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  1. CADORS: http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/saf-sec-sur/2/cadors-screaq/rd.aspx?cno%3d%26dtef%3d2014-08-10%26dtet%3d2014-08-13%26otp%3d1%26ftop%3d%253e%253d%26ftno%3d0%26ijop%3d%253e%253d%26ijno%3d0%26olc%3d%26prv%3dAB%26rgn%3d5%26tsbno%3d%26tsbi%3d-1%26arno%3d%26ocatno%3d%26ocatop%3d1%26oevtno%3d%26oevtop%3d1%26evtacoc%3d3%26fltno%3d%26fltr%3d-1%26cars%3d-1%26acat%3d-1%26nar%3d%26aiddl%3d-1%26aidxt%3d%26optdl%3d-1%26optcomt%3d%26optseq%3d%26optxt%3d%26opdlxt%3dResults%2bwill%2bappear%2bin%2bthis%2blist%26mkdl%3d-1%26mkxt%3d%26mdldl%3d-1%26mdlxt%3d%26cmkdl%3dC%26cmkxt%3d%26rt%3dQR%26hypl%3dy%26cnum%3d2014C3111
  2. This just came through my inbox via Canadian Skies.... http://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/tsb-investigating-helicopter-crash-in-northern-alberta-1.1956987 Hopefully the pilot & pax are all ok.
  3. And how about an Android version for those free-thinking, intellectual types among us??? Cheers, tin lizzie
  4. Another great article about the TFW problem - thanks Lisa! http://skiesmag.com/digital/2014/csv4i4/files/42.html And this is my favorite part: Another operator applied for permission to hire a total of seven foreign Bell 206 pilots for a three-year term. Those positions required crewmembers ·skilled with a computer and admin experience· wrote the operator, along with a commercial helicopter licence and Bell 206 endorsement. There was no time requirement mentioned; merely that the operator "cannot find a Canadian pilot with admin and computer experience". :rolleyes: :rolleyes: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/105225711/LMO%20Pilot%20applications%202013%20bookmarked%20WIP%2012May14.pdf Click on the blue ribbon to access the bookmarks if you don't see them. Cheers, tin lizzie
  5. Canadian ATPL-H. If I get an overseas gig maybe I could afford the JAR too...
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has had any success posting their credentials on JSfirm for local and/or overseas work? And do employers ever look there for pilots (local and/or overseas)? Also wondering if anyone has ever bitten the bullet for their resume overhaul service and if it was worth the $$? Still interested in VFR work in Canada but since that doesn't seem to be producing any results I'm going to make use of my new FAA Rotorcraft ATP and fire off resumes for offshore ops. Before I start my campaign I thought I'd take fresh look at my CV to see if there is a better way to sell my credentials and experience. Any other reputable aviation head hunting firms I should look at? How about sources for job ads? Helijobs seems to be on vacation (indefinitely?) and most of the heli job sites I've found are predominately for US pilots. Which is fine if a company would like to sponsor me for an H1B visa... particularly Alaska.... Ok not holding my breath! Any suggestions for leads aside from picking through "Rotorheads" on PPRUNE? Anyone working overseas that can offer suggestions or leads - I'd greatly appreciate your input! Thank you! tin lizzie
  7. Thank you! Glad to finally have that nice bit of paper in my license portfolio! That makes 3 ATP ratings and one left to go... Cheers, tin lizzie
  8. Proud holder of the rotorcraft add-on to my FAA ATP as of today! Just sayin... Cheers, tin lizzie
  9. And further to that article, Gilles was invited to speak on the Bill Good show this am (not about foreign burger flippers as the title says!). As people may remember, Gilles was previously interviewed on the show to talk about to TFW helicopter pilots, along with a local helicopter pilot Bill Wadsworth, but by a substitute host. Anyway, it's worth taking a few minutes to listen to what he has to say. There is a whole lot going on behind the scenes at the federal government to enable these applications by waiving legal requirements from multiple jurisdictions, and somebody has some serious explaining to do. https://soundcloud.com/cknwnewstalk980/bill-good-show-wed-june-25 Cheers, tin lizzie
  10. For those of you that didn't browse the 2013 LMO document, Bruce Campion-Smith has picked up the story regarding the RCAF hiring TFW to save money. http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/06/23/air_force_hiring_foreign_pilots_to_fly_frontline_jets.html Try that with the USAF and see how far that would get! What's wrong with the Canadian Government??? Cheers, tin lizzie
