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  1. Peter now works for Silverline heli and their school has been closed for over a year in London due to Student X .
  2. JB Air, home of the Koala. What are these guys like?
  3. Heres what I heard, from good source. Un liscensed pilot takes up girl friend and 2 buddies for trip, crashes and runs away. Girlfriend is killed by blade . Very sad.
  4. My employer would be American. I would be working for an American company. So I would have to be sponsored. Meaning this all becomes a little bit more complicated.
  5. So I'm guessing that "Helicopter Pilot" doesn't qualify under NAFTA does it? I started making phone calls and I was told that if it does qualify under NAFTA that it's a piece of cake. It’s all done at a point of entry. Otherwise the employer must file a petition. Something about filling in an H1-B form.. ??? That's really all the details I was able to get. Can anyone elaborate on this?
  6. I have a job offer to work in usa. Has any canadian pilots had trouble getting a work visa?
  7. I heard it was due to no fuel left, at all !
  8. Heard it was a feild or parking lot and it was due to fuel exhaustion. PIC was ok,
  9. Heard that a certain CFI at CYKZ working for enbridge put there long ranger into a field due to fuel exhaustion
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