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  1. there never was any comparison, maybe back in the ca-aviation days, I guess you can get your member count up fairly quickly for the advertisers.
  2. I think hot and high is a bit light headed, must not have been using 02
  3. I do beleive you have to do a power assurance check DAILY, and record/track the results, and only if the results are within a specific range can you employ the STC
  4. This is beaten to death on pprune, alternate position video shows pilot descending with longline cable still attached, lowers himself to an altitude which a ground handler can reach the line, gives it a yank, and the line, still attached to the top of the pole, comes in contact with the MR, rest is history
  5. I stand corrected, thank you for that link.. Two sets of books, pilots log book, aircraft journey log. Winnie, your 0.1 added for start up/shut down seems approproate for the pilots log book.
  6. Without digging up the dead horse carcass, I see flight time with respect to helicopters only if they have wheels.... flight time with skids is too hard on the landing gear From CARS "flight time" - means the time from the moment an aircraft first moves under its own power for the purpose of taking off until the moment it comes to rest at the end of the flight "air time" - means, with respect to keeping technical records, the time from the moment an aircraft leaves the surface until it comes into contact with the surface at the next point of landing; If you don't have wheel
  7. you lost me there DGP, how would you settle without lowering your collective ?? You DO drop a bit before going through translational lift, but that has nothing to do with off-loading your tail rotor...
  8. Fred, as far as a Bell product goes, you are decreasing pitch hence TQ on a right pedal turn, not increasing. If you can maintain a nose straight hover at 100 % TQ, you can do a CONTROLLED pedal turn to the right, and again acheive a nose straight hover at 100% TQ
  9. Nope, I think your avatar got the best of you, just a FM supplement, and as DGP says, a sticker. The only other caviat is that you must do a power check and compare it to a chart in the supplement each time you want to use the new limitaions...
  10. the trick with RADS is to edit out the tab solution and just go with weights and flats.. the RADS will come up with a new solution if you edit out a parameter. one thing to remember is the temperature limit with RADS (cannot do the 130 or 140 unless you have a minimum OAT). you will be chasing it all over *ells half acre if you do not follow. should be able to get smooth as glass in 4 flights.
  11. you mean like at the amusement park ??? how many rides did you miss out on
  12. Unless you can find some jet B you won't be flying at -40c so it may be a mute point. -32c for jet A, the arctic heater (don't know if it is the stock one) worked good at -25c
  13. "hard over" and "transperancy" are 2 different things, as far as my knowledge base is concerned. We should not mix the two up here. I believe the thread is about a "hard over" in which the servo O-rings fail and allows fluid past the piston. I do believe that servo transperancy with respect to the a-star has more to do with an inadequate hydraulic system that cannot move the servos in all aggresive manouvers, and not the malfunctioning of a servo. (which is again different from the belts slipping on the hydraulic pump)
  14. Rob, Pine are the ones that have a serotinous seal (require heat to open). Spruce open by themselves when they dry out, usually mid August. When you see helicopter harvesting of cones, that is for spruce, befroe the cones open. Pine cone collection is done on land, usually from a cutblock after the trees are delimbed. enough of the forestry stuff....... but yes, man has interupted the natural cycle very much so.
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