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  1. Which is easy enough to provide by conducting a search of the TC Civil Aircraft Register if it's for a type/model you don't have access to (ie you don't work there, you can't figure it out and/or you don't want to ask). Sometimes you have to get a little creative if the registered owner is different from legal owner. Alternatively you can just send Bell an email and ask, presenting a valid reason. I have access to the entire fleet and I find the maintenance information a huge benefit in helping me understand systems or operating procedures, even though I'm a pilot, not an engineer.


    I wish other manufacturers showed the same wisdom. Charging for technical publications may lead to some level of profit, however it discourages those with the interest and without the means, to seek out outdated free information. And many operators will only pay for the bare minimum, and only if they absolutely have to. Many private operators/owners don't want to pay at all.


    Bell's policy actually encouages a higher level of technical knowledge of their equipment - from ground and flight crews, right up to management and owners. Private or commercial - encourages safety and reliability. A win for everyone.

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  2. @Rotor, thanks for that! That was an awesome speech, and story to read.


    @Winnie, with a month gap in any updates on this thread, bigD has it right. Kind of a childish poke there. I don't understand why people only seem to post on here to slag others - doesn't anyone have anything nice to say, or industry news to contribute? Lessons learned? Funny anecdotes?


    @bigD I think Rotor's point is that TFW is not applicable here,however certain people keep bringing up the point just to be nasty. One example raised is Winnie, who may have at one time been a TFW, but has since earned the right to be called a Canadian, like so many others. The enlightened among us embrace these immigrants and acknowledge them as a contribution, not a detriment to our culture and society. Most of us don't have to dig very far in our own family history to find an immigrant story.


    There was an initial fear from contributors (and I use this term lightly) to this thread that the CHL bid would include a raft of TFW in order to fulfil the contract. This was purely fear-mongering, logistically impractical (due to time constraints and the impending election if nothing else) and completely unfounded. Subsequently proven to be untrue. For lack of substantiated TFW threat, the above mentioned "contributors" instead chose to attack the immigrant angle and present certain Canadians as tainted TFW.


    May this thread RIP.

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  3. Anyways. Does anyone know the present status of CHL hiring for the NWS contract,or have reasonably accurate speculation? Have all the positions been filled, and if not, what's left on the table? As before, any intel appreciated - by PM is fine if those in the know prefer. To those who applied, and were successful, congratulations!


    tin lizzie

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  4. Well, I replied to the CHL ad immediately when it came out and so far have heard nothing in response - at this late date I'm not feeling overly optimistic. :( Does anyone know if the positions have already been filled? If so, were they all filled internally, and/or by HTSC personnel already on the contract?

    Thanks for any intel!

    Best Regards,

    tin lizzie

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  5. @shakey


    Dude. Not cool.


    What happened with the NWS contract is business - some people gain, some people lose - and it will happen again down the road. But what you said right there is personal, and downright nasty.


    I'm the first person to agree that a stop needs to put on operators abusing the import of TFW - I and many others have personally taken action in this regard. But neither the companies who abuse the TFW policy, nor the TFW themselves are at fault. Both are taking advantage of an opportunity that the Canadian government allowed to happen, without any regard for protecting the rights of its Citizens and their families.


    The Canadian government, who we hired BTW, is to blame. And those who stand to lose the most, the replaced Canadians, who do nothing to stop the abuse of the TFW policy are also to blame.


    Did you do, or are you doing anything to publicly protest the abuse of the TFW policy other than openly attacking a Canadian Citizen on an anonymous public forum?


    Shame on you!


    With respect to TFW, none are presently indicated at this time. CHL was just awarded the NWS contract and clearly they are actioning Canadians to fulfill their obligations. Until such time as the presence of TFW are indicated, TFW and your opinions of said topic are irrelevant to the discussion and therefore further inappropriate.


    I hope you will have the good grace to at least retract your words, if not apologize, for comments made.

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  6. I wouldn't think an emergency TFW application would "fly" if a company knowingly bids on and accepts a contract they are unable to staff! At least I hope not. Besides, given the economy these days there are plenty of qualified Canadian pilots looking for work.


