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  1. I worked in Africa(Nigeria,Mozambique, Gabon, South Africa as well as Abu Dhabi and also Kazakhstan. Pay was good and the rotations were either 4/4 or 6/6 depending on where the work was and which company i was with in Africa The rotation in Abu Dhabi was 8/4 but the money was still good. Most of the work was 212/412/AW139.
  2. The Carson blades cost $250000us/piece. VIH/Cougar/VIHCougar(US) have put these blades on all their 61s as it is a requirement to fly in the US on fires. rh350
  3. Pretty sure the AW139 will do it! Loads of power with the PT6C-67Cs......
  4. BO105 crash in Indonesia yesterday. OUCH!!!!! http://vtolblog.com/?p=1082
  5. I do believe it's a marketing tactic! Saw another thread on another forum saying the same thing and telling people to contact Westpoint! I have been signing out "L" models on my 206 endorsement for years now with no problems! rh350
  6. Had it confirmed to me this morning that a Gulf Helicopters AW139 lost its tailboom while taxiing for takeoff yesterday. No other details at this time. rh350
  7. My kids love the cat sniper. That's why I visited mate.

  8. I started out on lights, 206 and Astar, which were easy to learn on and not much maintenance, then moved onto the S61 where the work was much more involved, currently i am working on the AW139 and i gotta say it has to be the easiest machine yet to work on, with the exception of a few areas. Basically we perform 25, 50, 150, 300hrs with not much maintenance and once you hit the 600hr you will start to do alittle more. In fact you don't touch anything on the engines until 600, although we do 50hr bleed valve cleanings, 25hr comp. washes. The pay with the lights was always ok, and the work was a
  9. Terrible news, sending my condolences to everyone involved. Worked with VIH before and made many friends with the guys/gals from Cougar. My heart aches for them all right now. Keep your heads up................ rh350
  10. Helicopter crashes, two people hurt Richard Watts, Times Colonist Published: Friday, October 17, 2008 Two men were injured in a helicopter crash at the Victoria International Airport during a training flight Friday. Sidney RCMP said the helicopter went down at 11:20 a.m. in a field in the 9800 block of Willingdon Road. The field was outside the airport security fence, but on property owned by the Victoria Airport Authority. The two men on board, an instructor and a student pilot, were both injured. Both were conscious immediately following the accident and both talked with r
  11. The students initials are RY and the instuctors are WG. Talked to a buddy of mine early this morning and he is heading to the hospital to see W**** today. He is apparently allowed visitors. rh350
  12. If anyone has a name or initials of the instuctor can you please pm me. thanks, rh350
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