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  1. Hi all, I am looking for drawings for the fixture that sits on the tailboom and holds the blades when folded. Highland had some built out of wood. Does anyone have some plans? Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone have a pdf B3 flight manual they would be willing to share? Thanks in advance.
  3. Has anyone received any details about the job posting in Thailand doing rebuilds on 4 212's. It was posted in the employment section of this forum about 2 weeks ago. I've sent an e-mail as well as a PM and haven't heard anything. I am curious who it is for. Anybody heard? cheers
  4. I am pretty sure Grant will be rolling in his grave, knowing he was taken in by a couple of ta ta's.
  5. I heard that the president and vice president "resigned". WTF?
  6. I believe it's in the Rolls Royce Maintenance Manual. I've used fabric paint, available in most sewing stores and in similar tubes as torque seal. It has good staying power and is a lot easier to remove when required. Cheers
  7. Aww man. Can someone PM the name to me? I have several buds working there.
  8. T55


    Might be dating myself a bit but give me a 212 anyday over a twinstar in the bush.
  9. I'm not sure if this is correct protocol, but am passing this along anyway. Wallace Wray Palmer Wray was born on November 11, 1938 in Rossburn Manitoba to Clair and Aleda. After a brief illness he passed away on July 11, 2010 at the age of 71 in Edmonton, Alberta. He will be forever missed and lovingly remembered by Deanna his wife of 52 years and his children Garry and Kathy, Sandra and Dwayne, Shelley, Barb, Ron and Rhonda, Michelle and Rob. Grandchildren Chris and Lindsey, Brad and Kristin, Derrick and Beth, Raelene, Avery, Maddy, Chase and Daine and great grandchildren Cohen an
  10. Service to be held July 16th @ 11:00 a.m. St Albert Catholic Church St Vital Street, St Albert, Alta Cards can be sent to: Dianna Palmer 11228, 132nd Street, NW Edmonton, Alta T5M 1E8 e-mails can be sent to: rpalmer@cbal.org
  11. It is with great sadness that I pass along this information. Wray Palmer passed away this last Sunday of cardiac complications. He had been battling cancer as well. I don't have details of any services, but will post them here when I find out. I've had the pleasure of knowing Wray for over 30 years, having first met him when I was a teeny weeny little apprentice. We would cross paths occaisionally throughout our careers. He was a straight up dude and called 'em as he seen 'em. I really enjoyed working with him and just having a BS session over coffee. He is survived by a large family which I
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