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  1. Thanks Folks, Hadn't had much luck(make that NO luck) with Globalstar for the last few years either. Basically now that Telus has cut the analog system from their services there is allot of people on the north west coast of BC with no form of communication other than their VHF radios. (All the camps, lodges, light stations , remote communities,etc) Thought maybe sooner or later there might be a Sat provider with an affordable service for more of a casual usage? Guess Not? Great to hear that you folks have had good experience with Iridium. Appreciate the input Cheers
  2. Hey Folks, Doing some homework on who is the best Satellite services provider and who has the best rates. Need to use the phone from a remote location on a frequent and casual basis. Your experience and info apreaciated. Thanks!
  3. Cheers Ryan !!! Way to go Buddy Couldnt be happier for you. You are now one of the few licenced low timers with a job in the industry. Feels good hay? Hope that the time flies.... until you are! May that be soon.
  4. Heli Pro in Langley sells Gallet Helmets. Talk to Jody and she will hook you up. 604-514-0388 Safe Flying -Caindog
  5. Just to answer you Q Winnie Dorothy is not the gal in the Helifor Video. -cheers Congrats to Phil and dorothy on the new rides...
  6. Thanks alot #### Now I wil never be able to settle for a mere Gallet or Aplha now I shall forever lust for the infamous.... What is that thing anyways...
  7. Hay there...Is anybody looking for a helmet? I have a Gentex SPH4 its dark barn/wine red and has a new mike in it. Its just too big for me and rather that load it up with foam (My trick that half works) I thought I would sell it to someone who it will fit and try to find one thats the right size for my head. The one I have here is an XL. So on the same note do you have a size L helmet that you want to move? Also if anyone owns and wears a Gallet are they as amazing as the price tag? Got any good tips on helmets? I need Hearing protection and comfort above all else but light weight is a bonus that would make me very happy. Thanks everyone . All the best to you all: All the time.
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