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  1. Well.......Just to wish you all a pleasant time during this end of the year with your family and relatives!!!!! I hope and wish to all of you who aren't working now that you will find that dream job!!! Do not forget that there's always light at the end of the tunnel!!!!! :up: Keep safe! Enjoy the time with your friends and family!!!! :up:
  2. Well I know there's still good old Baron P58 on the market and some in pretty good shape. But....we were talking about a brand new baron 58 and put a conversion kit on it to change the engines to turbocharged ones.
  3. I was talking yestreday with a fellow pilot....friend of mine...about the Baron 58. I was saying that it was taht plane that I would buy....If I had the money....of course. Because my friend as a lot more experience than me, he told me that because of the atmsopheric engines I would be disappointed about the performance at high altitude. Well my question is very simple: Is it possible or is there any modification on the market that are available so we can put turbocharge engine on a Baron 58?
  4. Well.... I heard the rumour too and it seems to be true! As you surely know Avgas cost more than jetfuel....and avgas cost a lot to produce. Then again, it is not produce in great quantities as the market is not big enough. I have read an article in wich the petroleum industry as made a commitment to the FAA as to produce Avgas until 2010 so that the aviation industry can develop Jetfuel piston engines. So far SMA as put a jetfuel piston engine on the market and there planning on enlarging the choice of power. Honda as joined Teledyne Continental to put on the market a revolutionnary engine th
  5. I''ve just completed all the forms for the recruitment as a pilot in the CAF. Already have my CPL Multi-IFR and a university degree! I just hope I will do the job!
  6. Well, probably your right about the lack of posting on the site but..........IT''S SUMMER!!!! All the girls are outside getting a nice cool tan! Just to get us a little bit more excited!!!! If you guys plan to come near Quebec city this summer, if you have the chance go make a little site seeing on «Les Plaines d''Abraham» you wont regret it!!!!! But to comeback on the subject, for my part I''ve been training a lot since I''ve send my recruitment form to become (I hope! ) a pilot in the CAF. But......never I forget to look at the news everyday on this site! And I must say
  7. It''s not everyday you got the chance to look at a Flight Manual of one of the greatest jet airplane of the cold war. Here it is!!!: http://www.sr-71.org/blackbird/manual/
  8. Do you know they plan to rebuild the DHC-2 and 3. Yeah! Yeah! I''ve read it on Avweb news. It appears that the new project is real. They plan to build it in BC but in case it doesn''t work there they could move also in Quebec. Here''s the link http://www.avweb.com/newswire/9_14a/leadnews/184113-1.html
  9. Well until now the Piper Seneca. Even if it''s the smallest of it''s kind and a little heavy from the nose it sure is comfortable and fun to fly.
  10. Thanks for the tip!!! I think on this one I will be more lucky than the first time! First attempt: Hydraulic failure on the left engine on take-off. So, throttle back, apply full brakes and very happy to have a 11000 fts of runway!!! Bring back the plane to the hangar and talked with the AME about the little problem whe had on take-off. Second attempt: Just prior to apply full throttle for take-off, lost hydraulic pressure once again on the left engine. So....abort take-off!! Bring back the plane to the hangar and stayed 3 hours with the AME who was very surprise that I ha
  11. I have to renew my multi-IFR rating before september of this year. It''s the first time and I just want to know what''s in the flight test for the renewal of the rating. I''ve heard it''s one approach and one holding. Is this true? Any info on this would be appreciated!!!
  12. Hi! guys! I just want to know the pro and cons of the Garrett Turbine TPE-331-10T compare to the PT6 of Pratt and Whitney engine. I''ve heard many pilots that flying garrett engines was pretty complicated and touchy... I just want your opinion!!!
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