  11. Well, apparently he felt unwelcome here by recent attacks and was reprimanded by a moderator for his posts. As aviation professionals serving different niche markets, I would think that pilots would have the maturity to be able to accept and exchange viewpoints from other professionals, even if they are not flying the same aircraft type. The TFW issue is affecting the entire aviation industry (and beyond), and is being abused (well, the abuse is enabled by our government) by many operators for various reasons. Gilles has dedicated a great deal of time and energy, at great personal sacrifice, to provide factual information under his real name in order that everyone will be aware of what is going on. Being aware doesn't force anyone to agree with the information being passed, or to take any action. If however, after hearing the information and you decide there is no problem, then that is your right as a free thinking individual but no excuse for personal attack. For some reason it seems less common to find dual-qualified pilots in Canada, and maybe that is why there is such an us/them mentality between fixed-wing and helicopter pilots. Certainly the US pilot population doesn't seem to have this problem since it appears far more common to find American pilots that fly both and relish the freedom to do so. Seems to me to more open-minded and versatile to be qualified to fly as many diverse types as possible - or at least be accepting of those who chose to explore other options. Before I die or lose my medical I want to fly as many different aircraft types as I can get my hands on, and enjoy the learning experience. I find it refreshing to hear Gilles' questions about helicopter flying - clearly he is well aware there are vast differences between VFR heli ops and the airline world. He often asks questions about the helicopter industry in order to learn more about how this industry works. Interestingly, there are more similarities than differences between his world and the two crew helicopter operations that are becoming more prevalent. The exchange of ideas goes both ways - why not take the opportunity to learn more about his world? Maybe we can all walk away from the discussion a little wiser. Personally I am always interested to hear opinions and thoughts from colleagues who work in different niche markets of which I am unfamiliar and view it as an opportunity to learn, and not a threat to my ego. For those of you that just can't stand fixed-wing pilots and you're too old or stubborn to change your ways, then I ask you to consider embracing Gilles as a future helicopter pilot that hasn't come out of the closet yet. Thanks for listening, tin lizzie fixed-wing/heli pilot
  12. Found help elsewhere - moderator please delete! THX
  13. Thanks Phil! I'll check it out and send you some feedback when done! LOL... like the domain name! Cheers, tin lizzie
  14. Sorry that this is kind of off the original topic, however this is where the discussion was at... I'm pleased to say I wrote the FAA exam this morning and glad that is out of the way. Now just the training and check-ride left and I'm ready for employment! Well, I'm ready for employment NOW! Further to my last post I ended up getting the Windows app for ASA as well and believe it or not I used all three apps (iOS, Android, Windows)!. I know, what a nerd. In my defense it was handy to be able to study whenever and wherever on whatever platform, and since I did so much comparative study I'm going to send some feedback from my "reviews" to ASA. If anyone is studying for the FAA ATPL-H exam I highly recommend the ASA materials - particularly the electronic apps. I never cracked the text - too heavy! The one thing I might mention though, for those who decide to go app-only, having a paper copy of the computerized testing supplement, along with the associated addendums was highly useful. Too bad I forgot I had those until the last few days of study... lol. Nice to be able to draw right on the charts and fill out all the nav logs so I didn't have to keep re-doing them when taking random tests over and over. The FAA has an amazing amount of FREE reference materials available - each time I find something new I'm completely blown away by this! They really must want their pilots to be as knowledgeable and professional as possible. Kudos to the FAA! http://www.faa.gov/training_testing/training/ http://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/ Phil I'll check out your database once I'm done - the Canadian HAMRA and HARON are next up. Still wishing for Canadian sample exams... better yet - an APP! Cheers, tin lizzie
  15. @HeliCanada - thanks I'll check that out. Cheers, tin lizzie
  16. Whitestone that link you sent is the reason for my query to Foreflight. Looks like a one way check valve - the instructions are for importing waypoints and nowhere could I find instructions to export them. The support response said there was no easy way - has anyone found a workaround? Cheers, tin lizzie
