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  1. If the aircraft is still deemed airworthy, I don't belive it is reportable
  2. Hi, I may as well through in my two bits worth, as for down wind landings in the mountians, the only time I ever got in trouble landing down wind was when I thought I was into wind. Down wind landinds are not the danger in the hills, not knowing where the wind is from will get you into far more trouble. To qoute and old Okanagan/Canadian instructor at Penticton, "We teach folks to break ground and fly off into the wind, not break wind and fly off into the ground". RW
  3. Hey folks, just remember when you are standing in court in you grubby flight suit and the lawyers are all dressed in suits worth more than your complete wardrobe, they will be asking you to find in the flight manual and the CAR's were it states you can take parts off inflight, or sling people on the line with out Class "D" approval. If you come back and say well I thought it was faster or I heard it was always done, remember your Co. will claim they don't even know you. RW
  4. Sounds Like Canadian's crew trailer in Ft Nelson :down:
  5. Well said 407 Driver, While we are at it what is the most expensive thing you have dropped or witnesed being dropped. Mine was 600 gal fuel tank full of fuel, but have witnessed a far more expensive load spread across the gound after it's departure from the helicopter
  6. It is all very simple, more operators = more A/C = more competion = lower rates= lower wages RW
  7. Hey 407D, do you know where that photo was taken? Who took the photo? and who was flying? I do and the year was 1980. RW
  8. [Deap down we still do it because we like it, and most of the time we are allowed with out burdens of a union to think for ourselves RW [Deap down we still do it because we like it, and most of the time we are allowed with out burdens of a union to think for ourselves RW
  9. Don't you idiots realize that it is 2006 and you don't have to do that, unless you are stuck in weather in the Arctic you can't get 1 hr in a jet box from a motel in this country, and just make the customer pay. If you have to sleep in the A/c to get the job, it ain't worth having. RW
  10. 407D You are correct, Ment to enclose the arctical it was posted in the Vertical Daily News Dec 29th
  11. Read this arctical with great interest and again wondered how good the wavers are for heli-skiing. As always it will come down to the pilot if there is error, even though it might seem like the right thing to do at the time, heli-ski pilots be carful those folks in the back can become your worst enemy in a court room RW
  12. I have worked down to the Flight Manual Min temp in the 212 -54c with little problems. But have since decided that anything colder than +25 is too cold. RW
  13. HV Not all 350's have the basket on the right side RW
  14. What! no head chage in the Arctic with the front end loader, I thought it would be OK now especially if the pilot had his white shirt and tie on.
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