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  1. The following excerpts are from a CBC News article after the train derailment in Quebec. Is this where the aviation industry is heading ?? "I think most Canadians would be surprised to hear that rail companies are left to inspect themselves and Transport Canada goes over the paperwork," says Olivia Chow, NDP transportation critic. "Shouldn't there be spot-checks by the government to see whether what is on paper is actually what's happening in the field?" According to E. Wayne Benedict, a labour lawyer and a former locomotive engineer who spent 15 years working for CP Rail and B.C. R
  2. Just completed. A big thanks to Corey and all involved in putting this together in such a short time frame. Lets hope TC gets their head out of the sand and acts on it.
  3. Good to see someone taking the bull by the horns. By all means do the petition if time allows. It could hurt this industry for a very long time if things get implemented the way it is proposed. Brian Johnstone
  4. Congratulations Fred. Be sure to turn off the cell.
  5. I just purchaesd a Gallet Helmet in July from Merit Apparel in Florida and had no problem with shipping to Canada. I am very pleased with the product and would definitly recomend them
  6. I trained at Niagara Helicopters 1978. Harold Bielefield, Bob Tremble, Doug Lowe and Bruce Laurin all spent some time giving me the tools I would need to have a great career. They haven't run a flight school in quite some years but I bet there is still lots of pilots out there that went through their doors.
  7. Thanks for the imput. I am thinking medium size bucket on year round fire fighting so a permant install would be in order. Thanks again
  8. Hi. Has anyone used one of the new Fast Buckets (Storm Tank)? If so what are the comments, good, bad or indifferent. I think the competition to SEI and the Bambi is long over due. :up:
  9. I agree we all look forward to change but untill the operators raise their rates it will not happen. $60.00 plus per barrell and we are still getting the same rates as when it was $25.00 Time to demand more for improved service !!
  10. I just spent a tour with a new FX model Twinstar and was quite surprised by its performance. I was at sea level with temps around 100F. No problem lifting gross external loads and T4 was not a problem. I do not know how altitude will efect the performance yet. The new electrical system has really improved the reliablity and simplified it for maintenance. No more over head panels to fill with water. Good ship and look forward to going back on it. :up:
  11. What is the debate. There are 24 407,s registered in Canada and 263 Astars. End of discussion
  12. Me too!!! when I log onto canadianaviation.com it takes me to USaviation.com What happened??
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