  17. Regarding the comment about sharing waypoints to the aircraft GPS, the last helicopter company I worked for required pilots to have their own GPS. At any rate, out of curiousity I sent an email query to Foreflight: Re: Export waypoints - in bulk, or select ones - to Garmin Hi there, Is there a means to export a list of waypoints to a Garmin unit (easily, in a format it can understand)? Someone raised the point recently that when sharing an aircraft where one pilot uses Foreflight and another uses Garmin, the waypoints could not be shared between the two units. Can you clarify whether this is the case, and if not, the procedure and format? ___________________________________________________________ Foreflight response from the support department (within 3 hours I might add!) "Right now we don't have an easy way to export waypoints to another app, or to a handheld Garmin. That is something that our development team is exploring as a future enhancement, but I don't have a timeline on when that could be implemented." I intend to respond that I'm requesting this feature! Apparently you can't export to other apps either, which is a major flaw IMHO. A person might wish to export waypoints to another mapping app, or to another map format - ie exporting them to a marine map. One might even want to share with another Foreflight user, not to mention Garmin. So, as Whitestone said, interesting exchange of ideas. Cheers, tin lizzie
  18. Maury, Why on earth would you be concerned with a reminder regarding forum conduct that was issued over two years ago, obviously in response to anonymous forum members publicly slandering/defaming an individual and/or company? The sticky clearly re-states the terms and conditions of using the forums so providing one abides by the rules, one should have no fear of being "exposed" or otherwise punished. Even if you know for a "fact" that an individual or company is a jerk, fraud or otherwise nasty, thankfully we have laws in place to prevent wrongful defamation of character by vigilantes with an axe to grind. If you feel a strong need to expose an individual and/or company as a jerk, fraud or otherwise nasty you can always walk the fine line of hinting and suggesting without being specific. Done properly this may keep you out of trouble. Having been several times publicly attacked by anonymous users with malicious intent on another forum I frequent, and where I post using my real name it is nice to know there are protections in place, and legal ramifications for offenders. Being "anonymous" on a public forum doesn't relieve individuals and corporate entities from ethical and moral good conduct towards others. Surely this would be common sense, and good "airmanship" to understand, and not to be mistaken for some kind of evil conspiracy? Cheers, tin lizzie
  19. Oh, and to address the battery concerns, which are valid, if hard wiring isn't an option, there are some interesting choices here: http://lifehacker.com/five-best-external-battery-packs-509802431 That article was from 2013 so I'm sure there have been new products introduced since, but there will be something suitable on the market. Some of the comments were just as interesting as the products reviewed, including those about holding a charge, and the different charging requirements of the ipad mini retina. Cheers, tin lizzie
  20. After spending a lot of time and energy researching what I wanted out of a GPS, and prepared to pay top dollar for it, I discovered what I wanted doesn't exist anymore. It used to be that you could get the Garmin model with full colour, VNC and topo data and marine in one unit. Not anymore, and definitely not with IFR charts/plates. Not to mention the display resolution on the 696 and the Area products is abysmal! And now that Garmin no longer has any competitors to drive R&D - at least none worth mentioning - they're not even trying to impress us. This long-time Garmin customer isn't anymore. As much as I absolutely detest Apple products, and resent the fact that Nav Canada gave proprietary preference to a commercial entity that does not support multiple OS, I realized that the ipad Mini was the only platform out there that could do what I want at the present time. I wanted to be able to fly IFR/VFR - land or floats - fixed-wing or heli - all with one unit. So I bought the 124 GB cellular/wifi version, along with a Dual XGPS 160 Skypro GPS receiver (since the in-unit GPS is not nearly as powerful). Incidentally the XGPS works with my Android phone. I have the Foreflight Pro US/Canada subscription. Now I am searching for a marine app with marine nav charts and then I will be all set. I have the entire IFR/VFR database for Canada/USA preloaded into the unit and I still have 89 GB available for marine and other data. Plus, I have all kinds of reference