how good or bad you are as a pilot. That would be like you riding on a train every now and then and be able to complain about the conductor cuz you’ve been riding the train for years. This industry is complete garbage and needs to change. People need to realize that employees have life’s and families and most of us don’t really care about your company and whether you make 4 million or 5 million this year. This is a paycheck for me now and I’m not willing to loose a wife or family just so I can go out and make you richer then get criticized for asking for time off. I think everyone needs to wake up and realize we are professionals and not just “meat servos” as the earlier generations were called. Let’s all start being pilots not drivers and engineers not parts changers.
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    Doesn’t surprise me there are now shortages. Many have left through attrition as well as changed careers midstream. I have been an AME in this industry for 39 years now, having been employed in commercial, corporate, as well as government. I’m semi retired now, and enjoyed it for the most part, due to the passion we all have for this industry. It’s sad to see the commercial helicopter industry hasn’t changed much and won’t change, until we as professionals refuse to work under these same conditions that have been around since the 80’s. Companies continue to under bid each other and try to make it throughout the year, partially on the backs of its professional pilots and engineers.
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    I'm in the exact same boat. After 15 yrs I'm fed up as well, taking some time off and back to school.
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    Very cool you and Bently keep the fun meter pegged hard over to the right. Life is about the journey.
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