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  1. You should be covering up the ball, cutting off the strings and teaching to feel the aircraft in trim by the seat of your pants. Unless of course you're doing IFR.
  2. Hey Winnie, welcome back to the country. You have a bonus now though, may see more of that Canadian sun where you are as compared to my mother granite. I guess that get together at Reflections is off the table eh!! Good luck with the new job. :up: LR
  3. Cyberstalking has now reached a new level thanks to ####... it's little wonder you make no friends here. :down:
  4. Yes sir, and the one that puts butter in part way through filling the bag!!! You the man. :up: I'll check in with ya next weekend. Signing off now until then, off to YOW for a week with Hightower. See if we can learn a ting or two. CTD - warm up the Q for Wed night. We'll be hungry after a long day of sitting in a classroom!!
  5. Hey there Stealth...yup, that's who I was talking about. I thought you went with them when you left Bay Desperate. Guess it was the other crowd. I'll tell me new AME you said hi!! Try to have some good weather there in August will ya, got a camping trip planned at Catamaran. Have to find my virginity that I lost there back in 1975!!
  6. Stealthray....the B3 is just a bit underpowered in comparison. Must be all the options outweighing the leaky bags that were on the Enstrom!! Fuel burn is about the same. Only thing now is I can actually let go of the controls to eat. :up: That reminds me, ####....the machine should be delivered to your shop today. When they install the entertainment system make sure the flat screen can swivel towards the pilot seat as well as tilt. There's room in the collective box for the popcorn maker if the SAT phone is moved. It's important that it's all within pilot reach!! By the way Stealt
  7. Rotorhead...please tell me they did not let Marnik drive that thang!! Tell him I said hi. LR
  8. Hey Maggie...there'll be a tird one there by the weekend. Me partner is flying ours there for some work. Take good care of her. We'll accept delivery only after the large milkshake holder is installed!! Try to get it right this time eh and I'll take care of your problem with the bike!!
  9. Hey ####...your neighbours sent this picture of you on your "bike"...hope that's a beer cooler!!
  10. ...half an hour later :shock: the neighbours disappeared!! Not to mention GrannyRanger's rum-mobile.
  11. I knew I was safe, no aerial support to follow the getaway car!!
  12. My mid life crisis is actually a 71 SS, wrong bumper(s). I've fixed that. Managed to buy a full front bumper for twenty bucks!! :shock: Split looks good but she wasn't stock. As for the 8-track, still looking. Deep Purple yes, on a tape, as well as AC/DC. My ears are still ringing from last summer!! The biggest shock I've ever had happened two summers ago. Went out for a ride on the 2 laner one sunny Sunday. Passed an Accord that was going too slow, 85 mph. Bugger caught up to me and tried to pass!! Me nerves almost allowed that to happen. Feels awful naked these days at 100 mph
  13. If this snow doesn't stop soon I may have to put winter tires on this honey. I named her "Yes Bye". I'm thinking of changing that however after seeing a young fellows reaction when I pulled up alongside him at an intersection. He heard the rumble, looked over and said "Holy Fu**". Unfortunately the Registrar of Motor Vehicles will not accept that term for a personalized plate.
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