    I don't see anything unreasonable or unfair about the ads posted - terms, conditions and qualifications required. Pay looks to be negotiate what you're worth and what you can get away with - good for Captains anyway. In general it looks quite attractive from where I presently stand and considering where I'm hoping to grow my heli career. The schedule section says equal rotation based on 4 weeks. There is no "requirement" to re-locate, only "priority given" to those willing to relocate. I can't think of any business operating in an expensive industry and trying to survive in a bust economy that wouldn't prefer to avoid crew rotation expenses if they could get away with it.


    Of course, if it were discovered after the fact (ATIP request costs $5) that qualified Canadian pilots that were unwilling to re-locate were prioritized to the trash bin and replaced with TFW - that then becomes another matter.



  7. The problem I see with this reporting system is unless a pilot knows someone on the inside we have no way of knowing whether we were not hired due to a preferred Canadian worker or a TFW. We can certainly report that we applied at the company during the LMO application period, but that's all most of us could state with any certainty.

    This is kind of like closing the barn door after the horse escapes - considering it could take over a year (or more!) to obtain an ATP request. I'm pretty sure the government is well aware of this.

    Besides, as I've said before, as long as employers know there is a backup source of TFW if they build a correct paper trail, it enables the employer to be choosier when considering the pool of applicants.

    If the TFW option was removed entirely operators would simply have to deal with it. Businesses are faced with tough challenges all the time - like most pilots, most business owners don't throw up their hands and give up when the #### hits the fan. As it stands now, operators know they only have to make a bit of noise and the government quickly caves before the media gets wind if it.

    tin lizzie

  8. Still need volunteers!!!! Even if you're not sure about the whole gender balance thing it's still the coolest event ever - and we've even got a female astronaut/USN heli pilot! From shop floor to top floor, we're inspiring future leaders!


    Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/SkysNoLimitGirlsFlyToo


    Volunteers, helicopters and and GA aircraft (fixed-wing or heli) for static display needed - please contact [email protected]

    Press Release 24 Feb 2015 - Female Space Traveller Lands in Abbotsford BC.pdf

  9. Your help needed to inspire generations of future leaders at an EPIC event!


    On March 7-8 2015, over 10,000 Lower Mainland girls and women of all ages and their families will be coming to the Abbotsford International Airport to discover and explore aviation and aerospace for the first time. Our events are fun, hands-on and completely FREE thanks to industry & community partners.

    One of the unique attractions at our events are the free flights for female first-time fliers. The first flight experience is so incredibly amazing that we just have to share. It’s often the catalyst that is needed to inspire interest in aviation and aerospace, whether as a pilot, air traffic controller, aircraft mechanic, or aeronautical engineer. Opportunities are endless.
    Families are welcome at our events, and all participants are able to meet civilian and non-civilian VIPs, explore cool aircraft on static display and engage in hands-on learning activities. The RCAF, Air Cadets, Canadian Coast Guard and RCMP are all confirmed participants with VIPs and aircraft. Many facets of the aviation and aerospace industries will be represented.
    The event is about education as much as it is about inspiring girls and women. Therefore everyone - male and female alike - is encouraged to experience the magic and uniqueness of this event and get involved.
    AVIATION INDUSTRY PERSONNEL - Volunteers enthusiastic about aviation - male and female - are needed to help assure a successful event! For more information and to apply please visit www.girlsfly2.ca and select "Volunteer!" Pilots, AME's and Ops Personnel able to help load/unload aircraft please specify within the form.


    HELICOPTERS NEEDED - Private or Commercial helicopter with pilot to help with introductory flights for female first time fliers. One aircraft needed for the organizer to fly. 4-6 passenger seats preferred, 3 seats considered. Private donation or corporate partnership opportunities - please contact [email protected] for more information.


    INDUSTRY PARTNERS - Companies interested in promoting the advancement of women in aviation and aerospace at the world's largest and most unique outreach event of it's kind please contact [email protected] for more information.





    Thank you for reading - we look forward to your participation!

