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  1. Or you could just wait a year or so, drop $400000 and purchase yourself a diamond twinstar that runs on diesel (and not very much diesel at that!!).
  2. Im not sure i would panic too much about the 'crisis'. Im not saying that it wont happen, it will, but i dont think that once avgas is gone, we are all hooped. There are companies out there that are researching additives to other fuels to replicate the avgas formula. Then its getting the gas STC'd (i think thats the right term) which would likely be expediated due to all the pilots and operators out there who will be anxious to recieve the new additive so that they can get back in the air again. I dont know, i just think that it wont be an apolocolyptic event.
  3. Hey thanks for the info... I may check into that in the future then...
  4. Nope...then again im in Alberta -Mark
  5. Does anyone know out there.... Is there any place here in Alberta (or anywhere else in Canada for that matter!!) that ''rents'' out higher performance aircraft such as Navajos, or cessna 421s etc...? By this i mean a company that will check you out on the aircraft and then allow it to be rented out to you as a pilot to fly solo (to take more than 3 passngers with the smaller rental planes out there)? If not, should there be? would there be a demand for this type of service? Opinions are like.....ummm....i forget, but i know everyone has one!!! Please share your thoughts!
  6. Hey thanks guys! I now have in my hand a new Culhane and hope to make good use of it. Thanks for the advice! -Mark
  7. I am working on my Instructor rating and would like a study guide for the written...I know that many dont like Culhane due to the errors that seem to continuously pop up but what are some other options? Any instructors out there that could help me out on what, in your opinion, is the best study guide? Thanks, -Mark
  8. Has anyone ever flown a Diamond (Katana?)? I hear they sound like weed wackers. Is this true? Apparently they rent them out in Kamloops and i am wondering if its worth the trip to check ''em out for a little funzies. -Mark
  9. If only i had my heli license.... Well, ill keep wishing, and until then, i will dream of flying a chopper and be content with flying an airplane. -Mark
  10. Okay then....i think i get the idea!!!! Thanks for that little lesson... -Mark
  11. Yeah i am kind of excited to get into a Seneca soon...i hear that theyre a treat to fly. But since i havent yet, i have to live off the stories shared on this website.... -Mark
  12. ''Slack Alices''? whats that? Hey that looks like a sweet place. I was hoping to head down to Penticton this summer and now i want to fly there that much more! -Mark
  13. Hey all out there.... To all, what are some of your favourite planes youve ever flown? Geez, the extent of my logbook covers the vast array of 172, 152, Dutchess, Cherokee 140, and Piper Arrow. Not a big list, i know, but out of those id go with the Dutchess due to the fact that its the only twin retract that ive flown. I hope to get into a C-182 on floats this summer and have a feeling that will top my list. but till then, its the Dutchess. Anyone else care to share? C''mon...dont be shy now... -Mark
  14. Ever heard of Garth Wallace? If youre looking for some hilarious reads, check out his stuff. Hes got a few ('Derry Air', 'Papa X-Ray', 'Pie in the Sky', 'Fly Yellow Side Up', 'Flying Circus'...to name a few) that ive read that are pretty funny. There is also a cool read on a guy who took his Cessna Cardinal from California to South Africa...its called 'The Cockpit' and its written by him (Paul Gahlinger) about his experiences.....pretty cool stuff. -Mark check out www.happylandings.com for the goods
  15. Wridon, YXD? -Mark
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