documents - flight manuals, IFR handbooks, AIM - all the FAA reference materials, chart legends etc. loaded and ready to go. No more paper and heavy books to lug around! The minute Foreflight or suitable competitor becomes available on Android, I'll be switching, but in the meantime I have the all-in-one capability I require. As a side note I had been looking for a knee dock/mount for this unit, however the instructor at the flight school where I will be doing my IFR heli check ride for the FAA license ranted and raved about the RAM mount for the mini that sticks to the windshield. They use Foreflight for the plates. I'm still a bit skeptical it will hold firmly on a vibrating plexiglass bubble in turbulence, but he claims it does. So I bought that to try it out - haven't made it down for the check ride yet but so far it sticks reliably to my vehicle's windshield. Cheers, tin lizzie
  21. New article on TFW helicopter pilots: http://www.verticalmag.com/news/article/27789#.U45cMyjIzy6
  22. Well thank you Whitestone for having the good grace and progressive mindset to assume that any one of us could be a "she". And for those of you that choose to remain professional, or at least strive for continuous improvement, it's appreciated, and respected. Variety is the spice of life, bullying and brutish behavior on the other hand, is simply unpleasant to be around. Cheers, tin lizzie
  23. Well, here is a partial list for 2013 - makes for an interesting read. The index can be found by clicking the blue ribbon icon if you don't see the bookmarks. Helicopter operators are bold/red. Note that some applications look like duplicates, but actually aren't. Gilles made the ATIP request in October 2013 so many files are missing, but will be available soon once the new ATIP request is processed. There is an indexed document for 2012, however that ATIP request was geared towards the airline industry and is not a complete picture. Once the revised information is received it will be indexed/published here. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/105225711/LMO%20Pilot%20applications%202013%20bookmarked%20WIP%2012May14.pdf Note the qualifications are not always that high. One notorious TFW user claims that no pilots want to work in the "North". Really. Another large company couldn't find 7 bare commercial helicopter pilots with 206 endorsement (PPC was not required) and computer experience. Seriously? Another helicopter TFW application was for 20 years and quite obviously tailored to the individual. Many of the LMO applicants are notorious for not responding to job ads. Since they are only required to post the ads, not actually respond to them, interview or otherwise account for the recruiting process, operators can claim whatever they want and get away with it.
  24. If by doing so, you mean by encouraging companies to take on a junior pilot per year, while wholeheartedly supporting the TFW program to the government in the first, more powerful breath, I fail to see what good has been accomplished. Other than lip service and a bit of CYA. If Mr. Jones truly cared about that fate of the industry, our youth and our present core of available Canadian pilots, he would be leading by example and spearheading HAC sponsored/supported mentoring/training programs to extend a helping hand to present and future pilots and engineers. HAC would stop enabling the TFW program and convince industry to deal with the problem. As long as the TFW easy street program remains accessible, nobody in industry is going to lift a finger looking for alternatives - they're too busy trying to survive. Crisis Management 101: Everyone pisses and moans about how the sky will fall lin if they can't access TFW. Rip the bandaid off I say. Similar to an engine failure, or other critical moment in business, operators and clients alike will be forced to just deal with it. And they will. How many business owners would stand idly by and allow their business to come to a grinding halt after some glitch presents itself? None. It isn't in the entrepreneurial or pilot personality to accept defeat or failure. But survival is a prime quality of the entrepreneur and pilot and as long as there is an easy solution, they are both wired to towards the easy option as it allows them to focus on other, more important crisis, and hopefully the survival/success of their business. Without TFW, the sky will not fall. The show will go on. My two cents, as an entrepreneur and a pilot. (available btw...) tin lizzie
  25. Even funnier when as the applicant, you not only have the endorsement, but you also have a current PPC! AND you're ready, willing and able to move to that fun little town in the middle of nowhere...
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