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  1. If the weather was that nice all winter, I'd be happy.
  2. Hey guys! Thanks for all the info. I Appreciate it. Exams are done. 412
  3. Hey guys. Any recent study guides or ideas on writing these exams other than the TC Study Guides? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance 412
  4. Canadian Helicopters Mountain Course. Penticton. Well worth the time and money.
  5. Talk to Ryan Hinds and Craig Kendall with Canadian Helicopters.
  6. Hey Guys! beltdrive. I know that your right about these check valves operating poorly from time to time. I'm certain that after the fuel load reaches 240 lbs or less the engine will, in fact, quit due to fuel starvation if the fuel transfer check valves are dirty or sticking. I've had this experience with an L1. Once the check valves were properly cleaned it was fine, but I've heard that these check valves are fairly tempramental. cheers. 412
  7. Guys. My apologies if I've affended any of you. This is not my intention. I need not to know the underlaying issues. I just read your posts. I don't believe that hacking on a person over the open web is appropriate. Especially when they are available to you personally at any time. Your posts, in question, simply make you look foolish, weak and immature. Just our observation. I'll stay clear of this discussion from now forward. Again, my apologies... Good Day! 412
  8. Stickjiggler & 407driver Although not a member, I have previously enjoyed reading the posts on this forum. However, there are several of your posts which I feel deserve a response of some sort. I have had the pleasure of working with the local CHL base in your community for several years past, from both a personal and proffessional level. From a customer standpoint, the pilots who operate this base have excellent proffessional reputations as you know. Their background experience is widely recognized and appreciated by the customers who hire this base for local work. Th
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