    Participation - 2015 The Sky's No Limit -Girls Fly Too! Lower Mainland Aviation & Aerospace Outreach Event_P.pdf

    Press Release 12 Jan 2015 - BC Pilot to set World Precedent_P.pdf

  10. I find amazing how rarely accidents and incidents are acknowledged on these forums, unless they make it into the media or CADORS. Then they're grudgingly admitted and usually downplayed in the hopes they will be quickly forgotten.


    Accidents/incidents are happening, but it seems more the norm to sweep them under the carpet and pretend they never occurred.


    I'm sure there are those that relish in hearing of bad fortune befalling an operator or another pilot, however most of us just seek to learn and improve. As Skidz says, better to keep the last accident in the forefont of the brain as a reminder to be vigilant, than to allow complacency to set and feel invincible because it's more pleasant to believe that accidents and incidents never happen.


    At times there is almost a perverse air of protectiveness around this business. Shoot down anyone who points out a discrepancy with the perceived "norm". Civilized discussion is healthier IMHO, and leads to improvement.


    Keep the reports coming!




    tin lizzie

  11. I too would appreciate knowing this information! There was a recent ad for production operator/pilot (R22) that evaporated long before the "posted until date". Apparently the only way to apply was via online HR service and the link was broken (something along the lines of posting no longer available).


    Without actually spending money on a corporate record search, I did discover that the numbered company 1459567 Alberta Ltd., incorporated in March 2009 changed it's name to Reliance Production Optimization Ltd. effective March 2014. Multiple google searches failed to yield a corporate address and/or contact information. Lots of hits for job ads though.


    Of the 21 R22's listed on the Canadian Civil Aircraft register, none are registered to either the numbered company, or Reliance.


    This pilot needs a helicopter flying job (and I'm guessing the original poster does too). Any intel people are willing to share would be greatly appreciated!




    tin lizzie

  12. Full on autos are awesome!!!! I hadn't really done them until my last company where we did tonnes. Now I find doing a power recovery is like reading a really good book where someone ripped out the ending. :(


    If companies aren't comfortable with that level of training, or risk to the machine, contracting out the training is a great option. Just because a company has competent, professional pilots on-staff doesn't mean they are the best at training. Sometimes it's better to pay a bit more and farm out the training to get a better product.


    tin lizzie

  13. Winnie,


    The geo-referenced plates in Foreflight are really awesome, and I did my US ATPL-H ride with the IFR plates overlayed on the VNC chart which helped immensely with situational awareness while swapping plates/airports and approaches in busy US airspace and poor wx. I gave Foreflight heck several times for not having this geo-reference capability in Canada and I'm pleased that they (or Nav Canada) have finally delivered this feature.


    Instant weather while within in cellular coverage is a huge plus too. Can't afford the Sirius XM weather package right now.


    As anti Apple as I am, I don't mind the ipad mini as a complement to my other techno gadgets, and I got the 128 GB Retina Cellular/Wifi version which was much more than $500 when I got it at initial release, particularly when you couldn't actually buy it anywhere :( Overall the package has been a good investment considering the lack of GPS alternatives. Wake up Garmin! I am able to continuously store all VFR/IFR data for Canada and the US with plenty of storage left for marine and other navigational data/apps.


    I am running my rig with the XGPS-160 external GPS and that greatly improves position accuracy over the on-board GPS. There are other external GPS units but this one is WAAS capable and picks up GLONASS - plus I can use it with my Android phone apps too. The XGPS comes with a little rubber bootie that sticks fantastically to the plexiglass bubble in normal temps. We'll see how good it sticks at -40... ;)


    For a software developer I am very impressed with Foreflight's responsiveness, technical support and great customer service. They even took my scathing feedback regarding not being Android compatible with good grace, diplomacy and tact.


    On initial glance flightplan go looks promising, but I'd like to see Nav Canada make the digitial IFR/VFR data available to everyone, as opposed to only one business that does not support any platform other than iOS. Aside from being unfair, it puts other developers at an insurmountable competitive disadvantage when it comes to providing any useful Canadian nav capability.



    tin lizzie

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