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  1. Come on down, we'll hit the darkside for a couple "Tigers" (beers that is )
  2. EXACTLY! I was merely venting my frustration at how these types of threads turn into exactly that rather than being informative as perhaps the original author of the thread intended!
  3. Ya, hilarious. As my fingers hover above the keyboard ready to cite all the grief I suffered by engineers who left wrenches and rags behind... oh... I know...how about the one where my wrench was a raging alcoholic whose crappy work caused me TWICE (I forgave him once) to make an emergency landing. So why doesn't somebody start a thread where we can add all our fond memories of silly things our engineers have done. Then we can all have one big laugh.
  4. Jimmy, The entire helicopter community in Canada was shocked at the loss of life your country suffered in those fires. Please understand that would never be taken lightly. In Canada the industry is suffering and quite honestly needs a good fire seasons revenue to bring many from the brink of financial collapse and save many jobs. I don't believe there is a helicopter pilot in Canada that would not have been willing to go and help your country with those fires. Unfortunately, politics and financial considerations always seem to intervene. Yes, they want it to burn but NEVER
  5. Why only stupid things pilots do? Are you going leave engineers out of this party?
  6. I asked a flight instructor friend and it was explained very basically like this: Vortex Ring is an aerodynamic state of the ship descending in its own rotor downwash... Settling with power was explained like this: You have a wheelbarrow with 150lbs of cement and you are at the top of a hill. If you walk down slowly you can control the speed and stop when you need to. If you come down too fast it will take alot more of your strength to stop and if you run out of strength.....you ain't stoppin'
  7. Breaking News4:15pm UK, Wednesday April 01, 2009 Eight people have been killed and another eight are missing after a helicopter ditched in the sea off the north east Scottish coast, Sky sources say. Helicopter came down off Scottish coast The Bond Super Puma aircraft, with 14 passengers and two crew, was returning from an oil platform, just before 2pm, when it went down 35 miles from Aberdeenshire. Eight bodies have been found and the search continues for eight other people, sources say. The incident comes about six weeks after another Bond Super Puma with 18 pe
  8. Not to make light, but I am glad I am not the only one with a tail rotor sitting in the corner of one of the rooms in my house. God bless the families and friends of those that were lost. Peace.
  9. Then you will get a job flying a clapped out 206A out of northern BC at gross weight and you will wonder to yourself: "that's weird, the 300 performed way better than this....and HEY, why am I losing rotor rpm?????"
  10. Nothing wrong with flying with other instructors as long as they are high time and highly experienced instructors. Check ALL the schools out and go for experienced instructors. To be honest, you come out of flight school with 100 hours same as everyone else. No company gives a sh#t if it was in a Bell 47, R22 or 300....... it just doesn't matter. I trained on a Bell 47, guess how many hours I have in a Bell 47? About 100 hours....and around 10,000 hours on everything else! Get my point? But if you are trained by high time guys, chances are they have passed along good habits and
  11. Can't say but if you are holding CHL stock you may want to PM him...
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